Sunday, May 27, 2012

Trekking with Zhineng Qigong Members

After postponing the trekking for two weeks, the Zhineng Qigong M'sia (or chi gong) members finally made it to Bukit Kiara on Saturday, 26 May 2012, together with two of my office colleagues.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong). In photo album, click Slideshow, hit F11 key for bigger displays.

(left) CH Tan, Lim BB, Cindy Lim, Grace Lim, friend of GanCH, GanCH, Michael Karn, Jezamine, Phoebe, Brenda, Tioh and yours truly (KC Leong)

For the preceding two mornings that rained at 4am, it reaffirmed that the sky would be a good weather on the day of trekking. Since it is the dry season these days, it is unlikely that it would continue to rain for three consecutive mornings – my prediction was true indeed.

With the trail running practice for the past few sessions, this time I am leading the team going through the many splits trails in Kiara Hills. We started the trekking at 8:00 a.m. and took about three hours to return to car park.

Many people are seen doing morning exercises at this tranquil park of Bukit Kiara

We entered the trail via Flying Carpet Trail and connect to 4K Trail and arrive at the cross-road area. As usual, I would surge forward and run backward doing my own trail running, always maintain visible contact with the group since there are many split trails in the hills.

At one split junction where I would have led the team to turn left, I then saw someone approaching me. To my surprise, he was Paul Lee. After enquiring from him, the correct way was to take the right turn (and not the left turn) in order to arrive at the cross-road area. So help was sent to me at the crucial moment.

Walking steadily uphill

We then took the Twin Peak Trail and went to the View Point area, descending the hills via Snakes and Ladders Trail. We later returned via 4K and Flying Carpet Trails, the same ways we started the journey.

At the Flying Carpet Trail, we could see that the trail was very well-maintained and clean; possibly, after last week’s maintenance work carried out by Paul Lee and other volunteers. BRAVO!

Even the mountain bikes are taking a breather here at the cross-road area

Just about to arrive at the car park, we saw a photographer and his friend were looking at the pond attentively. We were told that there were many baby frogs in the pond.  It was indeed a rare sight to see so many frogs in there.

Overall, it was an enjoyable trekking trip at Kiara Hill, though it was not too difficult effort amid much shady ground. The Zhineng chi gong members enjoyed the outing, so are my office colleagues – Michael Karn and Gan CH.

 Do you like this trekking outing? Yeah, all raising hands in unison ... :-)

 Petronas Twin Towers and KL Tower are visible from here ... Michael Karn

 A group photo at the View Point Area

 Same office colleagues of a local bank ... (left) LimBB, GanCH, Michael Karn, KC Leong
 Soon, when the gate is closed, there won't be any photos taken at this site

 Model posing with the age-old rubber trees with the unique colour of latex

 Walking along the many shaddy trails in Bukit Kiara hills
 Clean and neat trail at Flying Carpet Trail ... that must be the good work of Paul Lee and volunteers in their maintenance work. Front: Phoebe.
ah... there are many baby frogs in the pond, next to the car park

++++++++++ Note:

Persatuan Zhineng Qigong Malaysia - New Class Intake starting 6 June 2012. For more info, contact following laoshi (teacher or master):

CH Tan: 016-691 6525; Alex Lim: 012-287 3628; HJ Tan: 012-220 8699

Do click here for the official website of Zhineng Qigong (M'sia).

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bukit Kiara Trail Running

 (Left:) George, KC Leong, Simon Goh, Rupert Chen, KeanHui, Sue Teoh, Jessen Lee, Shen, Charles Frew, Jeff Ooi

It was a tough run this morning, Saturday 19 May 2012. Led by Jessen Lee, we were running quite fast in the many trails of Bukit Kiara (aka Kiara Hill). The group ran with gusto even at the start of the journey at Office Overtime Trails ... that sound like working hard for overtime ... :-) Needless to say, we were panting for breath later.
At Magic Carpet, we met Paul Lee and gang who were volunteering for the maintenance work at Magic Carpet Trail. After a brief conversion, the group continued the run.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC). Click Slideshow and hit F11 key for bigger displays.

We ran quite a big loop too. From Magic Carpet Trail, we ran via 2K Trail and arrived at the cross-road. At this juncture, Jeff Ooi and George have to excuse themselves. We then connected via Apollo Trail to Equestrian Centre. At the Water Tank, we took Plan A and ran along Jalan Bukit Kiara (Sri Hartamas area) and connected to Plan C Trail; returning via Rumpy Pumpy and Boulder Trails. At this moment, another few more members dropped out from the group. Then we proceed via Twin Peaks Trail and return by Snakes and Ladders. Total duration: 2 hr 45 min.

At Magic Carpet Trail ... met Pau Lee and friends who are volunteering for the maintenance of the trails. Bravo!!

 The high fencing

Salomon XR CrossMax - I was wearing my good-looking, brand new Salomon trail running shoes. It was a very comfortable trail running shoes; the stability and traction were good. However, I notice that the feet were sweating a lot inside compared to the New Balance trail running shoes.

 Our macho male model, Charles, demonstrates what it is like separated by the intimating high-fencing when the project is completed.

 Walking alongside with the horse training ... Equestrian Centre

 Running along Jalan Bukit Kiara (Sri Hartamas area)

 The most energized jump award goes to Rupert (right).

When returning to carpark at 10:15 a.m., we met Raymond Ng who is going to give moral support to the volunteers (eg. Paul Lee) who are maintening the trails by bring a box of packet drinks for refreshment. Bravo!!

Do click here to view previous postings at Bukit Kiara.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

My First Salomon Shoes

Salomon XR CROSSMAX combines the best elements of road running shoes with the attributes one expects from Salomon Trail running — stability, protection, traction and durability. Cushioning and light weight construction, the XR CROSSMAX is the training performance shoe for racers who incorporate paved surfaces and trails in their running regimen (from official website).

Do click here for more info of this shoes in the official website.

After using my New Balance (NB) trail running shoes for 1.5 year, it shows sign of wear out; maybe it is time to retire this trusted pair. This NB powered me for two attempts of Mount Kinabalu Climbathon (2010 and 2011) and countless rounds of trail trainings at the local hills.

I wanted to try Adidas trail running shoes as I like Adidas products. But when I went to the outlet at The Gardens, Mid-Valley, I was disappointed to see that they do not have much choice of trail running shoes, not even two months ago of my previous visits.

Needless to say, I went over to World of Sports a few shop lots away. Wow! There are so many types and models of Salomon trail running shoes – all with distinctive and colourful design. After enquiring, I decided to buy one pair and try. After all, my motto is "Don't go home without it – the new purchase" as oppose to "Don't leave home without it – The American Express Credit Card".

I see many of the serious trail runners are progressively changing to Salomon brand. Looks like I am following the bandwagon also.

 Different "flowers" and softer rubber as compare to normal road running shoes

I also bought a new pair of shoes for playing badminton. Quite interestingly, there are lots more choices at the outlets in Pertama Complex (along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman; next to Sogo).
The brand for badminton is dominated by Yonex, just like the badminton rackets. In one of the shops, I asked for Yonex but the shop owner recommended another brand – Pro Ace – that is cheaper and almost as good.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

YB Hannah Yeoh visits Zhineng Qigong

There was anticipation in the air. The Zhineng Qigong (or chi gong) members who were present at Wawasan School, USJ Subang Jaya, Selangor that evening were quite excited waiting for the present of a VIP amid their practice session.

Yes! YB Hannah Yeoh visited the venue on Wednesday, 2 May 2012 at 8:30 p.m. Together with her visits, she presented a cheque of RM 5,000 to support for the purchase of training equipment and material.

YB Hannah Yeoh is the State Assemblywoman for Subang Jaya, Selangor and also the State Treasurer for DAP Selangor.

Thanks you Yang Berhormat for the kind gesture. BRAVO !!

Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong). When in photo album, click Slideshow and hit F11 key to adjust for enlarged displays.

 Lead by Soo laoshi (left), the practice session is in progress

 Members going through the many movements in the practice session

YB’s visits shall be broadcasted in media later

 Harnessing the chi from above

 Presenting a mock cheque of RM 5,000 by YB Hannah Yeoh to Soo laoshi and Alex (middle) ... flank by all the other laoshi (teacher or master).

 A group photos for those who practise qigong at Wawasan School, USJ Subang Jaya.

 A bigger display ... YB Hannah Yeoh is easily distinguished

 Lady members posing with the respectable state assemblywoman

Click here for the video presentation by YB Hannah Yeoh, courtesy of Zhineng Qigong (M).
Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia is a non-profit society registered under the Society Act 1966 and became operational on 26 April 1995. Its aim is to help all Malaysian to attain better health and live a longer, richer, meaningful and more rewarding life. The Society has 17 branches in Wilayah Persekutuan, Selangor, Perak and Sabah, with activities open to all Malaysian regardless of race or religion.

Do click here for the official website.

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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Bukit Kiara Trail Running

 At trail head of Kiara Hill ... (left) Paul Lee, Keanhui, Kilian2, Charles Frew, George, Phoebe, Ian Loo, Jessen Lee, Sue Teoh, KC Leong

Led by Jessen Lee, we ran and ran in single file meandering along the many trails of Bukit Kiara (aka Kiara Hill) in the cool morning on Saturday, 5 May 2012. With the presence of Charles Frew, Kilian2, Sue Teoh – these are strong trail runners – Jessen has to step up the throttle in order to be able to lead the group at a suitable pace.

The other chasing group was yours truly (KC), George, Ian Loo, and KenHui. Paul Lee, who is very familiar with the split trails of Bukit Kiara, assumed the role of a sweeper.

Raining in the early hours and fine drizzle while the group was running, the weather was cool and the air was fresh – superb for trail running.

We were pleased to have Kilian2 joining the group as he resembles the famous Kilian Jornet – the King of Trail Running. The much younger Kilian2 ran like Kilian and did not require drinking water (as he did not carry any hydration backpack); I heard Charles mentioned something about running like camel ... :-)

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong). In web photo album, click Slideshow, hit F11 key to adjust optimum size of display.

 Running on tar road at the beginning of run

We started the trail running via Over-Time Trail; true to its name, it was just like working overtime looping around knowing that we were still at very low altitude. Emerging at the tar road and passing by the guardhouse, we then entered the trail again via Flying Carpet which is just beside the Reservoir. From here, we connected to the main cross-road via 4K and Rubbish Trails. After taking group photos, we ran to 2K Trail. We then ascended the hill via Twin Peaks Trail and descent via Snakes and Ladders Trail.

 At the main cross-road area

The completion timing was perfect. At 10:00 a.m., that after more than 2 hours of running, Paul Lee has to attend a meeting with the manager of Landscape Department at a container office located between the guardhouse and the reservoir together with other representatives of concerned groups.
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the issue of high fencing that is being erected cutting across the hills to demarcate the borders between public and private own lands. With the demarcation, trail runners and mountain bikers would not be able to enjoy the outdoors freely as before as these fencing, as high as Berlin wall, would divide the trails. The other main concern of maintaining a green lung in this area would be affected due to commercial development in the private own lands.

 Kilian 2 in action followed by Charles Frew

 Run through the jungle ... Sue, Keanhui, George

 1-2-3 Jump ... ah... too tire to jump now ... :-)

 Colourful design ... notice the special sandals wears by Paul Lee; they survive the 2.5 hours of trail running. That reminds me of those olden days sword fighting movies where the hero only walk on shoes made of dried grass ... :-)

 Having good fun ... (left) Sue, Jessen Lee, KC Leong, Charles Frew, Phoebe, Paul Lee, Kilian2, KeanHui Ng, Ian Loo ... holding camera: George.

(left) Jessen Lee, Charles Frew, manager of Landscape Department, Scott Roberts, Paul Lee

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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Apek Hill Trail Running

Trail running at Apek Hill on May 1, 2012 (a public holiday).

I always like to do trail running at Apek Hill of Cheras (a.k.a. Apeh Hill - white in Hockien). It has all the elements for a serious work-out: the steep uphills follow by gentle gradient for short burst of tough walking or uphill running; and finally, the terrain that tapered at the plateau. At the plateau, it was such a good feeling running on soft earth and under shade from Station 5 to Station 6 and then end at Saga Station, a distance that requires about 20 minutes of continuous running.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC Leong). Hit F11 key for larger displays.
(left) Chong YF, Edwin Goh, Lai FS, Ya Hooy, Ken Huei, KC Leong

We were surprise to see Station 3A being done up nicely where a senior lady was sweeping the ground to keep the place clean and tidy. Station 3A is actually Station 4.

At the Saga Station, there is a nature’s gym – membership is free. All can participate. There are also a few hammocks
that one can lie down there relaxing and taking respite from the hot afternoon.

Station 5 is the Tea Station. If you like, you can join the regulars there to enjoy some hot tea; I presume membership is also free.

At Station 6 – Lai Kuan (middle) catch up with us

Notice: 1 May 2012 ... No Tea Today (that reminds me of a song ... no milk today.... )

At Saga Station ... meet up with KH Khoo, Susie Lim and friend

Nice and smiling pose ...

 Strong and flexible bones ... Chong YF and Lai Kuan; while Edwin Goh and LaiFS look on

Busy pumping concrete (iron) in this nature’s gym where membership is free ... :-) Pump all you can!

1-2-3 Jump! eeeee, one of the guys is not jumping? ... :-)

Reward ourselves savouring those refreshing coconut juice with pandan flavour. Each coconut is RM 3.

The risk of trail running - LaiFS tripped and fell (between Station 6 and Saga Station) ... looks quite bad.

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