Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Kuala Kurau: Great place for a short stay

I went to Kuala Kurau, Perak for a short stay from 31 Aug to 3 Sept 2017 (during the 5 days of long holidays) with Cindy, Tioh, Brenda and Annie ... The activities are:

(a) Fishing at a fish-farming platform on the river mouth of Kuala Kurau

(b) Taking a boat ride to the sea to see dolphins and sunset

(c) Witnessing the procession of Ghost Festival or Zhongyuan Festival or Yulan Festival (traditional Chinese: 盂蘭節)

(d) Visiting Froghill / Tasek Gelugor also known as M'sia Jiuzhaigou 大马九寨沟 (at Bukit Mertajam of Penang).

Do CLICK HERE here to view photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.

 At the fish-farming platform located just at the river mouth of Kuala Kurau ... a worker is feeding the fishes confined in the nets
 Cindy happily showing the fish that she catches ... fishing has to be outside the net (not the farmed fishes)
 Taking a boat ride to the sea to see dolphins and sunset; we could not see any dolphins, neither it is a colourful sunset
 At Froghill / Tasek Gelugor also known as M'sia Jiuzhaigou 大马九寨沟 
 The pools with the blue and turquoise water
 Scenic landscape
 The local boys having a good fun in the clear-water pool
 Witnessing the procession of Ghost Festival at the main street of Kuala Kurau on Saturday, 2 Sept 2017
 Happening moment with the prayer money throwing high into the air while shouting "Huat Ahhhh ..."
The parade with decorated lanterns of god atop of a float, pull by the worshipers; the road is full of prayer money

Do CLICK HERE for news reporting of Kuala Kurau Yulan Festival in 8TV 八度空间.

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