Friday, December 25, 2015

Gasing Hill Trail Run

Trail running at Gasing Hill with Real Ho and group on Thursday, 24 Dec 2015 -- the start of a 4-day long holidays.

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 At the trail head of Bukit Gasing ... the wooden arch collapsed and is under construction
 Runners in red (since the following day is Christmas)
 At the outside of Indian temple
 At the staircases area
 Nice to see the jumping pose again
 Lana and Shu-Lin
En route to the concrete bridge
Another name where it is commonly called is the "San Francisco" bridge  :-)

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Apik Hill Clearing with Pylons

Trail running and outdoor workouts at Apik Hill Cheras on Saturday morning, 19 Dec ... the outing started at 8:00 a.m. and only ended at 1:00 p.m. The clearing in the photos are for erecting of pylons (for power lines) that cut across the lower hills. 

One day, we may call it the "electric trail" or Shock Trail. Overtime, that might become Siok Trail. Just like the name of Apik Hill - not "uncle" as in Bahasa Malaysia. We were told that it is a white hill as "pek" is white in Hockien.  

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 The clearing at background is for the erecting of pylons (for power lines)... (left) Lana, Yana, SC Yong, Yoke Leng, Bruno, Shu-Lin and KC
 Gracious running movement by Lana
 Is there anything up there?
 Better view of the housing areas surrounding Apek Hill
 Group workouts along the rest stations
 Taking a breather ... the hammock is good for resting in a hot afternoon 
 At Saga hill station ... from here, the group descended and then ascended Saga hill en route to waterfall
 Having a good splash with the refreshing cold water
 Lots of water flowing at the waterfall with the rainy seasons
 Yana doing outdoor workout at Station 3A where membership is free 
Lana with impromptu version of The Thor

 Shu-Lin with the golden hair  
Emerging from the trail, we have to pass by the clearing. Without the trees, we took a wrong path and ended up in a area where we have no idea where it is. After wandering for 500 meters, we have no choice but to backtrack to the trail.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Otterbox Salomon Trail Run

Action Asia Otterbox Salomon Trail Running event on Sunday 29 Nov 2015 at Janda Baik ... greeted with a morning rain at 6:00 a.m. before the flag-off, the trails were muddy and slippery. Every downhill run was a daunting task in avoiding for an uncontrollable slip. At the river crossing, the water level swelled with rapid current. The deepest area was almost chest deep. With the poorly prepared situation, the lives of the runners were hanging on tightly to a thin piece of rope tied to a small tree at the opposite side of the embankment. Waiting time was one hour or more to cross the river. Overall, it was a challenging and fun outing.

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Blue sky at the finishing line
 Trail runner friends ... (left) ChongYF, Voon Lee, Dphany, Elsie, Lana, Edwin Goh, Celes and Adelyn
 With podium finishers Raymond Ng (left) and Michelle (right 2)
 Another podium finisher, Elsie Liew ... this photo looks like the unleashing of the power of the elite runners from behind  :-)
 The happy feet
 The refresh and casual look after freshen up
 The starting/finishing point is just next to the swimming pool of Cheringin Resort, Janda Baik
 Long cool women in black dress ...(a famous song by the Hollies)  :-)
Sumptuous lunch after the run at Restaurant 126, Bukit Tinggi

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Puchong Hill Trail Run

Trail running at Puchong Hill on a cool and wet Saturday morning, 21 Nov 2015 ... After the haze season was over, these days, the talk of the town is "rain". It was raining heavily the evening before. With the wet ground, trail running requires a little more skill. 

Along the trails, there were three huge, old trees that fell and block the passage. One of the trees, I guessed, hit a lady trekker a few days ago; she later died in the hospital. 

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 (left, back) KC, Edwin Goh, Voon, Elsie, Shaun, Dphany; (front) Shu-Lin, Ivy Wong, Lana, Felicia
 Background with the rising sun ... Shu-Lin and Lana
 Alert pose
 Somewhere near to the trail head again
 Ladies freestyle airborne in action 
 Guys' turn
 All ladies' pose
Ending the trail run with the favourite coconut juice

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Sunday, November 08, 2015

Gasing Hill Trail Run

Trail running at Gasing Hill on Saturday 7 Nov ... Thanks to Real Ho, Raymond Ng and Lim Hoe Yin for leading the pack traversing the many uphills and downhills. Connected by trails, the group went to Indian Temple, Zig-zag Staircases, Hiltop Park, concrete suspension bridge, etc.

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Group photo at the main entrance

At the Indian Temple
 Zigzag staircases
Time trial for running up the steps
Graceful levitation in motion at hilltop park
Sunny day and blue sky ... Lana, Adelyn, Ivy Wong
At Kerinchi Park
 Concrete suspension bridge
Another angle at the suspension bridge

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Sunday, November 01, 2015

Bukit Kiara Trail Run

Trail running at Bukit Kiara on Saturday, 31 Oct 2015 ... After the previous evening's rain, the air was cool and fresh in the hills. The group ran a distance of 12km in 3.5 hours traversing Overtime trail, Twin Peak trail, Snake & Ladders trail, 4K and 2K trails. Under the canopy of trees, though it was at 10:30 a.m. with the sun, it was still cooling when running in the trails. Overall, it was a fun and good outing.

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 A group photo at the lakeside area of Bukit Kiara
 En route to Twin Peak trail
One of the uphills at Kiara Hills
 Lana with the new look
June Yap
 Lana doing the stretching exercise
The yogis levitation pose ... Lana, BanYu, June.

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