Sunday, June 23, 2019

Back-to-back Hike Training

Back-to-back training at Apek Hill Cheras in preparation for the 11-day Mont Blanc trekking in July 2019.

Day 1 Saturday 22 June 2019 – It started to rain at 7:15am when we were about to start from the fruit stall at Cheras Awana. Nevertheless, the show must go on! We braced for rain and continue the hiking. The original plan was to hike via Watergate extended trail, but due to the slippery ground, we decided to cut short the distance by going through Sansui Trail and connect to Station 5.

Day 2 Sunday 23 June 2019 – we went to hike Apek Hill again via the Watergate extended trail. It was a fine weather, superb for outing. With the rain yesterday, the air was fresh and the ground was soft but not muddy. As usual, from trailhead to Saga Hill top took 3 hours. With the rest and chat at Saga Hill top, and until we returned to trailhead fruit stall, it would be 5 hours round trip. We have our lunch at the EconSave food-court. When we returned home in our comfortable car at 1:30 p.m., it started to rain heavily – so this time, we were lucky (as compared to Day 1's hike in the rain).

Do CLICK HERE to view photos in Day 1.

Do CLICK HERE to view photos in Day 2.

 (left) Ervie, Yee Mey, Rose, Adrian, Lana, Hooi Miin, Ginger Lee, GohBK, Sow Keng
 Sansui Station - nestled in the forest, it is a good place to relax
 Relaxing and chatting at Saga Hilltop station 
At Saga Hilltop

 Day 2 hiking ... (left) SC Yong, Rose, Adrian, Lana, Ginger Lee, KC Leong
 At the giant tree en route to Watergate via Ah Meng Trail
 At Watergate 
Relaxing and chatting at Sage Hilltop station

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

New York City (May/June 2019)

Free and easy travel with my chi gong travel buddy to northeast USA and Canada for one month from 14 May 2019.

In this photo album ... New York City (May/June 2019):
(1) Central Park of Manhattan;
(2) United Nations Headquarters;
(3) Rockefeller Centre Building;
(4) Times Square;
(5) Empire State Building;
(6) Statue of Liberty (taking a ferry to Staten Island);
(7) City Hall of New York City;
(8) Financial District of New York City; New York Stock Exchange;
(9) 9/11 Memorial Site and One World Trade Center;
(10) Chinatown of New York City;
(11) The High Line (park built into old elevated rail line 30 feet above street level);
(12) The Vessel (honeycomb-shaped structure);
(13) Strolling across the 1.5km Brooklyn Bridge;
(14) 102 Floors of One World Trade Centre Observatory Deck.

Do CLICK HERE to view 118 photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.

 Central Park of Manhattan
 Statue of Liberty (taking a ferry to Staten Island)
 New York Stock Exchange
 At the Financial District of New York City
 One World Trade Center and 9/11 Memorial Site
 9/11 Memorial Site
 Strolling across the 1.5km Brooklyn Bridge to watch the vibrant sunset with spectacular view of Manhattan skyline in the background. The sun set at 8:30 p.m. in May 2019 with a very comfortable temperature of 22°C in the evening.
 Busy traffic below at Brooklyn Bridge while it is peaceful at the pedestrian level
 The High Line (park built into old elevated rail line 30 feet above street level)
 The Vessel (honeycomb-shaped structure)
 Aerial view of New York City from the 102 Floors of One World Trade Centre Observatory Deck
The two black squares are the memorial site for the two destroyed buildings in 9/11

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