Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kampung Slamking

For those Kampung A**das fan, here is the improved version – Kampung Slamking. What a good name!

I bought them from a shoe shop in Seri Kembangan while going there for lunch. Each pair is retailed at RM 22, and for size 11 which is the largest size that just ngam ngam (correctly) fits me, it is RM 1 more expansive for the extra raw material in construction.

Notice that the overall quality of finishing is quite acceptable; there is even extra cushioning at the end of the shoes for a more comfortable experience.
The studs at the bottom of the sole are excellent for wet conditions to prevent slip. The manufacturer even take care of pronation – usually at the outside part or right side of the heel – that the studs are special to withstand wear and tear.

This would be an excellent replacement pair if the trekking surface is wet, messy and slippery. You just whip out this Slamking and keep the expansive trekking shoes in your car reserve for a drier terrain the next time.

Why the name Slamking? After consulting Mr. Internet, in basketball, ‘slam dunk’ is a type of shot when a player jumps in the air and manually thrust the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim to intimate the opponents and at the same time testing the rim whether it is built according to ISO standards. One of the meanings of 'slam': if one thing slams into or against another, it crashes into it with great force.
In this case, during a wet or slippery condition in trekking, the shoes stuck to the ground firmly with the studs at the sole of the shoes. Obviously, the owner is knowledgeable not to call the product “Stuckking”. Not only it sounds terrible, by glancing at the word, the meaning could be wrongly construed also ... :-) Well, simple product; fantastic name.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Post-Mt KK Climbathon Dinner

The posh environment of Jaya Palace, Kuala Lumpur

Please click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC). click Slideshow, hit F11 key.

It was an evening of fun, laughter amid sumptuous dinner and good camaraderie with a group of mountain runners dining together at the posh Jaya Palace Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 27 November 2010.

Dinner-cum-karaoke room

This time, the karaoke session started much earlier; it even continued while we dined. With the new talent of Mak and Patricia taking the lead, the selection of songs consist of more Cantonese choices that was somewhat different from the previous gathering.

Continual singing while dining

This is the first time Mountain Sifu, Tony Q, joined us in this dinner and karaoke session. Yes, he can sing also. As usual, the Mt KK Climbathon Sifu, Yee Choi, demonstrated his ability to sing a few of his Japanese song flawlessly with immense expression.

Patricia, TonyQ, Peck Yah, Lai Kuan

That must be five hours of non-stop singing. At 11:00 p.m., a peep at the main hall, we were relief that there were diners still outside for the wedding dinner. Time just passed swiftly and before we could realise, it was already past mid-night.

Su -- enjoying in the karaoke session

We were glad that a slightly tanned Fiona Goh came to the gathering as she just came back from holidaying in Melbourne for weeks.

While we tried to clear the backlog of selections with the same formula – sing part of the songs, the karaoke system here is also high-tech. The Microsoft Window start-up screen suddenly appeared signalling system re-boot or shutdown, and that meant “... city road, take me home”.

Cheers! Edwin Goh, CheeHon and SieLF

Special thanks to Yee Choi for sponsoring one dozen of wine. At first, we were doubtful whether we could consume so much. With the motivation from singing, YES, we did finish them -- wine fuels passion for singing.
The EBC (Everest Base Camp) ladies -- Sharon Tan and Fiona

Special thanks to Sharon Tan for organizing the event; she went through moments of anguish having to deal with participants that inform her just hours before the event that they could not come. Since the restaurant charged a fixed amount per table, the cost was shared by those present with the unfinished food.

A main group photos
Back (L-R): Yours truly (KC), LimFW, Edwin Goh, WongKC, Chee Hon, ChooTS, SieLF, Yee Choi, TonyQ, Mak
Front: Fiona Goh, Sharon Tan, Lai Kuan, Peck Yah, Patricia Yap, Su, Carol.

Looking sophisticated with stylo hairstyle and make-up, Patricia Yap was spotted with a glittering belt. So we quipped that all we need is to plug one small diamond from the belt and that would be more than enough to finance the bill for the whole evening.

Not enough mike

Our Mak talented Karaoke King (as in the abbreviation: Mt KK Climbathon), is highly motivated to sing even with a wine bottle or a drumstick. Well, good to see that Mak is so expressive in his singing.

If you view the last photo (in the attached photo album), we could see that Mak, Yee Choi and ChooTS were dancing to the tune that look like those mountain-running inspired dance steps.

Cheer! Ho yeh ... you are can! BRAVO !
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Post-Mt KK Climbathon Gathering: Prelude

File pix for post-Mt Fuji gathering in August 2010

The much awaited gathering for dinner and karaoke session is going to take place this Saturday (27 Nov 2010) evening at a posh restaurant in Petaling Jaya. The purpose is to celebrate the post-Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2010 that concluded recently on 23 October 2010.

The group at the starting line of Mount Kinbalu Climbathon 2010 ... photos courtesy of Weng.

There will be 20 members in this gathering. They are:

Guys: KC Leong, Tony Q, Yee Choi, Edwin Goh, Mak CK, Chee Hon, Choo TS, Ronnie, Yap, Lim FW, Sie LF, KC Wong

Gals: Sharon Tan, Patricia Yap, Wendy Liu, Su, Carol, Lai Kuan, Peck Yah, Angeline Choong

For those climbathon challengers, not only that they are tested with the endurance in running up mountains, this time, they will be showing their talent in the singing ability as well.

KK Lim when crossing the finishing line for Men's Open category

To add on to the fun and excitement of this gathering, Yee Choi is going to sponsor one dozen of wine to celebrate the occasion. Wendy Liu will sponsor and standby a few bottles of wine also, if Yee Choi's supply is not enough. And if that is still not enough, Patricia Yap is bringing a bottle of Vodka. Thanks to their generosity, and Sharon Tan for organizing this event.

Yours truly (KC) shall be the official camera man. Chee Hon is going to lend me his latest, state-of-the-art Nikon flash unit to take the nice photos (of course, we still need the SLR camera).
Wah, looks like we are going to have an exciting and fun evening reminiscing the climbathon and discussing the next challenges.

One for the album before we left Kinabalu National Park after the climbathon

Extract of emails exchange:

Michael: Let's learn some English, J for Jug, M for Mug, G for Glass, B for Barrel, C for Cheers, D for Drinking.

Jackson (another member quipped): The English is real good; you must be from the Yam Seng University.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hill Running

Huh, Hah, Huh, Hah ... I was breathing heavily with mouth wide open in order to sustain the rapid pace of running uphill. My heart felt like it would pound right through my chest. My leg muscles were working extra hard to lift and push my body up. After 50 meters of running up the hill with full power, the terrain tapered to a flat plateau where I can relax my pace.

The misty effect -- Back (L-R): Mak, SC Yong, Chiew Hong, Yee Choi, TeeEK, Tee, Sie LF, KC
Front: Carol, Felicia, Peck Yah, Patricia Yap

We went to Puchong Hill for hill running Wednesday morning, 17 Nov 2010 as planned. Since it was a holiday, more cars were seen park at the car park. There were about 10 of us. I was the team lead this time since Edwin Goh was not there that morning: he went for the Penang Bridge International Marathon run on 21 Nov. Being the achiever in the Mount Kinabalu Clumbathon 2010, he is the one that introduced this hill to us for years of training there.

The first loop is a familiarization loop as a few members were first time there. Though I did run slowly, I have to wait at the split trail junction so that they did not go the wrong way.
Later, five 5 of us (the Mt Kk Climbathon members) went running for the second loop. With the mild uphill and downhill terrain, every uphill is possible to run rapidly and push oneself to the limit depending on one fitness level. Within seconds, one would be panting for breath.
I subjected my lung and heart for 1.5 hours of hard breathing in a cool and fresh environment (it was raining the previous days). Compare to running on a flat road, I need to run must faster and longer distance in order to get the same panting effect.

According to sifu Yee Choi, one must train hard for the lung and heart to get used to the tough condition in order to ascend Mount Kinabalu swiftly. Yes, the new title – sifu (master) – was fondly coined by Patricia Yap who is showing respect of him to make it to Low’s Peak in two consecutive years in the Mt KK Climbathon.
Chiew Hong, Patricia Yap, Peck Yah, yours truly (KC), Yee Choi

We met Edwin Goh’s friends, Kelvin and Chua. Both were seen carrying a sack collecting rubbish to keep Puchong Hill clean. BRAVO !! They actually go there every morning. No wonder that there wasn’t any litter at all. Seeing them, immediately, that relates to the 500cc empty bottle that I left it on the grass (after completion of first loop) to be collected later. When I returned to the place where the bottle was left behind, it was gone – collected.

The morning after (Thursday): I felt very refresh and rejuvenated – never before I felt that good even with other long distance running. That must be the effect of hill running when taking in lots of oxygen in the jungle.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waterski Putrajaya 2010 Photos

Event: Waterski and Wakeboard Championship 2010
Date: 14 - 15 November 2010
Venue: Presint 6 Water Sports Complex, Putrajaya.

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of SHUKRI.

This is how the photographers capture the moment equip with bazooka lenses (and maybe with the Good Morning towel)

One of the TV celebreties who was there to grace the occassion
Do click here for other waterski photos taken by Shukri (scroll down the pages)

Shukri (right)
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Youth Leadership Program 2010

Extol Toastmasters Club, a non-profit organization, is organizing the annual Youth Leadership program again.

This program aims at developing teenagers from 12 to 18 years old in communication and leadership skills. Building up their self-confidence means the youths are better prepared for their future.

This year, it will be held from 10th to 12th December 2010 (Friday to Sunday), from 9.00am to 5.00pm daily.

Venue for the program is at : Wisma CNS, No. 2-6 Jalan SS 19/1G, Subang Jaya

If you have teenaged children and wish to enhance their communication skill for better competitive ability, please click this link to take you to Extol Toastmasters Club blogsite.

Please click here for Toastmasters International website.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Awana Genting Trailblazer 2010 Photos (5)

Good buddy

Please click here to view photos (Album 5) by courtesy of JASON LEE. This is the final album for this event.
. .

This participant is a disable ... Incredible feat! Bravo!

Tremendous difficulty in overcoming the obstacles. But he did it !!

Good team work !

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Awana Genting Trailblazer 2010 Photos (4)

What a beautiful Sunday at Genting Awana for this Trailblazer event

The competition continues ... Please click here to view photos (Album 4) by courtesy of
Stay tuned for fifth and the final album on Awana Genting Trailblazer 2010 event.
Note: if the internet link above is not working, do try again later.

Pui San and Alexis ... just arrived at the challenging pit each with a clean set of running gear

Each is busy with his/her activities

Very clean and net landing

Oh! No! I am going to dirty my gear !

Wah bro ... can swim some more !

Don't let me slide down the pit !

Take that plunge

Aiyo ... what a landing

Nice blue sky

Like a commando training regime

Congratualations to Alexis and Pui San for completing the course
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Jason Lee

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hill Running

On Saturday 6 November 2010, part of the group went to survey the Puchong Hill, a new venue for hill running as suggested by Edwin Goh. He is one of the participants in our group that made it to Low’s Peak within qualifying time in the recently concluded Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2010.

Puchong Hill is an excellent ground to train for hill running with the rolling hills and uneven terrain. The trail is not that wide compared to Apek Hill in Cheras click here but it is manageable to run in quick pace going up and down the hills.

Nestled in the thick forest, the trail is shady even in the hot afternoon. It will be good as a secondary training ground other than Gunung Nuang at Ulu Langat. The preference of training here will depend very much on the close proximity of one’s home to this hill.
The group will go for the next hill training on Wendesday, 17 November 2010. Do contact me if you are interested to come along.

Back L-R: PK Chan, yours truly (KC), TeeEK, Edwin Goh, Mak, Carol
Front L-R: Wendy Liu, Su, Patricia Yap, Eileen, Sharon, Cecilia.
Do click here for an enlarged and sharper version of photos taken by your truly (KC) ... click Slideshow, hit F11 key.
.After the team has completed one round of trail familiarization, the group went back and I went in alone for another round. Hill running per round trip is about 45 minutes. So we have another good venue for hill running in preparing for next year’s Mount KK Climbathon.

Unlike other hills in Kuala Lumpur, this hill is very much protected by the authority. As such, we have to be caution not to wander to the restricted trail. Edwin Goh told us that one could receive summon for trespassing!!

Higher elevation with view of wider horizon. Most of the group members wear T-shirts in vibrant red, yellow or orange..
Interesting Moments/Observation:

1. Edwin Goh’s leg muscle – while waiting, we noticed that Edwin’s leg muscle is very much developed with years of hill running. Just above the knee area, the muscle is bulging up. A few of the girls even try to press it to have a feel.
Notice that all are posing with different action. Looks like it is a contest to see whose lou see chai (muscle) is bigger. KC’s is as though resting on Mak's shoulder. I will have to be careful on the extended territory next time. For a change, all the gals are standing whereas all the guys are squatting... :-)
(2) Wendy did not bring water for drinking; so Patricia suggested that she can try drinking from KC’s hydration backpack via the extended nozzle and tube – an action similar to a fighter jet refuelling in mid-air (when two persons are running and drinking at the same time). The group has a good laugh when I informed them that the Deuter hydration backpack system click here requires one to bite lightly on the value and suck at the same time.

Su bought a pouch bag from a hasher while trekking at Apek Hill in Cheras. Yes, it is a very practical design: a compartment with zip to secure money, car key, handphone, etc; another two compartments to keep two bottle of water for long-haul off-road running/trekking as one is not enough. Some more, when mounted at the back, it does look very yow yeng like the twin-exhaust system of expansive cars ... :-) Of course, it looks superb when wear by an attractive model … :-) Photo courtesy of Eileen taken from a camera phone.
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