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Gunung Nuang

Trekking at Gunung Nuang @ 23 May 2009

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Tan Pei Ling. Scroll down the pages for a report writen by Joseph Yong and yours truly (KC).

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Back (L-R): Henry, ChinKL, Lee, Huey Ling, Dr. Hamdan, Sivani, Yong, KC
Front (L-R): Lisa, PK Chan, Alexis, Fiona, Wong, Joseph.
Pei Ling (holding camera).

Team Lead: yours truly (KC). A briefing and intro session by each and team members before the start of trekking trip.

Journey of a thousand steps start here !!

Lush greenery

The EBC lady trekkers: L-R: Fiona, Pei Ling, Huey Ling, Alexis

The Team is crossing one of the streams. With four weeks of dry spell, crossing is much easy without having to step into the water.

Another group photo on the way up

Relaxing moment: Dr. Hamdan, Lisa, and Fiona

Cooling in the stream: Fiona and Pei Ling


Written by Joseph Yong

Thank you KC Leong for inviting me and fellow trekkers to escape from camp Guantanamo, Cuba to a new torture in moving towards camp G.NUANG. Actually on reaching camp PACAT, my leggy (opposite of skinny) calves were almost PECAH.

Just into 20 minutes of trekking from the starting point, I realized that majority of the 'Amazon' trekkers vanished up in front, while 'Kebun-trained’ (garden) trekker like me pretended to admire the trees and bamboo leaves, gasping to catch up. Okay, shall we have another challenge next year?!

Yeah, another 20 minutes, all past memories came flooding back: not how to climb faster but of the many torturous climbs and the vows that nothing will get me on hill or mountain trekking again… so who showed me that fateful The Star newspaper article about this Everest Base Camp in Nepal thing? click here

But then this G. Nuang trek got incentive-loh, nice folks including me, of course. And Amazing AmaZon ladies and uncle something.

Then we reached a welcoming Hut at the river and got down to business – eat, eating and drinking. Oh, I got the chance to sink my tooth, or well many teeth … deeply into my juicy yummy yellowish, crunchy Chinese oversize but not so cheap PEAR washed with 100Plus.

Crossing the rivers a few times was a piece of cake. Everybody got through with no Pentecostal baptism involved – immersion in water.

Now 20 minutes after the river, I gently swing one leg after another over a fallen log. Man, I twisted my left leg. What a shock?! I tried to push it back in shape. I could feel it twisted and yeah, it was painful! I could not take the next few steps forward.

Then a FAIRY in white came by, no wings but nice short skirt. She said, "You have a leg cramp?" Like all defeated Bull, I said "Yes!" She said, "Stand on your feet and rest awhile and then moved on". I stood up and press my feet down. Oh! Praise GOD and Bless her! The muscle untwisted. I had to stand for 2-3 minutes while my buddy, fat Wong stood by me in case I have to fall into his manly arms.

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Fiona for being at the right place, right time and with the right person – it was quite a serious injury then.

The story is that 98 % managed to reach camp Pacat; the team has a simple lunch: biscuits, bread while higher ranking trekkers boiled water, have Maggie mee… but not me.
A group photo at Kem Pacat before the descent

Then the good news … the team members all put on their smile. We have a group photographs session and we headed back down to civilization again...of course that is a noble goal to attain.

Twenty minutes in the descent, we all meet up with PK Chan who was shepherding Lucky up. She made a snap election… Ahhh, decision, made a u-turn and descended with the rest of the team members.

On TPP down (Toe Pain Pain), Pei ling, Lisa Wong and Fat Wong descended with lucky Lucky. She has a blister and we helped her to attach two Smiley Handiplast on her feet. And she rested to wait for PK Chan, KC and Uncle Chin to catch up with her. We then moved on down.

We finally reached the river again and have a ball – cooling feet in the healing cold water of the little falls and small stream but very rocky rocky.

On the last leg of down hill, after a few minutes, all the Amazon trekkers have disappeared round many corners leaving fat Wong, Uncle Chin and me … and a few more with lucky Lucky.

Then we were joined by Henry. Another marathon-thon guy with a big camera. We talked and he said he is into weight management. Wow! You sell Gym equipment? No, No? “I help people lose weight." Ah Ha! Sorry brother. I am dying to put on tons of weight. Well, muscle, muscles. Oh, Henry is a nice chap, he offered me a ride in the morning; suggested that I left my car at a nearby petrol station. But I guess it would be inconvenience to turn around in the evening to pick up the car and further more. we all can't wait to rush home and complained to anybody's mom on our suffering.

So Henry moved on to join his next victim, fat Wong. Actually he is not fat but anyone heavier than me would be technically fat. All this while Wong said, “Oh, another 2 - 5 minutes more, until one Malay group of trekkers walking uphill said at least 20 over minutes. To be exact, it was 30 minutes.

So there I was, waking ALONE… unluckily no snatch thief around. Otherwise I must insist that they take me as well together with my wallet down hill. So I prayed that GOD will give me the strength to walk the last 20-30 minutes down hill to FREEDOM....our car park.

Suddenly, I heard thundering sound of running feet many yards behind me, I turned and LO AND BEHOLD, our Commanderer K.C. Leong was running full steam DOWNHILL. He was holding his trekking stick and his backpack with both hands. I was stunned and amazed and distressed – a 3-IN-1 FEELING. Man, this thing, I mean Guy is running – RUNNING downhill all the way displaying with half a smile. I was praying that I could still walk – what an anti-climax to my trek.

Truly, K.C. Leong is the Guru nanek of Trekkers. Another is probably Dr Hamdan. I understood after what was to me – a killer trekking. He was going on a 40 odd cycling trip the following day somewhere in Fraser Hill. Mana Boleh! Another Humanoid with fiber glass muscle fueled by Nuclear power!

So what to do? Faced with such evidence... such unearthly humanoid agility; I did what the BEST always did "Just Do It!" and "when things get tough, the tough gets going " and that is me. The story is I reached FREEDOM and mind you, a few of the trekkers already "mandi ". Mana boleh!

But the best is yet to come. The majority went to dinner together. Uuummp, the food was yum yum yummy. However, almost all dishes are with chilly stuff. Of course a few could not take the hot stuff. I must say even if I don’t qualify to continue the training for EBC (Everest Base Camp). Just tell me where you folks will meet for dinner for each session and I will be there to help drown your sorrows or up happiness.

Meanwhile, I am on 1 week's M.C. not medical leave – mechanical change. I have to have a new leg design by SC Yong (Civil Eng) and financed by LT Lee (Finance).

My thanks and appreciation again to KC Leong, PK Chan, Dr. Hamdan and the Gang.

Written by Joseph Yong

Drama (not on the High Seas but) on the Plain

Written by KC:

Let me explain the running part (in a trekking trip)? ...One of the trekkers developed pain in the legs and have difficulty in walking normally. At 3pm, she managed to arrive at the starting of gravel road (Stage 1 of Gunung Nuang trail where it is accessible by motorbikes). PK Chan, the main Sweeper, and yours truly (KC) were accompanying her. Still having another 1.5 hours to go (as for a normal trekker's timing), I told her that she may take 3 to 4 hours and by that time, the sky would be dark.

Our strategy was to try to look for a ranger to send in a motorbike. Without a motorbike, she would be stranded in the jungle. Our concern was that if we were late, we may not be able to find a ranger. We are not sure whether the rescue service would operate 24 hours.

How I wish we were in the James Bond movie that we just walked to the bush where a Dukati 1198 Superbike was hiding in the bush! On the other hand, even a kap cai (small motorbike) that can move will do.

In order to save time, PK and I decided to run since we are runners. At that moment, I felt that the running capability comes in handy. So we were running in trekking gear, trekking shoes, carrying a backpack and a trekking stick each, much like the tough AXN challengers keenly competing for top position. That was a bit tough as the backpack kept bouncing up and down and the trekking shoes are not mean for running. I was concerned whether my handphone in the backpack would be able to take the pounding.

We were still not tired then. So the special sound effect was like a Kancil that roared like a Japan GT car (Yeah, this fabulous event with many pretty Japanese GT queens will be staged at Sepang from 19-21 June) that take quite some time to pass by the anxious onlookers (possibly wanted to know what or who spoiled the tranquil mood of the jungle)... :-)

Finally, we found two Malay guys ridding motorbikes and we engaged them for a fee to send the trekker out.

Back at the car park, Fiona (a passionate and highly enthusiastic new EBC trekker who car pool with Alexis) accidentally locked Alexis's Toyota Vios (ok, not Toyota Lexus) with the ignition key inside. Dr. Hamdan went to their rescue with a wire and tried to open the door lock. In case the door was opened, we would sure attest that he was doing it for a good cause. When that fail, Hamdan has another ingenius idea: to transmit the frequency of the car alarm system via handphone. This is the concept: with the spare remote control unit, press it at the other end and at this end, place the handphone near to the control unit of the Vios. I believed the precision code was lost in transmission.

Out of desperation, someone suggested that maybe remote control of any other Toyota car might be able to open Alexis’s Toyota Vios too. Then we heard a few beep beep sound, but Alexis car was still locked.

Finally, it was a happy ending with the issues all solved. We concluded the trip with a sumptuous dinner. After the incident, Alexis was satisfied that her car was not easily opened without the proper key.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sundown Marathon - Part 5

Written by Jennifer

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adidas Sundown Marathon 2009 in Singapore - click here for official website
20th May 2009 – tempo run/tapering down

Last evening I managed - despite being quite tired to squeeze in a 10km run (supposed to be 12km but 10km was quite enough for me). It was a nice run but it was not the completely in the "zone" type of run – you know the feeling when the run is completely effortless and one is running so freely and hardly breaking a sweat! All the limbs and the body seem to be working seamlessly - Wow! That is a nice feeling.

When we are tired, our movements are awkward and every stride seems to take so much effort... the heat which is like a furnace also does not help, including the humidity – one is sweating before one is running – in fact, it is the "wind created" whilst running that seems to cool me down.

Still, it is now tapering time; the “work” has been done over the last few months. I just got to keep up my scheduled runs, keep myself injury free and germ free. A “fantastic” thought just came to me – I wish I only worked three days a week so that I can have more time and energy to run or cycle or participate in some sport the rest of the week – what wishful thinking!

This will be my final journaling for this marathon. I have learned from my journaling how well my body responds and adapts to the increased training schedule, when to lay off and when to persevere. Unless there is a holiday during the work week, there is only so much my poor human legs can take. I have also learned that I can actually wake up in the wee hours of the morning and “shock” my body into movement and making “dates” with other runners make this process more possible. All along the way, I have met other runners who have livened up and encouraged me in my training schedule.

Go! Go! Go! Jennifer!

The usual fears and concern before a marathon surrounds me and I am beginning to have “fake” injuries, pain where it does not usually hurt. I guess the mind is trying to protect the body from further “injuries” i.e. the pain and suffering each runner will have to endure no matter the level of fitness or category of runner – ask an elite if he/she “suffers” during a race and I am pretty sure the answer is “yes”. Just that perhaps the elite or professional runner sees it as a “job” and a passion and works hard to get it done as it is after all their profession!

For us mere mortals, it has to be the passion or a noble charitable cause or something that makes the runner tick that drives us all to push our body’s limits – whatever our reasons, my thoughts are that the marathon is such a journey that only passion fuels each runner to the end line. Good luck and run well, my fellow runners and see you all at the finish line of Sundown Marathon!

Happily crossing the finishing line... Yes, more marathons to go!

Note by KC: BRAVO!! Jennifer! Congratulation to you for dutifully completed the necessary trainings with the 30km long runs. Chance favours the prepared (body and) mind! Hope you have chance to achieve your targeted personal best in this great event – Sundown Marathon in Singapore. Enjoy your run and have a pleasant holiday.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Balance 15km (Part 5)

New Balance 15km Run - Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee. This is the final posting for New Balance 15km Run.

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Start point of New Balance 15km Run
Good old photo kaki - Tey Eng Tiong and Hon You (who just came back from United Kingdom for his study break)
Say "cheese"!!

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Jason Lee (left)

Monday, May 25, 2009

New Balance 15km (Part 4)

New Balance 15km Run: Album #1 - Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee. Stay tuned for final Album 5.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Balance 15km (Part 3)

The photo journey continues ... New Balance 15km Run - Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee - Album #2. Stay tuned for Album 1 and 5.

Looking good... The Ironman, Siok Bee

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Balance 15km (Part 2)

Please click here to view photos in Album #4 by courtesy of Jason Lee taken during New Balance 15km Run 2009. Stay tuned for more photos ...

With straight and strong leg muscles

In striking and matching red


AiLing of Singapore

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Balance 15km

Date: Sunday 17 May 2009
Venue: Lake Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

New Balance 15km Run - Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee - Album #3 (Will come back to Album 1 and 2 later).

Stay tuned for more photos...


. Jason Lee (left)
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Waterski Putrajaya (Part 2)

Please click here to view a few photos by courtesy of Shukri.
(click Slideshow and F11 to expand displays)..
Touching the water

The big splash

Kicking up a curtain of water

A skier perform the stunt splendidly!!

Don't look quite right ...

Splash!!!! And the skier fell clumsily into the water
.This must be one of the best venues in Kuala Lumpur to stage water sports. The new and modern Water Sports Complex in Presint 6 of Putrajaya is built just by the lake of Putrajaya, overlooking the Seri Gemilang Bridge on the far end and a new tastefully designed hotel to the right amidst in a pristine setting to witness this exciting water ski event.

The road transport system leading to the venue is excellent: the 3-lane road is able to take much heavy traffic volume and the car parking facility is only a stone's throw away. The food and drinks are sold at a reasonable price, much cheaper than those charged in Formula 1 race held from 3-5 April 2009 in Sepang F1 Circult.

I truly enjoyed myself seeing the participants perform those difficulty stunts in mid-air; at times, after a magnificent summersault, they drop into the water amid grand splashing of water. Much similar to failure in life, they pick up the ski rope and continue the challenges. This event also showed a few participants - as young as seven years old - riding the wave daringly.

Most participants, after long hours of exposing under the sun, are quite dark. I saw there is one fair-skinned Chinese girl participating in the event. I hope she would take the necessary precaution to preserve her fair skin when exposing to the scorching sun.

I believe this sport is still very new in Malaysia as there are not many participants from Malaysia. Another point: this is an expansive sport requiring speed boat, fuel, time and effort of operators, etc. Unlike running or trekking, we just put on a pair of running/trekking shoes and off we go.

This is a great outdoor sport worthy of cheers and support. I hope with better publicity, more spectators would come and support the event in future.

Written by KC

Shukri (right)
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