Monday, October 29, 2007

PC Sent for Repair

Hi Folks,

The PC in my house which has been running superbly for three years, finally "khong" (faulty). An initial check performed by a PC repairer, it is either the mother-board or the Pentium processer that has called it a day.

Postings will be resumed once my PC has been repaired. Meantime, happy running and training.

KC :-)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Training at Putrajaya

Please click here to view 113 photos by courtesy of Hon You with photographic equipment by courtesy of Jason Lee.

Putrjaya Boulevard with lots of green

The macho Ironman Lee

Yeah ... a pleasant morning run at Putrajaya

Blue sky and everything nice ...

Putrajaya International Convention Centre is at the background

Lizzie - preparing for her maiden full marathon at Singapore International Marathon

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Training for Powerman and SIM

I am pleased to announce that Tony P3 is organizing a training run at Putrajaya this Sunday morning. All are welcome to participate.

I was informed that Pacesetters Club is not organizing any 30km training run this time in preparing for Singapore International Marathon ("SIM"). So, if you would like to train, you may want to try it there. The scenic but hot environment of Putrajaya is most “conducive” to train as the actual race (be it Powerman or SIM) is much tougher.

Date: Sunday 28 October 2007
Time: Start 7:00 a.m. (arrive at 6:45 a.m.)
Venue: Palace of Justice, Putrajaya Boulevard, Putrajaya.


For those who are participating in Powerman Lumut on 11 November 2007: Run 10km, cycle 60km, run 10km.

For those who are participating in SIM on 2 December 2007: Run 30km

For those who are not participating in any runs: just run.
Light refreshment will be served at the water station: isotonic drink, plain water, fruits, ice, hot drinks. If only we could organise the training run at a wine yard, we can then say while serving drinks: “White wine or red wine, Sir?”

Fee per person is RM 5. This is to purchase the food and beverages, and chill them to the desired coldness when served.

Bib Number
Please bring along an old bib number for ease in identification when timers are taking your timing.

Volunteers are required to assist in manning water station and taking timing. If you would like to join in the fun, please come.
Tony Q: 016- 274 2213

Most likely, yours truly (KC) will be there to join in the fun and take photos.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kuantan TC Run 2007 - Part 2

Please click here to view 140 photos by courtesy of Chan Wing Kai - part 2 of 2.

The organizing chairpersons (Tan WS and William; at both end) together with the Champions. Mr. Munning, Pacesetters Club President is at R3.

A runner (the model) showing the beautifully designed Kuantan TC Run T-shirt

Sonny Ng and Tony P3

Vija (Chan Wing Kai's good friend), Carol, Agnes Chin, Teresa Goh, Vija's wife

Well done! A professional Emcee for Kuantan TC Run

The Organizing Committee of Kuantan TC Run 2007

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Kuantan TC Run 2007 - Part 1

Please click here (right click, open in new window, F11) to view 142 photos by courtesy of Chan Wing Kai, photographer of Pacesetters Club. The successful Kuantan TC Run 2007 is organised by Kuantan Area Group of Pacesetters Club.

Sun, Sea, Sand ... and running

A runner has to run through the beach (instead of grass) to cross the finishing line

Me and you and a dog name ....

This is the most creative and unique design of the finisher medal. I presume the main designer is Barefoot Tan, Area Team Leader of Kuantan Pacesetters.

More photos in Part 2 ...

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Kingston Fun Walk

Written by GL

This morning's Fun Walk organized by Kingston Technology was quite warmly received by about 450 participants - going by the cheque of RM9,000 to the National Cancer Society - with Kingston donating RM20 for each participant who completed the walk. It was indeed very generous of Kingston to provide free registration, a goodie bag with a neat black T-shirt, Pen, Hand Towel and a squeeze-ball. Many lucky draw prizes after the run too.

My friend and I were at the foothill of Kiara at about 7.30am. Walking up, there were more people wearing bib numbers and my friend was rather relieved that she could register on the spot. The event was to start at 8am and a crowd was milling around and waiting with bated breath. I was rather excited as this is my first walking race. I wondered how'd I'd last in these treacherous hills.
There were a number of familiar faces, faces of runners. That's fine. Runners can walk and Walkers can run. We participate in two distinctly different events with different gait of movement.

Unceremoniously, the airhorn sounded. Some aunties were urging "lari" at the beginning. That was quite hilarious in such a situation. These folks would not last the distance of 5.5km. I could see the leading male walker up the hill as he was in the bright KOTR vest like a beacon. Suresh too was doing very well. He told me that he was actually in 3rd position (he was relegated to 6th position due to walk-run strategy by some).

I was already starting up quite well and I could see the first woman. Young boys were seen running the moment we turned off the hills. Within 1km, two women caught up. This is where fun starts. I was following the 3rd woman with 50m to spare. Along the way, I sped up and at some point, tailgated her. She was cautious of me. When I caught up with her, she had the audacity to say, "I saw you running". Geez, I had no intention to cheat (but really, walking so fast is almost like ....) and she was the so-called 'hare' for me to catch up. I did not know this lady had 'hindsight' (pun intended).

Next to come was more upsetting. She physically blocked my way whilst still walking. If I walk a little faster, she'd come round and blocked my way again. Oh come on, woman! I told her straight-in-the-face "Don't worry, you go ahead and win. I do not know how to walk!" She did not have to be so uncouth. That is really unsportsman-like. You may think I am really moronic to give up RM500 without a fight. YES, I just did that! Ask me why? My so-called maiden fun walk is dampened. Yes, money is important but I'd rather give to someone who so desperately needs to win and belittle my walking skills just because she said she "is a walker and knows how to walk!"

I know this long grey-haired lady works at FTAAA or at least has some association with them. I do not wish to make enemies out of running/walking races. The running community is not huge. The contention of being disqualified is not from an individual or a professional walker, it is from the organizer.

To sum it all, there were quite many faces of disappointment that the organizer did not have 'eyes' along the way to rein in the 'air walkers'. One checkpoint determines the position. The leading male walker whom I mentioned earlier did not make it even to the Top 20. It was terribly incredible. I do feel sorry for him. I am sure there was no lack of complaints to the organizer who had to engage his quickest gear to defend their actions.

One cardinal rule to future charity walk organizers is that you do need more officers or marshals along the route. There are accusations of people who are 'walking' incompatibly with the standard walking rules. It may be worthwhile to organize a Jogathon as one cannot be faulted for walking during a run. Do it well, you'd be remembered well, Do it badly, you'd be remembered well too but for the wrong reason.

Written by GL

File photos from Malay Mail Big Walk 2007

Note by KC: Hi GL, I empathize with you on this unusual happening. I did have one funny experience a few years ago participating in the Malay Mail Big Walk. While I thought that I was walking fast, one FTAAA official (inspecting the participants by moving around on his motorcycle) cautioned me that I was “floating” (lifting two legs above the ground).

I then realized that most runners would have this problem when participating in big walk or walkathon. When we run, both the legs are above the ground; we are not used to the walking requirement. Since then, I would never want to participate in any of the walking event.

This is my reasoning: when we can run free, why must a runner be restricted by the stiff posture in big walk or walkathon?

Run free, as free as the wind blows …

Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Balance @ The Gardens

For more detailed announcement and to view photos in much bigger frame, please click here to take you to Pacesetters Club website.

Note: next posting is scheduled on Wednesday, 24 October 2007. Have a good weekend.

Mr. Jonathan Lian, the outlet manager of New Balance at The Gardens, Mid-Valley City, Kuala Lumpur, is pleased to announce the opening of New Balance's newest flagship store.

All Pacesetters members are entitled to 30% discounts on purchase of shoes.

Outlet telephone number: 03-2283 2655

Jonathan would like to express his special thanks to Uncle Sonny Ng & wife, the superb PACM runners of Bukit Jalil Group, Leong Kwan Weng and family, Jason Lee (the photographer), Gerald Pereira, Tang Kit Mun for their continual support, and also all the supporters of New Balance's products.

All photos are by courtesy of Jason Lee.

Jonathan Lian, your friendly New Balance Outlet Manager

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Four Times Postponement

Note: To all runners who are going to Kuantan for the Kuantan TC Run (on Sunday 21 October 2007) organizes by Pacesetters Club, wishing you a safe journey, enjoy your stay and have a good run.

I heard that 500 medals will be presented to the runners. So, run a little faster to secure the medal. Otherwise, try again next time.

Chan Wing Kai, Pacesetters Club Photographer, will be there taking photos.
“What?! The two running events at Kuantan Beach are clashing!” I exclaimed when I read the email sent from Tan Wah Sing, Kuantan Area Team Leader of Pacesetters Club, on Monday 13 August 07.

The Kuantan Beach Run organizes by Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan (“MPK”) has been postponed from 29 July to 19 August, and now to 21 October. The worst thing that could have happened is that it clashes with the Kuantan TC (Teluk Chempedak) Run organized by Pacesetters Club, the date which has been firmed up long time ago.

I empathize with Tan Wah Sing when he wrote in his email: “We will have to re-schedule our event and a new date shall be announced in due course.” It is most unfortunate that MPK postpones to a later date that clash with another event. Isn’t it that there are many Sundays and why choose that Sunday?

A few minutes later, I received an email from another runner in the same email circulation group. He suggested that Pacesetters Club should not change the event date.

Immediately, I log on to the Pacesetters Club Event Calendar to check on the Kuantan Beach Run. Since the webpage is maintained by me, navigating through that page is fairly easy for me.

A check with the website, I was excited to see that MPK issued a notification below to postpone it to 20 October – on Saturday which means the two events do not clash!!
Pemakluman Kepada Semua Yang Terlibat Dengan Larian Pantai,

Larian Pantai Akan Ditunda Pada 20 Oktober 2007.

Sebarang Masalah Dan Kesulitan Amatlah Dikesali.

So, I replied highlighting the two different dates. On a lighter note, I said that for those serious runners, after running the Kuantan Beach run, they can then run the Pacesetters Kuantan TC Run the next day.

I may think that the wise man in MPK would probably understand the synergy effect of pulling the crowd when two events are staged on the same weekend.

Since it is not usual to stage runs on Saturday, my concern is that MPK actually meant Sunday 21 October and not 20 October.

Days later, I received emails from other runners pledging their support to the Pacesetters event.

A few days later, I received one email from MPK sent to Pacesetters Club Webmaster. (Note: emails that are sent to this mailbox are directed to me). To my horror, it is postponed to 21 October 2007. Wow! Wow! The two events clash now.

Immediately, I log on to Kuantan Beach Run website again to take a look. And to my surprised, it is now changed to 27 October 2007, the following Saturday after Pacesetter’s Club Kuantan TC Run.

This is quite an uncommon development that a running event has been postponed four times from the original 29 July to 27 October.

Though it is unavoidable for an organizer to postpone a run when the response is not encouraging, it is indeed frustrating to the runners. They would have planned and confirmed the hotel arrangement, especially for outstation runners.

As one runner said, when the organizer postpones the event twice, the organizer may as well drop the run. Let us hope that Saturday 27 October is a final date. And if the response is still not favourable, no one will be disappointed for an event that has postponed four times and it is still not forthcoming.

Written by KC

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Wet, Wet Gunung Angsi

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Kathy. There are two albums in the same link: Pine Tree Trail (at Fraser's Hill) and Gunung Angsi.

I saw Pansy stepped into the water when she was almost reaching the other end while crossing the stream. Why wouldn’t she step on to the other bolder which was just above the water? I watched in disbelief and seemingly consumed by own thought while waiting for my turn to cross.

The water was about 1-2 feet deep and it was flowing swiftly due to heavy rainfall in the past few days. I surveyed the adjacent boulders for a dry landing spot as the nearest boulders were submerged in water. With the help of my “blind-man” trekking stick to maintain my balance; cautiously, I stepped forward.

“Ahhh…” before I could react, I slipped and fell with my back landed in the water. I struggled for a moment to stand up, completely wet. “KC fell into the water!” I heard one of the trekkers exclaimed, and I really have a good laugh for the mistake. Luckily, my camera and handphone were not wet. Falling into a stream that way was my new experience.

It is a great challenge not to step into the water

We started the ascent at 9:15 a.m. on a Sunday morning on 14 October 2007. The mission is to trek to the peak of Gunung Angsi. Before the start of the journey, Tony, the team leader a.k.a. The Mountain Sifu, gave a short briefing to all. Any event would not be complete without taking group photos. It was such a huge group – 41 trekkers and Kenny’s cute little doggie.

Kathy was happily showing her new T-shirt bearing her name and lucky number.

To assume the role of a “sweeper”, I finally caught up with Kelly and friend. Kelly’s friend was trekking very slowly as she developed difficulty in movement. To ensure their safety, I accompanied them. We later met Miss Choi who was resting by the trail. At times, we tried to telephone the other team members to gauge their location. There was full signal as shown in the handphone but the telephone line was not through. Slowly but surely, we trekked up the numerous steep slopes.

Kelly’s handphone finally rang at 12 noon after numerous failed attempts trying to contact her friends who were way in front. Her friend, Kathy, told her that they have reached the peak of Gunung Angsi. As reported, one of the girl trekkers, however, sustained injury when she fell at the steep surface area accessible only by using ropes.

Kenny's doggie is on its way down

We stopped at the spot where we saw a few of the trekkers were on their way hurriedly going down. I saw Ming, MC, Kenny and his little doggie, Lee and a few others. Those were the fast trekkers.

At that moment, the sky started drizzling. We opened our backpacks looking for our raincoats and at the same time, we took the opportunity to have a light snack.

The rain seemed to start a little too early. On the day before, the torrential downpour started at around 5:00 p.m. Hopping that it would rain again only in the evening, we should have enough time to return to base.

Mun Yee and group is boiling water and making tea in the rain (at the peak)

As told, we would require about another half hour to reach the peak. Since it started drizzling and other trekkers were on their way down, we decided to descend. We were donning raincoat most of the time. With the rain, we were wet anyway: either from the rain or from sweating profusely as it was like having a sauna inside the raincoat. I felt a little better. Even if I did not fall into the water, I would be completely drenched too.

The models are displaying the latest fashion for wet season ... :-)

Trekking in the rain was also a different kind of experience. All were quietly walking down the slope by placing one foot in front of the other, mechanically. With the raincoat covering the backpack, a trekker would look like a hunchback person supported by a stick (the trekking stick) when viewed from behind.

With much difficulty, we finally reach the base at 3:30 p.m. We saw Tony was sitting at one of the unused stalls waiting for us. He must have been waited for long time as his hair was completely dried after taking his bath. We then went to clean ourselves while waiting for the others to return. Finally, the last batch of trekkers safely returned at around 4:30 p.m.

Yeah, all safely return to base


Jason told us that the peak was at times covered with clouds. They were up there briefly as it started to drizzle. Part of the lunch pack – the bread – which was carried by Kelly, was not able to reach the peak.

As for the girl trekker, she fell because the rope snapped. Her head hit against a sharp object that caused much bleeding. Tony was there to render help. She was later sent to a nearby hospital by her friends. She underwent outpatient treatment and received a few stitches for the cut.

At the peak of Gunung Angsi

This time, I was lucky – I was not bitten by any leeches. Pansy, however, was attacked by a leech at the inner thigh that caused much bleeding.

We later adjourned to Seremban for the famous Grill Crabs. The restaurants were full of people even at 5:30 p.m. True to its name, the food was superb and delicious; possibly, we were hungry. Or maybe we felt good to reward ourselves after achieving our goal.

Chooi Lin bought a pair of new trekking shoes costing RM 280 from New Balance at The Gardens, Mid-Valley City.

Written by KC

Monday, October 15, 2007

Trekking up Gunung Angsi

Please click here to view 38 photos taken by yours truly, KC.

Event: Trekking up Gunung Angsi on Sunday 14 October 2007 with a 41-member group.

Kenny and his cute little doggie. This dog has climbed Klang Gate Ridge (Bukit Tabor) a few months ago. This time, it is going to climb Gunung Angsi.

Tony P3, The Mountain Sifu, gives a short briefing before the start of a great trekking trip.

Entrance to the trail

One of the numerous steep ascents

A colony of millipedes. I nearly stepped onto them.
A group photo before the climb.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bazooka Lens

Hari Raya festive mood is in the air: to our muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. To the rest, Happy Holidays, Happy Running, Happy Trekking.
I am please to announce that Jason Lee, a Pacesetters Club Photographer, has bought a new lens as part of his collection. This is no ordinary lens: it is 11 inches long; lens barrel is 6 inches in diameter and weighing a whopping 4 kg!! The focal length – 300 mm.

Hon You is holding the magnificient lens

Normally, focal length of this long is good for taking wildlife or motor-sports. Part of his intention to buy this length is to take runners in action. So far, most of the zoom lens own by the other photographers (Chan Wing Kai, Tey Eng Tiong and yours truly) are only of 200 mm maximum.

With that long distance zoom, I presume we can even see your pimples, if any. Also, a runner would not know when his or her photo is being taken. By the time a runner spotted the photographer and start to put on the smile and V-sign pose, the photo would have been taken earlier. Looks like we need to erect a banner that says: “Please smile, you are now in the firing range of the photographer.”

In order to appreciate what it takes to hold the lens weighing 4 kg for the duration when you return to the finishing line, try this experiment: park your car 200 meters from your favourite fruits shop. Buy RM 10 of mango or mangosteen. The quantity is usually 3 kg. Then carry it to your car. You will find that the weight is increasing exponentially to an unbearable level when you arrive at your car. Now try holding 4 kg for, say, two hours.

In the sports of running, not only that the runners need strong legs to support the body, the photographers need strong arms to support the lens. By the way, the camera body is another one kilogram in weight.

I read one report not long ago that a lady traveller went to a remote village of an under-developed country. She was tailed by a group of teenagers wanted to rob her. Sensing danger, she immediately whipped out her camera attached with a magnificent lens of more than one foot long and pointed at them. They were scared to hell and dispersed. So, a huge and long lens can be mistaken as a bazooka.

As to the price of Jason Lee’s lens … better don’t ask.

An Avid Photographer - I hope we will never have to carry so many lenses. Please click here to read the story.

Written by KC

Jason Lee in action

New Balance new outlet at The Gardens, Mid-Valley City
Pacesetters members are entitled to 30% discounts on purchase of shoes
Outlet Manager: Jonathan. Tel: 03-2283 2655

Photos by courtesy of Jason Lee

* * *