Friday, October 31, 2014

Korea Holidays Highlights

Holidaying in Korea from 23 to 30 October 2014 for the autumn foliage ... these are only a few of the photos; stay tuned for many more photos. At Oak Valley where the 2018 Winter Olympic is going to be held, the temperature at 8:30 a.m. is minus 1 degree Celsius! Overall, it was a pleasant, enjoyable and memorable holiday trip.

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At Jeju Island
As Jeju Island
A main dish and kimchi stuff
3D studio

At Nami Island

At Sarokan Mountain
Enjoying a sumptuous seafood lunch
Looks like some Bollywood dance  :-)
Cheese making session
At Oak Valley ... temperature in the morning is minus zero! The 2018 Winter Olympic shall be staged near to this area.
At Oak Valley
Attending "how to make kimchi" crash couse
In ancient costume
At Everland
At DMZ zone diving Northern and Southern Korea
Holiday ended with a happy feeling

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zhineng Group Practice

Zhineng Qigong Group Practice with Master Qi Xiao Long (from China) at Lick Hung School, Subang Jaya, from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, 12 October 2014.

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 Jovial moment ... Liow Kim Heng Laoshi (President of Persatuan Senaman Zhineng Qigong Malaysia) and Master Qi Xiao Long (from China)

 Group Practice at Lick Hung School, SS 19 Subang Jaya.

 Group Practice at Lick Hung School, SS 19 Subang Jaya.


 Gracious movement by Lim Lee Choo of USJ Wawasan Centre.
 Sales of chi gong books and merchandises
 Master Qi Xiao Long (from China) 
 English translation by Soo Kam Son Laoshi
 With Group Practice Organizing and Working Committee
 … together with Centre Laoshi

Closing address by Main Organizing Committee, Grace Lim, who is also the Secretary of PSZQM

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PSZQM EXCO 2014-2016

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Zhineng Qigong 1 Day Tour of Tg Sepat

Led by Edwin Khor laoshi, Vice-President of PSZQM, Zhineng Qigong members went for a 1-day outing at Tg Sepat on Sunday, 5 October 2014 complete with practising of qigong by the beach, sight-seeing, shopping for local produce, and having sumptuous lunch and dinner together. The organizing of the event was assisted by Grace Lim laoshi, Cheong SF laoshi and Ms Tan laoshi (from Tg Sepat).

Kuan Wellness Ecopark (for bird's nest)
Yek Loong Fish ball factory
Arowana Malaysian Food Industry Factory
Ganofarm (mashroom and lingzhi farm)
Joo Fa coffee factory - The Starbucks of Tg Sepat Village
Hai Yew Heng famous pao (meat pao, mui chou pao, etc) – long queue for buying of pao
Lover Bridge for group photo in the evening
Lunch and dinner

The group was having a good and memorable time visiting places together; and the feedback was encouraging that they are looking forward to joining more qigong outings.

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 Visiting Kuan Wellness Ecopark 
 Relaxing by the beach of Tg Sepat … with other laoshi. This place is excellent for dining in the evening while enjoying the sunset and the breeze. Yours truly (KC) 3rd from left.
 Visiting Joo Fa coffee factory
 Good business - this pau shop is full of waiting customers 
 Practising of Zhineng qigong by the beach … lead by Edwin Khor laoshi and Cheong SF laoshi. A different experience as compare to practising in schools.
 Group photo at Lover’s Bridge
 Sad to say that the bridge was broken … caused by broken heart? :-)
 Sumptuous lunch …
… and dinner.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Assembling Team Rinjani 2015

The purpose of this trekking at Apek Hill, Cheras on 4 October 2014 is to assemble Team Rinjani 2015. It was a good outdoor activity for team members to meet one another, and good to see the jovial mood of the team.

Chong YF was brewing Vietnamese coffee at Apek Hill waterfall with the coffee bought during the recent Vietnam Mountains Marathon on 20 Sept, and offered coffee to the group. Later, Mr U asked me whether ChongYF is part of the team. I said that he is in the waiting list (due to participants exceeding the maximum group size). Mr U quipped that since ChongYF brew coffee, he should be in the Priority List :-)
Team Rinjani shall embark on a journey in trekking to the peak of Mount Rinjani in Lombok Island; then spend a few days relaxing at the beach of Gili Island, which is opposite Lombok Island.
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Yours truly (KC) at left
 At Apek Hill Waterfall
 Team Lady Power … Lana, Pamela, Cheryl, Ann, Sherene.
 Guys … Mr U, Eric Lee, LeeWY, Tan HC, LimTH, ChongYF, LimCS, Alvin,KC Leong
 Taking a breather at Saga Station
 Final group photo at Saga Station
Lana trying out the gym equipment at the natural and outdoor gym where membership is free. 

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