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GE30k 2008 - Part 7

Okay... the final three photo albums from Chan Wing Kai for the Great Eastern-Pacesetters 30km Run.

Please click here for Part 1 of 3 album which contains 183 (sure properous) photos.

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Most Beautiful Runners of GE30km - Part 6

This is Part 3 of 3 photo album (from Nikon D70s) by courtesy of Jason Lee and Hon You.

Please click here to view 169 photos.

Next: Photos from Chan Wing Kai.

I have selected 11 most beautiful runners of Great Eastern–Pacesetters 30km Run (GE30k) out of 1,200 photos. A lot of hard work is put in for the selection. They are arranged in order of preference – Webmaster’s pick. Do post in the comments if your special preference differs from me.

The photos are extracted from Jason Lee and Hon You’s Nikon D80 and Nikon D70s cameras. You may refer to the photo albums for bigger, clearer and sharper images.
The selection is based on the following criteria: elegance and beauty, poise and grace, and good running posture. This sounds a little like the requirements for selecting Miss Universe albeit of different standards. But most importantly, the runners are reflected in the good photos captured by the two photographers.

Maybe next time we can have another award for The Most Well-Dressed Runner - with colourful and sleek design of apparel. What do you think?

DSC_9079 (From Part 1 of Nikon D70s)
x DSC_9040 (part 1 of Nikon D70s)

DSC_0319 (from Part 1 of Nikon D80)

DSC_9302 (part 3 of Nikon D70s)
DSC_9277 (part 2 of Nikon D70s)

DSC_0566 (part 3 of D80)

DSC_9465 (part 3 of D70s)

DSC_9377 (part 3 of D70s)

DSC_0719 (part 3 of D80)

DSC_9117 (part 2 of D70s)

DSC_0783 (part 4 of D80)

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GE30k 2008 - Part 5

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee and Hon You... Part 2 of 3 photo album contains 168 photos; from Nikon D70s DSLR.

Part 3 of 3 photo album ... concluding with "The Most Beautiful Runners of GE30k"... stay tune..

The finishing line - execellent idea to stage it next to the shade
Written by Josie

At 5.10am, Tapak A of Lake Garden was already abuzz with eager and excited runners. Looking at the crowd that gathers at the Tapak A, there was no doubt that GE (Great Eastern) Run received overwhelming response. It is popular with the local runners and even runners from our neighbouring countries especially the 30km category. GE Run was the first running event in year 2008. Many runners like me ran their last running event of year 2007 in Singapore International Marathon (SIM 2007) last December. It was good to see fellow runners again.

Having rested after SIM’07, I know I was in for tough run because I only managed to train twice – both occasions were short and lazy slow distance run. Thus, it was a wise decision to sign up to run 20km. However, even though I have practised running in the past from Bukit Aman car park to Petronas petrol station in Sri Hartamas, I know 20km will not be easy because I had always struggle during those practice runs.
At 6.30am sharp, finally the 20km run were flagged off half an hour after the 30km run. Immediately, we have to run up a slope. The first km was spent running in the area around Lake Gardens. I ran slowly, enjoying the cool breeze and the fresh air. Soon after, we were out of the Lake Gardens into the almost too familiar route of Bukit Tunku area. I lost count of how many up slopes there were in the darkness. The thrill is that for every up slope that one managed to conquer, the reward is the down slopes where one can catch a breather and shout out loud ‘Yipeeee’ if wanted to do so.

AB Tan - he will be going for a 22-day trekking at Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
After running for about 5km, suddenly I experienced side stitch on the right hand side of my ribcage. It was an uncomfortable and annoying pain. I slowed down my pace and stopped swinging my right hand. After a while the pain stopped. By now, I have crossed over to the Hartamas route. Just when I started to pick up my pace again, another problem arose. ‘Oh No! Not again!’ I was saying to myself. This time, the pain occurred at the lower abdomen. So, again I slowed down and forced myself to run the long and gradual slopes along Sri Hartamas..
I tried to keep my mind off the pain by looking at the opposite side of the road. By now, the fast runners of 20km and even 30km were already making their way back. One can only watch with much awe and admiration as to how fast these runners could run on this challenging route. Seeing the familiar Petronas petrol station was a welcoming sight but it was also a reminder of another half of the 20km to complete. (Sigh!) Exhaustion was already creeping in. How on earth would I have the energy to run all the way back to the finishing line? Well, at least the pain at my lower abdomen was now gone.

Before the start of the run, a fellow runner was commenting that the air is still cool from the rain the night before. I replied saying normally when that happens, the next morning would be very hot. True enough, on the way back, the hot blazing sun was directly in front. I regretted for not wearing a cap. A few shades darker after SIM 2007 run, I was hoping to get back my original fair skin color. Well, there goes my chance of looking fair and lovely during Chinese New Year which is just around the corner…:-(.

Yes! Run! Run! Run!
The last two kilometres were the toughest under the unforgiving sun. Under the hot sun, five water stations did not seem to be enough for the challenging route. Drinking the Power Drink at the water stations seemed to make me even thirstier. After running for more than 2 ½ hours, seeing the finishing line is the most welcoming sight! With cameras clicking away, I can imagine my sunburned and exhausted face would look like…:-0. I am glad that I managed to complete the run despite the lack of preparation for this run. A few fellow runners who ran the 30km event encounter bad leg cramps that showed just how tough the running route was.

Jason Chin - KL Penguin Runner #10

Organizers were probably finding it harder and harder to get sponsors these days as we saw the goodies bag was shrinking from nice paper bags to plastic bags and from Finisher T for 30km runners to ‘Finisher’ towel….Nevertheless, runners were treated to a sumptuous breakfast with choice of food from cold chendol to the hot and delicious smooth Tau Foo Fah, sandwiches, nasi lemak, fruits, etc.

GE Pacesetter 30km Run 2008 was a runaway success. Definitely most of the runners will make a return for 2009 GE Pacesetter 30km Run. One hopes that the race will start at 5.30am and 6.00am for the 30km and 20km run respectively.

Written by Josie
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Trekking at Pine Tree Trail

Please click here to view 178 photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong).
Note: remember to click Slideshow; press F11 key to expand photos.
Note: GE30k 2008 photos... to be continued with more photos from Chan Wing Kai.

Back: ..., Siew Hong, Dr. Hamdan, Mak, Lim, AB Tan, Tan, Pk Chan, KC leong
Front: Yen Er, ..., Shirley, Rose, Cynthia, Beh, Lily

Please click photo album for much bigger and clearer photos.

It was a day packed with laughter and fun from early morning until evening. With all the like-minded trekkers who love nature and trekking, the Pine Tree Trail at Fraser’s Hill offered an excellent trail to appreciate our nature.

On the Saturday morning 26 January, we were greeted with the superb weather – the mist and the cool temperature at 19 degree Celsius. It really gave us the feeling of being in the high mountains.

Another group photos with 22 members

AB Tan - the High Mountain Sifu, is giving a pre-trekking briefing

Tony - the Mountain Sife, continues with the briefing

Carole - at the entrance to the trail
One interesting fact discovered by AB Tan was that we started at an altitude of 1,250 meters; after two hours of trekking, there was only a net increase in 50 meters in vertical elevation. And at the peak, there was only a net increase of 200 meters!
The interesting fact of this trail is that there were many uphill and downhill climbs. While the trekkers were busy manoeuvring all the uphill and downhill, there was actually not much increased in vertical height.
Shirley, Mak, Rose and Dr. Hamdan
There were a few Singaporeans trekking on the same trail. Since all trekkers are friendly people, we were connected instantly. The conversation diverted to favourite food after trekking. Rose and PK Chan were promoting the famous loh mee in Ulu Yam and the freshly cooked prawn in tom yam presented in young coconut that radiates the sweet fragrance of coconut…. Hmmm … yummy, yummy… While I was swallowing my saliva, the Singaporeans were almost drooling with saliva. Nevertheless, PK Chan brought us back to reality (remember, we were still trekking in the jungle) by saying: when we are hungry, everything tastes fantastic!
Lily gracefully taking on the steep ascent

At the peak

A group photo before the descent

Chey and Chiew Hong. Thanks to Chiew Hong for being the 'sweeper' (last person to ensure the safety of all team members)

The timing for ascent was 2 hours 45 minutes; but the fastest descent by the team members (AB Tan, Rose, Dr. Hamdam and yours truly) was only half hour faster. Most members return within 2 hours 30 minutes.
By 4:15 p.m., most of the team members were already returned from the trail. We later went for light refreshment near the Clock Tower area. We waited until 6:00 p.m. for the one-way traffic down to the Gap.

Mud, mud, mud!

Having a light refreshment near the Clock Tower area
We then proceeded to the famous loh mee in Ulu Yam. We event have loh sang to welcome the arrival of Chinese New Year, and to wish that we could trek higher mountains. It was most satisfying that after a hard-day’s trekking trip, we were rewarded with a sumptuous dinner amidst good company.
Yeah! Loh, loh, loh... the higher the better; we shall trek higher mountains

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Part 4 - GE30km 2008

The journey continues... This is Part 1 of 3 of photo album (from Nikon D70s DSLR) in Great Eastern - Pacesetters 30km Run or GE30k 2008..
Jason Lee and Hon You (photo taken by KC and Tey ET)
Please click here for photos by courtesy of Jason Lee and Hon You.

Colourful running apparel

Isn't he look like Alan Tham, the famous Hong Kong singer?

Feeling of excitement, happiness, anxiety, and possibly, in pain

Colourful highlights

Agnes Chin - a Pacesetters runner
. Wah! The uphill run back there in this running route is really challenging
. Quite an unique expression for a job well done to complete the 30km run
. Yes! Good to see you
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GE30k 2008 - Part 3

This is Part 4 of 4 photo album (from Nikon D80 dSLR) with another 168 photos in the Great Eastern - Pacesetters 30km Run or GE30km 2008.

Please click here for photos by courtesy of Jason Lee and Hon You.

Next: more photos from Nikon D70s dSLR ...

CK Ang - Past EXCO member of Pacesetters Club
.A steady runner
.Look at the socks - good method of keeping cash or credit card

The macho Ironman Lee
Cool ...
.A happy runner
.Comrade-in-arms ...

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