Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kampung Slamking

For those Kampung A**das fan, here is the improved version – Kampung Slamking. What a good name!

I bought them from a shoe shop in Seri Kembangan while going there for lunch. Each pair is retailed at RM 22, and for size 11 which is the largest size that just ngam ngam (correctly) fits me, it is RM 1 more expansive for the extra raw material in construction.

Notice that the overall quality of finishing is quite acceptable; there is even extra cushioning at the end of the shoes for a more comfortable experience.
The studs at the bottom of the sole are excellent for wet conditions to prevent slip. The manufacturer even take care of pronation – usually at the outside part or right side of the heel – that the studs are special to withstand wear and tear.

This would be an excellent replacement pair if the trekking surface is wet, messy and slippery. You just whip out this Slamking and keep the expansive trekking shoes in your car reserve for a drier terrain the next time.

Why the name Slamking? After consulting Mr. Internet, in basketball, ‘slam dunk’ is a type of shot when a player jumps in the air and manually thrust the ball downward through the basket with one or both hands over the rim to intimate the opponents and at the same time testing the rim whether it is built according to ISO standards. One of the meanings of 'slam': if one thing slams into or against another, it crashes into it with great force.
In this case, during a wet or slippery condition in trekking, the shoes stuck to the ground firmly with the studs at the sole of the shoes. Obviously, the owner is knowledgeable not to call the product “Stuckking”. Not only it sounds terrible, by glancing at the word, the meaning could be wrongly construed also ... :-) Well, simple product; fantastic name.

Written by KC

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