Sunday, June 01, 2014

Puchong Hill with Zhineng Qigong Members

Leading a small group of Zhineng Qigong members for trekking at Puchong Hill this morning, 31 May 2014, Saturday; then met a few trail runners there also.

After the chi gong members have left after completing one loop, I continue doing my trail running training.

Do click here to view photos.

 At the starting point

 At the start of the loop area

 I met a few trail runners there also; a few of them are barefoot trail runners, though they are young. 
Wilson is with the headlamp, preparing for Ulta-trail du Mount-Blanc in Switzerland in August 2014.

Notice the Shoot on Sight for Trespassing notice behind - heavy stuff !!

Posted by KC Leong