Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Baling Jerai Penang Hills Hike

Hiking Gunung Baling, Gunung Jerai and Penang Hill from 20 to 23 January 2018 ... the Main Plan:

Day 1 (20 Jan 2018, Saturday) – travel from KL to Sungai Pertani; hike Gunung Baling, stay in Sungai Pertani.
Day 2 (21 Jan, Sunday) – hike Gunung Jerai, stay in Regency Jerai Hill Resort;
Day 3 (22 Jan, Monday) – hike Penang Hill via Bats Trail, stay in Tanjung Bunga area;
Day 4 (23 Jan, Tuesday) – return to Kuala Lumpur.

Gunung Baling was fairly easy to hike with the ascent journey that took 1 hr 30 min. During the descent, it rained for 30 minutes at 4pm, and the dark-brown earth was very slippery. Many of the team members slipped and fell even though there is railing to assist in the descent. 

On Day 2, we hiked Gunung Jerai via Merbok Trail with a distance of 12 km that required 6 hours. It rained quite heavily at 4pm for one hour while we were still in the trail; the drizzle continued until at night. 

On Day 3, with the sunny weather, we hiked up Penang Hill via Bats Trail. One way journey to the peak took 2 hr 30 minutes. This trial eventually joins with the Heritage Trail to reach the peak. 

Special thanks to ChewSC for leading the group for Gunung Baling and Gunung Jerai hike, and Ms SK for the Bats Trail.

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 At the trail head of Gunung Baling, Kedah
 The rocky peak of Gunung Baling with a view of the surrounding
 At Regency Jerai Hill Resorts, Kedah
 Getting ready to hike Gunung Jerai 
 At the Merbok trail head of Gunung Jerai; on way ascent journey is 6 hours.
 Dawn at Regency Jerai Hill Resort
 Walking around at the beautiful environment of Regency Jerai Hill Resort
 Hike up Penang Hill via Bats Trail ... passing by the the many mini stupa 
 Enjoying the night view at the peak of Penang Hill
 View of Penang from the hill above with the two bridges linking the mainland
On Day 4 before returning to Kuala Lumpur ... the group put up a night near to Tanjung Bunga beach, Penang

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

North Thailand Sakura Tour (part 2)

Northern Thailand Sakura tour from 6 to 13 Jan 2018 ... Places of attraction in this photo album:
Visiting Su Tong Pae Bridge; Tham Lot Cave; 
Viewing sunrise at Yun Lai Viewpoint; Chinese Yunan village;
Check in at Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang Resort; 
We experienced the cold morning at 7°C;
Walk around the park viewing Thai Sakura and Cherry blossom;
Transfer back to Chiangmai.

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 Crossing the bamboo bridge (Su Tong Pae Bridge)
 Visiting Tham Lot Cave
 Breast shape stalactite
 Viewing sunrise at Yun Lai Viewpoint
 At Yun Lai Viewpoint
 Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang Resort
 Thai Sakura in full bloom
 Thai Sakura in full bloom
                                       Thai Sakura in full bloom

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North Thailand Sakura Tour (part 1)

Northern Thailand Sakura tour from 6 to 13 Jan 2018 ... Places of attraction in this photo album:
The World War Memorial Bridge at Pai, Coffee in Love, Pai My Guest Resort, Karen Long Neck village; Lee Wine Ruk Thai Resort at Mae Hong Son; Pang Oung park; viewing sunrise at Lee Wine Ruk Thai Resort. Coldest temperature in the morning is 15 °C when we went to view sunrise at 5:30 a.m.

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 Coffee in Love of PAI Thailand
 Overnight stay Pai My Guest Resort (at PAI Thailand)
At Ban Jabo for viewing the sea of clouds
  Visiting Karen Long Neck Village
 Overnight stay at Lee Wine Ruk Thai resort (Mae Hong Son). This is a nice place to stay nestled in between the tea plantation overlooking the village
 The interior of Lee Wine Ruk Thai resort
Visiting Pang Oung park with good campsites by the pond 
 Viewing of sunrise just 15 minutes hike above our chalets
 A misty morning at Ban Ruk Thai –  one of the most beautiful Chinese villages in Thailand
Another view of Ban Ruk Thai Chinese village

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Monday, January 01, 2018

New Year's Countdown

Fireworks display at Desa Parkcity (Kuala Lumpur) on 31 Dec 2017 to usher in the new year ... The crowd was mostly young people: they screamed with joy just before the clock struck twelve. For the duration of the 8-minute fireworks display, the crowd cheered whenever there was a dazzling blast of the fireworks. The mood was good; it is always fun watching fireworks display. The traffic and crowd was much less at Central Park area compared to last year (last year, there was the countdown concert of Astro Star Quest final been held at the same lakeside area). 

May you celebrate this new beginning with peace, love and happiness that lasts throughout the year! Wishing you a magical New Year 2018!

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 The Central Park, Desa Parkcity
 Waiting for the fireworks display

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