Sunday, June 30, 2013

Apek Hill Cheras

Apek Hill Cheras trekking on 29 June 2013, Saturday, practicing with team members for Mount Semeru_Bromo_Ijen climb next month (July).

It was a good and fun outings with the fine weather minus the haze. The only smoky situation we encountered was at the waterfall area when a group of youngsters were cooking Maggie mee with the wet firewood. Just stayed clear of the serious hazy situation since last Thursday, 27 June, it was quite an unpleasant situation to see smoke and engulfed in it again ... :-)

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 Back, left: Joseph Yong, TanHC and friend, Austin, Marie, Wendy Chiam; 
Front: KC Leong, Sharon Tan, Jesslyn, Sachi, Lana.

 At the waterfall area ... other than enjoying the splashing of water, one can even take a dip in the mini pool below

 From a different angle

 Cooking Maggie mee; sure taste good in the outdoor. 
Smoke gets into the eyes ... this time, localized creation ... :-)

 Energized pose ...

 All ladies

 Lana and Wendy having a fun time soaking in the water with the massage from the splashing water

 Going uphill pose ...

 Relaxing in the outdoor on a hot afternoon ... at Saga Hilltop Station

 At Saga Hilltop Station

 Return to Apek Hill Station 6 ... Lana taking water from the water filter installed by the volunteers

Rewarding oneself with the fragrant coconut juice at the end of a good trekking trip.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Fa Qi Healing

I attended a 2-day Fa-Qi Healing Workshop Level 1 (Zhineng Qigong) conducted by Kong Xu Qigong Master (of China) at Petaling Jaya on 22-23 June 2013. 

Workshop Contents:

1. Introduction of Fa-Qi (or Chi) Healing
2. Fa-Qi healing basic theory, the meaning, scientific evidence, rationals and guidelines
3. Qi field healing via concurrent and consciousness command
4. Qi field healing practice
5. La-Qi healing - key aspects, circulatory healing and practice
6. Consciousness healing; devine ray healing; remote healing practice; water object message healing
7. Right aattitude towards Fa-Qi healing
8. Hun Yuan (cosmic energy) and perspective.

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 Kong Xu Qigong Master conducting the chi gong healing workshop

Overall, it was a good, informative and beneficial workshop. The most important tips from the Qigong Master to the participants: Practise, practise, practise !!!

The event organizer fixed a date two months later (in August 2013) for participants to meet and share the learning experience.

 Participants listening attentively

 Group practice and discussion ... Banting showing Dr Pang Ming, the founder of Zhineng Qigong in China. The Qigong Grand-master developed the full modules of Zhineng Qigong and also tai chi ball chi gong during recent time.

 Kong Xu Qigong Master demonstrating the fa chi healing on Anthony laoshi (of Penang) who is doing an excellent job in translating the instructions from Mandarin to English (for the English speaking group).

 Group practice in harnessing and experiencing the energized chi field

 Part of the Organizing Team for this event: Ms Chua laoshi and Edwin Khor laoshi 

 Ms Tan sharing her experience

 Wellness Healing song - Group singing a song newly composed by Zhang laoshi (centre)

 The all-smile, thumbs-up group photo … yours truly (KC) at left (of photo frame), back row.

 Kong Xu Qigong Master demonstrating jovially the graceful movement of tai chi ball in front of the banting of Dr Pang Ming who looks like very pleased and showing the approval.

2013 Events … similar workshop on 29-30 June (Penang); a visit to Bama China (7-19 Sept) to experience the energized chi field

For more information of this event, do contact Edwin Khor laoshi:

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gunung Nuang Special Selection

The purpose of going back to Gunung Nuang again was to conduct a special selection exercise for SuWF and LimBB who could not be present for the official selection on 1 June 2013 for Mount Kinabalu Climb … click here.

They were not able to come due to circumstances not within their control. 

Being a lead marshal on 1 June’s selection process, I gladly accepted the task when I was requested to conduct a special selection exercise for these two candidates.

I also invited a few trekker friends to assist me whom they also gladly accepted the invitation.

It is interesting to note that from 25 May 2013, within a short span of 4 weeks, I went to Gunung Nuang three times; the previous time that I set foot there was in October 2011, about 18 months ago with a group of trail runners.

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 (left) KC Leong, KL Tan, Su WF, Lana, LimBB, Camellia Lua, Lai Kuan, Debbie Tan.
LimBB, KL Tan, Camellia Lua and yours truly are from the same Zhineng Chi Gong group.
Debbie Tan was there for her training in the 100km TMBT Sabah ultramarathon trail running challenge in Sept 2013.

 The participants and the marshal, yours truly.

 Yes! We are energized and raring to GO; Su and LimBB holding the GPS-enabled Garmin watch (of yours truly) for a time measurement to arrive at Kem Pacat 

 Taking a breather at the pondok area at the end of Jalan Balak

 Yeah! We made it within the qualifying time as confirmed by the Garmin watch

 Our favourite signature tree at Kem Pacat

 All ladies pose

 The chubby lone puppy at the makeshift shelter of Kem Pacat is growing by the days. After a lapse of two weeks, it is coming out to look for food while friendlily yet cautiously approaching strangers (the trekkers). 
BTW, this is a male puppy! Anyone interested to adopt it? Since it is born in the mountain, sure it would make a good company when you take it for trekking … :-)

 Lana and Lai Kuan feeding it with a kaya buns. Just like any children, it prefers to eat the sweet kaya than the bun.

Busy licking the sweet kaya. Notice something at the side of its right eye? It is a tick! We were trying to pull the tick out but one trekker suggested not to as the broken legs of the tick would be left behind. Then someone suggested to squeeze the tick (to kill it), and I thought it was a better idea.

In the process of eliminating the tick, we have to cover the puppy’s eyes; it was so scared that it started to shiver that its claws were firmly clinging to Lai Kuan’s arms who was holding the puppy at that moment. After a few failed attempts, we decided to let it be. 

Hope the next group of trekkers have better ideas in removing the tick.

Where does it get drinking water? Well, the kind-hearted trekkers actually pour drinking water into a small container for it to last the days.

 Miniature mushrooms 

 Taking a dip at the stream at Kem Lolo on the returning journey … notice the clear and pristine water… Su, Lai Kuan, Lana.

The journey back to the car park with four streams crossing

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Gunung Datuk Trekking

The team lead for Mount Semeru_Bromo_ijen trekking trip, Joseph Yong, suggested that the team should meet before the event, and so Gunung Datuk, Seremban was chosen for trekking on Saturday, 8 June 2013. 

Browsing through my blogsite for Gunung Datuk, I read that I last set foot there four years ago. Quite interestingly, this is one mountain that I did not pay much attention.

Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly. Stay tuned for more photos from Joseph Yong.

 Registration both - gate fee is RM 5 per pax

A few of the trekkers who are in the Mt Semeru team are also in the Mount Everest Base Camp team in 2009 (Fiona, Joseph Yong, WongFK and yours truly). We last came here before heading to Nepal; this time, before heading to Indonesia.

Located in Indonesia, these mountains (Semeru, Bromo and Ijen) are popular with trekkers; actual trekking date is 20 July 2013 for 10D9N. The team is still looking for one more trekker.

In this trekking, other than Mt Semeru team, a few of the trekkers are my bank colleagues and their friends. One of them, Su, is conditioning her fitness level before participating in the special selection exercise at Gunung Nuang on Saturday, 15 June 2013.

 Back: SK, Japanese friend, Sachi, Su, Lana, WongFK, Marie, Jesslyn
Front: Wendy Chiam, Sharon Tan, Fiona, See Kun, George, KC Leong (Joseph Yong not in the photo)

Yours truly with bank colleagues and their friends ... (left) KC, Su, Wendy Chiam, Sachi, Lana, Japanese friend

The first part of the track at Gunung Datuk consists of many rocks and boulders that are being hold together by the roots. The gradient is quite steep; certain part is wet and slippery that makes ascent difficult. As such, this part requires extra effort to go up the mountain, and also during the descent journey.

The second part is mostly earth-based terrain and the gradient is gradual, most comfortable for trekking. The final part is to climb up the boulders; one must be able to overcome the fear of height in order to arrive at the peak for a panoramic view of the surrounding - the best mountain view so far among the local mountains.

 Lana taking a breather at the earth-based peak

 Fantastic view that extend to the distant horizon

Gate Fees and Facilities

Four years ago, the gate fee per person was RM 3; today, RM 5. Other than replacing and installing those light aluminium ladders for climbing up the boulders at the peak, the facilities are quite run down. After paying RM 5, we do not even get to have a decent and comfortable bath with proper shower and lighting in the toilet. A new toilet is being built behind the old toilet. With such a new toilet, however, only one compartment for taking bath is working, the rest – about 6 others – are not working !!

 Lana and Su ... good friend

Overall, it was a satisfying outing with a group of fun and jovial trekkers. The weather was pleasant and fine. There was no untoward incidence. While we were at the peak for photo shoots, the hot sun was blocked by the cloudy sky, superb for longer stay up there to admire the panoramic surroundings.

 Sachi and Wendy ... also good friend

Marie, Jesslyn, Sharon Tan

 A group photo at the peak of Gunung Datuk ... yours truly in red; thanks to Joseph Yong for taking this group photo

 Sharon Tan ... notice the new aluminium ladder

 Lana enjoying and admiring the superb view

 Descending the boulders

 Looks like plum to me (tropical variant)

 Good for a dip in the cold water 

Hired Guide for Climbing Gunung Datuk?

I heard that we need to hire a guide when trekking up Gunung Datuk. This may not be true or the ruling has been abolished. The person-in-charge, after collecting gate fees, came (out of the Registration Booth) to the car park to advise us the correct way of parking our cars without having been blocked by other cars. He did not mention anything about the need to hire mountain guide.

Lightning Strike

Returning to Kuala Lumpur after trekking, we stopped at Pedas town for a simple late lunch. While waiting for the food to be served, we could hear the loud thunder. I quipped that it was comforting that we were sitting in a restaurant and not hurriedly walking in the mountain. Then right before our eyes, a strong bolt of lightning struck at one oil palm tree across the road that set the tree into flame. It was something strange as that tree was not the tallest one. We shifted the excitement and attention when the delicious food that we ordered started to appear. 

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