Monday, May 14, 2012

My First Salomon Shoes

Salomon XR CROSSMAX combines the best elements of road running shoes with the attributes one expects from Salomon Trail running — stability, protection, traction and durability. Cushioning and light weight construction, the XR CROSSMAX is the training performance shoe for racers who incorporate paved surfaces and trails in their running regimen (from official website).

Do click here for more info of this shoes in the official website.

After using my New Balance (NB) trail running shoes for 1.5 year, it shows sign of wear out; maybe it is time to retire this trusted pair. This NB powered me for two attempts of Mount Kinabalu Climbathon (2010 and 2011) and countless rounds of trail trainings at the local hills.

I wanted to try Adidas trail running shoes as I like Adidas products. But when I went to the outlet at The Gardens, Mid-Valley, I was disappointed to see that they do not have much choice of trail running shoes, not even two months ago of my previous visits.

Needless to say, I went over to World of Sports a few shop lots away. Wow! There are so many types and models of Salomon trail running shoes – all with distinctive and colourful design. After enquiring, I decided to buy one pair and try. After all, my motto is "Don't go home without it – the new purchase" as oppose to "Don't leave home without it – The American Express Credit Card".

I see many of the serious trail runners are progressively changing to Salomon brand. Looks like I am following the bandwagon also.

 Different "flowers" and softer rubber as compare to normal road running shoes

I also bought a new pair of shoes for playing badminton. Quite interestingly, there are lots more choices at the outlets in Pertama Complex (along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman; next to Sogo).
The brand for badminton is dominated by Yonex, just like the badminton rackets. In one of the shops, I asked for Yonex but the shop owner recommended another brand – Pro Ace – that is cheaper and almost as good.

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bmrenai said...

Hi KC! Nice pair of new shoes! Been following your blog for the past few days. Your trekking and hiking record really impressed me. I'm a beginner and looking for a pair of hiking shoes. What brand of hiking shoes would you recommend?

Appreciate your 'sifu' advice.

Thank u.