Thursday, August 29, 2019

Beruas Buddies Class Reunion

Hometown classmates from Perak class reunion trip at Sg Lembing and Cherating from 22-26 August 2019 (5D4N).

Activities in this photo album:
(1) Sungai Pandan Waterfall, Kuantan;
(2) Sungai Lembing;
(3) Day 2 morning ... viewing sunrise en route to Rainbow Waterfall;
(4) Rainbow Waterfall;
(5) Day 3 morning ... viewing sea of clouds;
(6) At Teluk Cempedak;
(7) Kemanan Sands resorts, Terenggan.

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 Sungai Pandan Waterfall
 Viewing sunrise en route to Rainbow Waterfall
 Sun rises amidst misty hills
 Sungai Lembing Rainbow Waterfall
 Sungai Lembing Rainbow Waterfall
 Viewing sea of clouds above Sungai Lembing town 
 At Tekuk Cempedak beach, Kuantan
 At Tekuk Cempedak beach, Kuantan
 At Tekuk Cempedak beach, Kuantan
At Cherating beach

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Bukit Kutu Hike

(1) The group started hiking from the Bukit Kutu trailhead carpark at 6:45am, Saturday, 17 Aug 2019;
(2) took less than 3 hours to arrive at the peak with longer photo session at the boulders area; 
(3) took about 2 hours to descend to trailhead;
(4) having a dip in the river;
(5) adjourned to Kuala Kubu Baru for late lunch;
(6) arrived home at 4:15pm.

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 Group photo after crossing the stream
 Happy photo session at the boulders area
 Making drinks at the peak; we were impressed with Michelle Lian (right) that she is cooking Mee Sua Soup complete with Korean source/seasoning 
 Group photo with the signature chimney at Bukit Kutu ...
(back) Jacqueline, William Then, Frank, Jazz Howie;
(middle) OngSA, Michelle Lian, Michelle Wong, CatFoo, Shu-Lin, KC Leong;
(front) Bun, ChiaCF, Miko LeeA, Phoebe, Sammi.
 Jacob with the high levitation jump
 Happy moment when having a dip in the water
Sumptuous and satisfying lunch at Kuala Kubu Baru town

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tour Du Mont Blanc (Part 7 Final)

This final posting contains following activities:

Day 9 (22 July 2019): Trient of Switzerland to Argentiere, France (Hotel de La Couronne) ... the group crossed from Switzerland and returned to France again;

Day 10 (23 July 2019): Argentiere to Chamonix, France (Hotel La Croix Blanche) ... finally, the group returned to Chamonix, the starting point of the the Tour Du Mont Blanc trekking. As usual, there were two focused groups: one that went up to the pass and descent the mountains by taking a longer route; the other group was taking a direct route to Chamonix. On the same evening, we have a celebration dinner hosted by Mr Pierrick, the trekking agent. The following morning (24 July) at 10:00 a.m., we were then transferred to Geneva railway station for extended stay and holidaying in Switzerland. That concluded the exciting and memorable 170km circuit trekking. 

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 As usual, a group photo before the start of trekking (Day 9)
 Crossing another pass
 Slowly but surely, we are approaching the border again: between Switzerland and France
 Happy moments together
 Happy moments to be back in France again where we started the trekking journey
 Relaxing and admiring the scenic mountains view
 The journey continues
 A good dinner at Hotel de La Couronne complete with a few bottles of wine
 A vibrant sunset at Argentiere, France
 Day 10 – the final morning and the final group photo
 This group, the Short & Shopping Squad, taking a direct route to Chamonix (for more shopping) and passed by a village with superb view of the ice-capped mountains 
 Flowers and butterflies along the trails
 Walked alongside stream with a relaxed mood, and the pace was similar to walking in the park
 Finally, we arrived at Chamonix with the familiar canal that passes by the town
This group took the longer route by passing through a pass (trekked up and down the mountains)

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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Tour Du Mont Blanc (Part 6)

This posting contains following trekking activities:

Day 7 (20 July 2019) Mayajoie Inn in La Fouly to Champex, Switzerland (Hotel Relais d'Arpette);

Day 8 (21 July 2019) Champex to Trient, Switzerland (Hotel Gita La Grande Ourse).

Another two more days to complete the 170km circuit trekking of Tour Du Mont Blanc.

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 A good breakfast at Mayajoie Inn to start the day
 Suggested by George Siew, the background of this group photo is using an old wooden building as background (opposite the inn) 
 Passing by Coin Du Village; it is interesting to note that this village is devoid of locals
 Arriving at a scenic lake, Lac de Champex
 Walking alongside the watercourse; we were amazed that the water is so clean
 Arriving at Hotel Relais d'Arpette, Switzerland
 A hearty dinner that concluded the trekking for Day 7
 Start of Day 8 trekking ... collecting the fresh lunch packs
 A flying stunt by Jack Oh for the group photo
 We were lucky that there was lots of sunshine and blue sky since trekking from Day 1. It rained heavily at 2:00 a.m. the morning before while we spent the night at Hotel Relais d'Arpette
 The only outdoor café along the trek, and business was good
 Arriving at Trient, Switzerland; the hotel is the second building from the right of photo frame. The pink building is a church.
Arriving at Hotel Gita La Grande Ourse

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Friday, August 09, 2019

Tour Du Mont Blanc (Part 5)

Itinerary: Day 6 (19 July 2019) Val Ferret, Italy to La Fouly, Switzerland (Mayajoie Inn) ... Crossing from Italy to Switzerland.

From Refuge Bonatti, we first trekked up the mountain, then descended to a car park (accessible by road) where the van transporter was waiting to exchange our lunch packs. 

While we continued our trekking, the Transport Director would then waited for the arrival of mules for the transfer of duffle bags from Refuge Bonatti. Later, the duffle bags were then transferred to the next accommodation by the van transporter. 

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 Group photo from the upper window of Refuge Walter-Bonatti

The ascent led us to cross a pass which is the border between Italy and Switzerland. Yeah! We were trekking in Switzerland! We have been using Euro currency for the past few days, that was the time we started to use Swiss Franc.

Mayajoie Inn was a nice and comfortable accommodation to stay. Located on a slope, it has a good view overlooking the ice-capped mountain and the stream below.
Taking a breather with the ascent of the mountains
 Transport Director with the supply of fresh lunch packs 
 In this region, fountain water is drinkable directly from source; we saved quite a fair bit of money not having to buy bottled water
 Magnificent view of the mountain 
 Ascent journey in crossing the pass
 Alicia with the steep uphill hike
 At the border between Italy and Switzerland
 Descending the mountains and into Switzerland
 Having our refreshment here from the cafe
 A scenic view for the final trek on tar road before arriving at the accommodation
Mayajoie Inn

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