Wednesday, May 17, 2006

TTT – Tough Tan Trunks

My learned friend, after reading the previous posting on GGG – Gadgets, Gears and Girls, commented that the girl runners all look GREAT, GORGEOUS and GENTLE. Wow! That was another marvelous GGG. The first 3Gs were on the outlook of the runners while the latter was on the quality of them. That was creative thinking!

She said: “You really browsed through all the pretty girls’ photos! I scrolled to see if I would have the privilege to be in the top ten photos but alas, No!”

This Sunday, the Penguins Runners would be busy with different activities. Chee Wee (P11) would be helping to man the water station in New Balance 15km Run. I would be taking photos.

Port Dickson Half Marathon

Tony (P3) and Eric Teo (P10) would be running in the Port Dickson (PD) Half marathon on the same morning. Tony told me that they would be running in swimming trunks. Out of concern, I told him that the PD Triathlon race is on July 23 and not this Sunday. A Triathlon event allows a racer to run in trunks in order to save time after the first swimming segment. But wearing trunks to run in a pure running event is something an eye-opener.

He commented that mat salleh runners would be running in trunks. So I suggested to him to wear the trunks as underwear and then wear running shorts outside. If the de facto attire is to wear trunks to run, then just pull down the running shorts. Wearing trunks has another advantage: if the course is just next to PD beach, it would be handy just detour and jump into the water to cool oneself – that would be fun!

T… T… T

The two Penguin runners would be taking photos there also. So, I coined a theme for them – TTT. It stands for Tough, Tan and Trunks. The “Tan” here means suntan and not Mr. Tan. With the theme, they would have better focus when taking photos. Contrary to my theme in New Balance 15km run, theirs focus would be on TOUGH guys with TAN skins wearing TRUNKS to run.

I know it would be a tough theme. It would be a mission quite impossible that can rival the M:I 3 because when two macho guys are too focus in taking only guys photos, the girls might be jealous. Worst still, the girls might misconstrue that these two macho guys don’t like girls.

Wishing the two Penguin Runners lots of good times in Port Dickson. I would like to present them with another abbreviation – SSS. It stands for Sun, Sea and Skol (brand name of a beer launched by Carlsberg Malaysia last year; Skol means cheers in Danish).

Stay tune for two great events that happens concurrently.

By KC ... :-))

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