Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Kuala Kurau

A free-and-easy 3D2N trip to Kuala Kurau from 27-29 April 2019 ... Located at the river-mouth of Sungai Kurau, Kuala Kurau is a fishing village about 50km on the northwest of Taiping. One of the main attractions is to take a boat ride to the fish-farming platform; this place is also a good place for relaxation and savouring the many nice hawker foods.

The famous drink is called Hor Ka Sai (虎咬狮): a unique brew of coffee that mix with cocoa. The next popular hawker food is the fried pancake (西亚煎) with a crispy crust and a soft and tasty ingredient inside.

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong. 
Kuala Kurau by the riverside
(left) Ivy Wong, Bee, Celine Wong, Annie, Ronnie Wong, Camelia, Cindy Lim, Polly, Ana, TC, Gin (not in photo: KC)
Prized possession ... The famous fried pancake (西亚煎); one has to place order in advance !
Sunset at Ban Pecah Beach with a faint glow of the sky
Ban Pecah Beach in the hot afternoon
Taking a boat ride to the fish-farming platform, arranged by Ah Young, Cindy Lim's cousin brother
At the fish-farming platform (this photo courtesy of Ronnie Wong)
Sunrise at Kuala Kurau overlooking the fish-farming platform and a new hotel

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Kemensah Trail Run

Trail run at Kemensah this morning, Sunday 14 April 2019 ... To ensure that no one was left behind, not only that we have to count the number of runners, we also have to count the six adorable puppies which ran with us to the lake together with mama and papa dogs. At times, the puppies out-ran us even with a 4-inch long legs comparatively with our towering height 🙂

Do CLICK HERE to view 91 photos courtesy of ChongYF.
At the orchard area ... (left) Joanne Lim, Michelle Wong , Shu-Lin, Helen, KC Leong, Hooi Miin, ChongYF, Yoke Leng (not in the photo: Bruno)
We gave them some food and they were motivated in following us hoping to get more food, but we did not bring enough. So the next time you go, bring more food for them; if possible, ta pau kai fun also (pack some chicken rice) 🙂

From the photos, you would notice that the puppies are black and greyish-brown type. While the papa and mama dogs are greyish-brown, how would the black puppies come about? When we returned somewhere near to their doghouse, then we saw a black papa dog; it is stronger and dominated the mama and the other papa dogs.

 Three black and three greyish-brown puppies

 The adorable puppies

The entire trail run took us about 5 hours for a total distance of 17km. We adjourned for some drinks at a café' near to the car park; then have beggar chicken for lunch.

Trailhead carpark GPS location:

(photos courtesy of Chong YF,Joanne Lim, Helen Chok, Hooi Miin, Michelle Wong)

Arriving at the lake area
 Unique terrain sculpted by ATV (all terrain vehicles)
 Arriving at a clearing; from here, turn right to the stream 
 The stream crossing (150m) ... The end point for our Kemensah trail run; beyond this point is the Repin Peak (1,341m), a distance much longer from tralhead to here
 (left) Helen, Joanne, Hooi Miin, KC, Michelle
Having beggar chicken for lunch

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