Thursday, February 28, 2008

Election Ceramah

"Do you want change?" The eloquent speaker asked the upbeat crowd. "Y-E-S!" The audience responded with enthusiasm.

"Will you vote for change?" "Y-E-S!" The response was even louder.

"Will you vote for Hannah Yeoh?" The audience responded with much resounding "Y-E-S"!

Part of the members in the audience was heard quipping, "We also love her... "

Such was the lively atmosphere at a DAP ceramah conducted in Subang Jaya on Wednesday evening, 27 February.

The heat of election is intensifying. It is indeed fun and interesting to attend the ceramah and listening to their speeches, particularly the opposition ones. After all, this opportunity comes only once in 4-5 years.

I went to two ceramah yesterday evening (Wedn 27 Feb): first to the ceramah conducted by MCA at USJ Goodyear Court 9 and later went to DAP's at SS 18, which is about 10km apart.

The size of the crowd at the ceramah is a big contrast: about 200 at the BN while the Opposition's command huge crowd (possibly about 3,000).

The Opposition party has many key points to address and their speeches are very interesting and convincing (and entertaining). The audience cheered and responded with "korek, korek, korek" (meant to be "correct" in emulating Lingam's response) much to the amusement of others. I could see smiling faces on most of the audience.

While MCA candidates delivered their speeches that are interwoven in Bahasa, English and Mandarin, the DAP candidates delivered them only in fluent English.

The next ceramah at Subang Jaya is this Saturday evening, 1 March, at USJ 12 padang (football field) at 9:00 p.m. Do check in Edward Ling's weblog (below) for more information.

If you would like to check schedule of other ceramah, you may want to visit Opposition’s website:

Please don't get me wrong, I am not influencing that you should vote certain political party. Just attend the ceramah with your friends - to be entertained and be amused - on a Saturday evening, much like watching World Cup.

Since the padang is huge, some enterprising mamak could set up tables and chairs and offer for sale of roti canai and teh tarik. I am sure that would be very good business.
Hannah Yeoh - Both photos above are extracted from her weblog

P104 Kelana Jaya (Parliamentary Seat)
1. Lee Hwa Beng (MCA)
2. Loh Gwo Burne (Keadilan)

N31 Subang Jaya (State Seat)
1. Ong Chong Swen (MCA)
2. Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan (DAP)

BN Ceramah

Representing BN is MCA and the candidates are Lee Hwa Beng (parliamentary seat) and Mdm Ong Chong Swen (state seat).

LeeHB's main points were that he is a committed person, full time in politics and has done a lot for the folks of Subang Jaya.

Mdm Ong's main points were that there is progress and development (even in rural area like Ichuk); Malaysia is a peaceful country with diverse culture and choice of food; she has the time and capability to do her job.

There was not much excitement and cheers.

DAP Ceramah

When I arrived near to the venue (a football field) at 10:15 p.m., it took me a while to find a space to park my car. When I went near the stage, there were about 3,000 people there! At that moment I saw one young Chinese guy in round-collar white T-shirt was enthusiastically addressing the crowd – speaking with conviction about the current issues of BN not performing up to the mark. The audience responded positively in supporting the points. I thought that he was Loh Gwo Burne (Keadilan for the Parliamentary seat). When I asked those standing next to me, they also don't know the guy. That was really a humorous moment.

Then, another young Indian guy went up to speak bombarding the current issues that we are encountering. After that, only the real speaker, Hannah Yeoh, took the center stage. She is young and pretty; at 29 years old, she is a lawyer by profession.

Later, Teresa Kok from Seputeh (strong DAP lady; gauged by the cheers of audience and the popularity) came to lend a hand followed by another expressive speaker of DAP, Tony Pua. The ceremah ended at 12 mid-night.

BTW, the young Chinese guy in round-collar T-shirt is Edward Ling (with blog above) who is assisting Hannah Yeoh.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

ABC Nepal Trekking - Last Call

This is the last call for those who would like to join us in the 12-day trekking to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal this 28 April 2008. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible. Currently, we have 12 confirmed going.

My contacts: 012-216 8166 or email:

Weng sent me one email containing the link to a photo album of Annapurna trek. This sifu skill of this photographer - Mr. Valentin - is superb. Every photo looks stunning and beautiful.
When in photo album, click Slideshow. Remember to press F11 key to expand the photos; click F11 again to return to normal view.

For those who would like to trek in Nepal, you can contact the same Trek and Tour Agent in Nepal, Mr. Cheban Devkota. He quotes a very fair and reasonable price while maintaining the professional and good service of trekking agent.

Mt. Manaslu Adventure Treks (P) Ltd.
P.O. Box 15145 Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel.: 00977-1-4424632, 4423542
Mobile: 00977-98510-55876
Fax: 00977-1-4423542
Treks & Tours organizer to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Part 4 - Le Tour de Langkawi 2008

The cycling journey continues... Part 2 of 2 photo album by courtesy of Jason Lee in the final stage of Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 (ltdl).

Part 2 contains 148 photos. (press Ctrl and click the URL link to open a new browser page)

Stay tune for the album from Weng.

Tomorrow: ABC Nepal Trekking - Last Call.

To the uninformed passers-by, it will be a surprise to see so many cyclists keenly competing with one another
Maybe the alternative name is Tour de Kuala Lumpur - where they pass by the streets of Kuala Lumpur

Do you realise that the angle of the camera is very much lower?

Well, this is how Jason Lee captures those photos. BRAVO!! For the courageous act... :-) This photo was taken by WENG.
Yes! We have a winner (in green). I remember seeing one video where the champion, just before crossing the finishing line, raised his hands jubilantly only to fall down and was overtaken by others. Well, in this case, he is the undisputed champion - no surprises!
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 - Part 3

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee in the Stage 9 (Final Stage) of Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 (LTDL) held at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 17 February.

Stay tune for Part 2, and photos from Weng.

An injured person lying on the floor? No, he is a photographer perfecting a dramatic shot.

The streets of Kuala Lumpur is transformed into Tour de France.
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I am Back!

“R-i-n-g …” the alarm clock triggered, interrupting my dream. While I was still in my slumber, I ran my hands along the table next to my bed, trying to locate the alarm clock in darkness. In the moment of vagueness, I thought that why the alarm triggered so soon – I still need more sleep.

The model (Weng) - showing the new Pacesetters T-shirt

I have not been waking up at the unearthly hour of 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning for a long, long time. So, this morning, it is time that I resume running at Bukit Aman area to gauge my fitness level and also to test run the Adidas Response CSH 16 classic running shoes by courtesy of Adidas Malaysia. I did not call any other runners in my group other than Weng.

I arrived at Bukit Aman car park at 5:55 a.m. to find that the car park was almost 80 % full. With the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon soon to be held on 30 March 2008, it was indeed a peak time for training as the Chinese New year loh sang and yum seng were over.
Back view of T-shirt

I always feel good to be able to stand tall at the Retaining Wall of Bukit Aman – the starting area for all great training runs. It is good to be back! For the past one year when I was undergoing recovery for my right heel, I have been visualizing it at times.

Starting Area

I met the following Pacesetters runners at the starting area: John Tan, Tai, Patrick, Jenny Lee, PK Chan, Munning, WanYL, Kim, Lok and many others.
The new Pacesetters T-shirts were snapped up within minutes

Mr. WanYL, Past President of Pacesetters Club, said that most of his friends and business associates who are at his age do not run anymore except him. And they are quite surprised that Mr. Wan is still actively involved in running.

I was running with AngCK. He was running with a group of Pacesetters runners from the Permaisuri Group. They have their daily training runs at the Permaisuri garden while reserving the long runs on Sunday morning. It was indeed a good idea. Possibly, the Subang Jaya Group (I am from there) runners could do their long runs at Bukit Aman area on Sunday morning too.

Yes! It looks good

While running at a comfortable pace and conversing with AngCK, running was much easier and the uphill run after Bank Negara Malaysia was overcome with ease. At the junction to Double-hill (10km route) I bade him goodbye while he continued with his journey en route to Sri Hartama (20km route).

When I was running at the peaceful neighborhood and greenery of Double-hill area, I reckon that it is worth all the effort to wake up early, drive 30km to Bukit Aman and run there.
Michelle Tan - Ran the GE30km Run 2008 recently

Back at Bukit Aman Car Park

One of the attractions of running at Bukit Aman area was to meet runner’s friends. Since we share common interest in running, runners click very well. Among others, they were John Tan, Daniel Tan, Chooi Lin, Tammy, Christopher, Jimmy, Michael Lim, Fikri.

I met Michelle Tan and Ashley Lim, both girls look good in the photos taken by Jason Lee while running in the GE30k Run and KL Towerthon Challenge 2008.

Lee and Daniel Tan - Delivering a riveting election ceramah? ... :-)

The most popular greetings to me were: “Wah! Have not seen you for a long, long time”.

While the most popular reply from me was: “Yeah! I have not been setting foot here for one year. It is good to be back”.
FiKri - doing warm-down exercise after the run ... matching red

The Club President, Munning, took out some new yellow Pacesetters T-shirts of quick-dry material selling at RM 15 each. It is value for money, better than the conventional cotton type. They were sold out instantly. Munning said more stock shall be available next Sunday morning.

While talking to Christopher, a few of the runners were looking at my shoes. Presumably, they already knew that I was testing the new adidas running shoes.
John Tan with the new road racing bike (Lok in yellow)

I later chatted with John Tan, who bought a brand new Scott road racing bicycle a day before. It was a stunning black ‘stallion’ (or beauty) lined with red, much to the admiration of other runners.
Favourite stall for runners at Bukit Aman

I later went for a teh tarik drink - my favorite beverage after a long run - at the stall nearby when most runners have left. Sitting there alone reminded me of the happy days chatting happily with the other Penguin Runners after the training runs.

To be continued… The report on Adidas running shoes

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adidas Shoes Wear-test Programme - Part 2

adidas Response CSH 16
click here to read Part 1
Finally, after much thoughts, and with the re-affirmation (of resuming serious running) from my runner’s friend, I decided to take up the offer. It sounded funny that to take up an offer to test run a pair of running shoes required much consideration.

On the appointment day, I gave Mr. Krishnan a call – luckily that I called him. Otherwise, I would end up at the wrong Wisma Damansara along Jalan Semantan instead of Plaza Damansara. Mr. Krishnan was really patient in explaining to me the direction to the correct venue.

While waiting for Mr. Krishnan in the Main Office of adidas Malaysia, I have the opportunity to look around the office. The area is posh with many functional rooms. The main lobby area prominently displays sports eyewear and apparel. I see a few young athletes in jersey were at the lobby at that moment, a reminder that it is a place for actively supporting sporting activities.
The mock sole next to the acid-green ball is with adiPRENE impact-absorbing material infused with German technology

Mr. Krishnan brought in the mock shoes and skeletal. After a brief discussion, he then explained the various types of materials necessary in constructing high-tech running shoes.

Two ping-pong sized rubber balls caught my attention. Mr. Krishnan then asked me to throw the purple ball hard on the floor. I was gauging the clearance as to how high the ball would bounce back and make sure the bounce did not hit us. To my big surprise, the ball never bounced at all – it just landed and stayed on the floor.

Mr. Krishnan explained that this is the German technology in designing the material for providing the maximum cushion while absorbing the force of full impact from a runner when running.
Mr. Krishnan: Explaining what it takes for the foot to manoeuvre from landing to propulsion stage
I have been running for many years but I never pay attention as to the different materials in making a pair of running shoes. After that briefing, I then understood that there are a few types of materials mandatory to ensure the shoes in providing the necessary cushion, comfort and protection. It is good to share with the runners:

Exclusive to adidas, adiPRENE® is an elastic and durable material which responds to the cushioning needs of a runner’s moving foot. adiPRENE® absorbs impact forces, providing superior cushioning and protection for the heel.

An extremely durable and non-marking rubber (similar to car tyre) against high-abrasion contact with the road surface. It reduces wear in the heel landing area while providing the necessary traction and flexibility.

A shining plastic connecting the forefoot and rearfoot of the shoes. The torsion system stabilizes the foot, providing lightweight arch support while allowing flexibility of the shoes to move freely.
Yours truly showing the brand new, glitering shoes

With my big shoe size of US 11.5 (Yes! excellent stability in supporting my body), my choice is limited with the availability of shoes that fit me at that moment.

I am glad to receive one adidas Response CSH 16 that fit me perfectly. This classic that bears the number 16 is actually the 16th Edition while CSH stands for Cushion. I believe it comes a long way for a product to have attained 16 times of improvement, much like Version 16 for software.

With a pair of wear-test shoes, it is a good start to resume serious running again from my heel injury.

I would like to extend my grateful thanks to Mr. Krishnan and adidas Malaysia.

To be continued …

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trekking at Gunung Nuang

A cheerful start - Beh. Take notice that the authority has 're-surface' the road

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Kathy.
While we were busy watching the Le Tour de Langkawi cycling event on Sunday 17 February, a group of trekkers, leaded by Tony Penguin Runner-3, were busy trekking Gunung Nuang at Ulu Langat.
L-R: Yee Choi, Lily, Tony, Kathy, Cynthia, Beh, Karen, Lim, Kelly, Jason, Tan, Tai. Chiew Hong took the photo.
As planned, they arrived at Camp Pacat and returned safely. There were three pro trekkers that managed to reach the peak. One of them is Yee Choi, who told me during the Loh Sang dinner on 18 Feb that he has to run occasionally to speed up. From Camp Pacat to the peak is another 1.5 hours of ascent.
Kathy said that since they did not reach the peak, they will go again to summit in the next trip.
Half the team members here are training for the trekking trip at Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal in May 2008. click here
L-R: Karen, Lily, Kathy, Cynthia, Lim
Filepix 2007: Kathy showing her new T-shirt bearing her name and lucky number
Tomorrow: Adidas Shoes Wear-test Programme - Part 2
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Loh Sang Dinner

Back L-R: LimFW, ChinYH, Steven P5, Weng, Yee Choi
Front: Mak, Carol, Josie, Rose, KC Leong.

"Are we going to have a loh sang dinner this Chinese New Year?" Josie inquired a few weeks before CNY (on 7-8 February) 2008. Well, that was indeed an excellent suggestion. So I sent out invitation emails to some of the runners:

Chinese New Year is drawing near. With the "Yeee! Ling Ling Fatt” (2008) auspicious year (the tone contains an element of surprise amidst a positive sign of "simply" fatt), let us get together for a loh sang dinner to dine and wine. And to celebrate another good year of running and trekking together.

After consulting a runner-cum-feng-shui expert, it is good to schedule the loh sang dinner on 18 February (Monday) - a reaffirmation of "simply" fatt as 18 is sounded like sure fatt.

Since we work in diverse locations of Kuala Lumpur, I shall identify a Chinese Restaurant within Kuala Lumpur.

So, yesterday evening (18 February), ten runners gathered to dine and wine amidst good company at Sin Lok Restaurant in Ampang Park, Kuala Lumpur.

When runners gather together, I am sure you know the hottest subject matters: not much on the latest political landscape or sex scandal but on running and marathons. This is a subjective topic as non-runners would say that these are not interesting subject matters.

We talked about a few of the famous marathons. If we put all the names of marathons together, a runner would probably have traveled round the globe: KLIM, SIM, New York Marathon, Boston Marathon, Gold Coast Marathon, Bangkok Marathon, Nairobi Marathon, etc. Since a few runners there were also avid trekkers, we talked about local trekking and trekking in Nepal too.

Let us loh together. The higher, we run further distance, trek higher summits. Carol, Mak, ChinYH, Josie

We were glad to have Yee Choi who shared with us his adventure trips to Mount Kilimanjaro (in Africa), North Pole, South Pole, Trans Siberia, etc. Yee Choi commented that trekking up the peak of Kilimanjaro (5,900 meters) was tough as a trekker would have to withstand the coldness of -20 degree Celsius. Showing admiration, one runner commented that trekkers pay money to challenge the discomfort. Well! That is also true to runners who pay to run and endure the 42km of marathons.

Rose, LimFW, Carol and Mak

We left the restaurant feeling satisfied with the sumptuous food and the good company.

Cheers! Happy Running and Happy Trekking!

p.s. Sorry for the unsatisfactory result of the photos. The flash unit did not function properly.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Le Tour de Langkawi - Part 2

Please click here to view Part 2 of photo album (107 photos) taken by yours truly in Le Tour de Langkawi (LTDL).

More photos from Jason Lee and Weng.

Concentration of participants

In single file

The spectators are just a few feet away cheering the cyclists

The Korean Team

The Champions (in their respective categories). Nowadays, cycling pants are in bright, vibrant colours (more exciting) as compared to the conservative black pants.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Le Tour de Langkawi 2008

Please click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong) in the Stage 9 (Final Stage) of Le Tour de Langkawi 2008 (LTDL).

Stay tune for Part 2, and photos from Jason Lee and Weng.
The parade just before the start of The Event.

I went with Jason Lee and Weng on Sunday 17 February; we arrived at Dataran Merdeka at 2 p.m. With the blazing sun, it was really hot.

We walked around and eventually, identified our spot for taking great photos. The problem was, we have to stand there 45 minutes (under the hot sun) before the start of the event at 3:30 p.m.

It was indeed an exciting event. The cyclists were moving in fast speed - minus the thounderous sound as in Formula One car racing in Sepang Circuit.

There were lots of spectators at Dataran Merdeka. Whenever the cyclists went past, they cheered out loud to give the support.

The whole race took 1.5 hours to finish. At 4:30 p.m., the sky was cloudy that provided the much needed shade. However, with the excessive clouds, there was a risk that it might rain. Luckily, it did not rain and the race completed smoothly. When we left the scene after prize presentation, it was 5:30 p.m.

In unision: The handles of the cyclists can even form a straight line

The starting and ending of Le Tour de Langkawi - Final Stage

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Adidas Shoes Wear-test Programme

“Shall I or shall I not take up the offer,” I was excited and yet uncertain. I pondered after reading the email sent by Mr. Krishnan, Head of Running of adidas Malaysia.

"adidas has brought in some very high performance technical running shoes to be given away to runners to wear-test them and to submit reports on the shoes arising from the test runs,” as explained in the email. “Interested runners are to schedule an appointment at Main office of adidas Malaysia, Plaza Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.”

There are a few Pacesetters runners whom I know in the same email: Pacemaker 1, Jamie Pang, Iwata Takatoshi, Lisar Onn, Jason Thiang, Lok Chan Chuen, Tey ET and GohCA.

The photos of the shoes sure look attractive and inviting to runners. I am sure it feels good to put them on and test run the shoes.

Heel Injury

I have not been doing competitive running for almost one year since I injured my right heel in September 2006 when I keenly competed in the Executive Rat Race that secured the Champion Team.

Since then, I have been diversifying into light running (on the grass at the playground near my house), gym work, badminton and trekking. I have been to a few local mountains and the most memorable one was a 17-day trekking trip to Cho La Pass (5,300 meters) in Nepal in May 2007.
Click Here.

After too many months of not putting on the running shoes, I know I need a catalyst to propel me into running again. The timing of the offer from adidas was just superb for me to resume into serious running. The brand new New Balance 1222 running shoes which I bought in 2007, only clocked in during its maiden 20km training run.

My adidas Supernova

I have been using adidas running shoes for many years. Prior to using adidas Supernova Cushion M4E, I was also using another pair of adidas.

What is of utmost concern to most runners for every step that you put forward mechanically when you run? Good cushioning! I was happy with the superb cushioning from adidas shoes.

My adidas Supernova is a durable pair of footwear. Out of the seven full marathons I did starting in 2004, it powered five marathons, including training runs and other half marathon runs! As Chee Wee, Penguin Runner-11, commented that I sure have a method to prolong the life of running shoes.

From the photos, which pair of running shoes is Supernova? Well, the golden yellow and the blue ones!

My Marathon Records

29 Feb 2004 KLIM 4:26 Previous Adidas
07 July 2004 Ipoh Marathon 4:14 Adidas Supernova
05 Dec 2004 SIM 3:51 Adidas Supernova (my best timing)
06 Mar 2005 KLIM 4:07 Adidas Supernova
04 Dec 2005 SIM 4:04:37 Adidas Supernova
05 Mar 2006 KLIM 4:22:52 Adidas Supernova
03 Dec 2006 SIM 4:22:01 Nike Airmax 180

KLIM = Kuala Lumpur International Marathon
SIM = Singapore International Marathon (or SCSM: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon)
I was considering to retire the trusted Supernova, possibly, only for stand-by use. One Sunday morning, after the training run, I left the shoes at the car porch area. Two days later, when I wanted to go for a light run, then only I realized that the shoes were gone – stolen by thief. That was the only time in my life that I thank a thief for taking away my shoes. It sound funny but it was true.

All these while, I would think that thieves would strike only from Monday to Thursday nights. They would not come on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with much night activities around. I was totally wrong – the thief came on a Sunday night.

To be continued …

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