Sunday, December 30, 2007

TXN 2007

Please click here to view 98 photos by courtesy of Jason Lee.

The Xtreme Nights 2007 (TXN 2007) was held at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur from 7 - 8 December 2007. Jason Lee and friends, all automotive enthusiasts, went to witness the exhibition.

As in all motor shows, other than the prime focus, the human touch – leng lui (pretty girls) – is always present. Hence, the extremely good formula = cars + leng lui. Nevertheless, we acknowledge the good work of engineers who work behind the scene.

Spin-off from this eXtremely eXecellent (TXX) example, we should include leng lui models for the promotion of running shoes, running apparel, and other running gears. Maybe the organizers can engage real runners in Malaysia to be the model, and that will sure be a crowd-puller. The issue that we need to address is whether the models are to wear running shoes or high heels.

Wow! Tiger skin and blood red interior!

Yeah! Leng lui and leng chair (car), both revealling the ...

ICE (in car entertainment) takes precedence over space for putting luggage. If too loud, put on ear-plug as in F1 car racing.

Looks like butterfly that flies

Beautiful car and leng lui

... an a concert too.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Trekking in Annapurna of Nepal 2008

I will be organizing a trekking trip to Annapurna Base Camp of Nepal in May 2008 for 12 days. If you are interested to join me to embark on a journey of serene and scenic landscape, please contact me at 012-266 8166 or email:

Note: limited pax available.

At the peak of Cho La Pass, Nepal
At the same time, Tony P3 will be organizing a trekking trip to Mount Kinabalu in May 2008. So, if you have not trek up Mount Kinabalu, you may want to join him. Contact Tony at 016-274 2213


At the peak of Mount Kinabalu
Tony and I have identified six local trekking trips at the various mountains in preparing members for the actual challenge. You are most welcome just to join us for the local trekking trips too. Next local trekking trip: Saturday 5 January 2008.

Minimum fitness requirement for trekking: That you have run a few 10km races. Or done a few trekking trips before.

New Icons at the Left Sidebar of KC&SR
I am pleased to inform you that I have created five icons at the left sidebar of this weblog to facilitate retrieval of specially selected postings. Clicking at each icon will take you to more details:

1. Foreign trekking trips - so far, the places are: Cho La Pass, Annapurna Circuit, Everest Kala Patthar, Ladakh India. Work in progress is Kunming of China by TanAB.

2. Local trekking trips - includes: Klang Gate Ridge, Pine Tree Trail of Fraser's Hill, Gunung Nuang at Ulu Langat, Gunung Apek at Cheras, Gunung Datuk at Seremban, Gunung Angsi at Kuala Pilah.

3. Outdoor quest and favourite postings – include running, duathlon, triathlon, biathlon

4. Leisure activities - on Concert, Theatre, Photography, Holidaying, Diving, Toastmastering. The photos of underwater world taken by WENG for his Sipadan diving trip were truly beautiful.

5. Photo Albums - clicking on this icon will show you the webpage for the following photographers: Jason Lee, Chan Wing Kai, Hon You, WENG, CS Wong and yours truly (KC). And clicking on each of the photographer will take you to their respective photo album.

New Years Eve Countdown
According to Tony, he will be watching fireworks on top of Klang Gate Ridge (Bukit Tabur). Weng and Jason Lee are interested to go and they plan to carry the photographic equipment up the hill for a panoramic photo shoot of KLCC and the fireworks. If you are interested to join in the fun, do contact Tony at 016-274 2213. They will trek up the hill at night and camp overnight.
Malaysian International Fireworks Displays at Putrajaya on 31 August 2007

Outdoor Gears Exhibition/Warehouse Sales at Mid-Valley
According to ChanWK, there will be an exhibition/warehouse sales at Mid-Valley Exhibition Hall from Friday to Sunday (28 to 30 December). So, if you are going for camping or trekking, you may want to take a look and secure a few useful gears. Exhibition Hall is located near to Food Court or Lilian Too World of Fung Sui.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Humorous Moments

Let me share with you three humorous stories during the Christmas Eve gathering and partying at Tammy’s house.

I was attracted to watch a young “bar tender” practising his skill in mixing cocktails under the supervision of a senior Pacesetters runner, who is an expert at mixing cocktails. He recommended the young man to mix a Black Russian drink followed by a Screw Driver for me. Those were interesting names. Besides, it sounds like a systematic approach of handling events – like running a 10km and later promote to half marathon.

Immediately, he started using a small stainless steel measuring utensil (triangular shape at both ends) pouring the black and clear vodka into a glass, stirring them and eventually topped it with ice.

I took a small sip of the cocktail, and it tasted sweet and good. Chatting with the running friends and sipping the cocktail, it enhanced the mood of jolly making and merriness. When the glass of cocktail was almost finished, I began to feel the strength of the drink. I was thinking: If I were to have another Screw Driver drink, that would not be very wise. Besides, they don’t give this type of name for nothing.

After the good food, I decided to have a small glass of beer and continue chatting with friends. After some time, Chan opened a bottle of wine placed at the bar table. While he poured the wine into a new glass for himself, I used the same empty glass for beer. After a sip, I commented to Chan and another lady runner (who was with Chan at that moment) that the wine tasted a bit salty. Immediately, she said, “That could not be as the wine I brought is a good wine.” Ha ha ha… it was really a coincidence that the unfavourable remark was spoken to the owner of the wine. So I said: “That must be the beer that confused my taste bud a little.”

Cheers !!

Santa Claus
The theme for the evening was red, and most present have something in red. The host quipped that a Santa Claus would be professional engaged. After a while, the magnificent Santa did appear. The Santa was tall and big size; everyone got excited to see the big belly. When Santa spoke, then only I realized that he was Tony P3.

Santa with the running/trekking shoes

It was good to include a bit of dancing, somewhat like line-dancing. That evening, out of 10 runners, only one could dance well. Being able to dance well actually lift up the mood of the party. Yes, runners, maybe after the Sunday morning 20km training runs, someone can teach us line-dancing at Bukit Aman carpark.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve celebration and partying at Tammy's house. After completing her marathon in Singapore International Marathon on 2 December 2007, her next marathon is the Florida Marathon on 13 January 2008. She is a Pacesetters runner..
Making a good entrance: Wai Mun is bursting the ballon upon entering the house. There is a festive message in the ballon.

Lots of good food that offer a lavish buffet spread of local cuisine

Francis (in red), a Pacesetters runner, just came back from running the New York marathon

Even the dog is dressed to the festive occasion

John Tan - busy answering the quiz

A joyous festive occasion with friends together. Tammy, the host, is second from right.

Where is Santa Claus?

Christmas is a time for jolly making and merriness

It is when friends and family members gather and have a great time and good cheer

With glittering ornaments and warm lighting surrounding the area, as well as beautifully decorated Christmas tree and wreaths adorned on the walls

Sharon (standing) - Cheers!

Gain-most-weight-within-hours competition: the chart shows the before and after measurement of each participant

Using precision digital weighing machine

Yours truly (KC) with our professionally engaged Santa Claus (fly in from Mount Kinabalu)

Vivian and Santa

It is nice and comfortable to rest the hand at the big belly

Eric Penguin-10 with the magnificient Santa

Christmas Eve dining and partying. Though the runners are good in putting one foot mechanically in quick succession in front of the other (as in running), the problem is that we are not good in putting one foot sideway in lateral movement (as in dancing) – 90% of the guy runners there were not good in dancing. I notice that in order to enhance our popularity (with the ladies), we need to master this difficult skill.

Black Russian, Blue Hawaii, white wine or red wine, Madam? A little difference from the water station during running
The partying has just begun - Chan Wing Kai, the photographer, with the highlights (dry paper pulp)

Time to cut the cake to celebrate the joyous occasion

The Christmas Cake

Great time with friends

This teenager put on 2.9 kg of weight and is the undisputed champion.

BTW, our Santa Claus is Tony P3, who came direct from KLIA after leading a pack of trekkers climbing up Mount Kinabalu.
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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Wishing all runners and friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

May your holidays be filled with good cheer

... the joy and love of the holiday season, and the time to share with friends and family.

From the Penguin Runners and the Sunshine Runners

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