Sunday, November 16, 2014

Broga Hill and Tok Wan Trail

A recce trip at Broga Hill and Tok Wan Trail with Wilson Liew on Sunday, 16 November 2014 for a total distance of 4.8km (one way). Both Wilson and I have not been to Tok Wan Trail before. 

From car park to the end point of Broga Hill, there were many people; so we were not able to run. Instead, we were taking photographs excitedly with a sea of mist or cloud probably caused by heavy rain the day before. Even when approaching Broga area at 7:00 a.m., the entire area was engulfed in mist. 

Beyond the huge rocks where the end point of Broga Hill is, it was a stark contrast. Entering into Tok Wan Trail, there were no people. Occasionally, we met a few trekkers along the trails. The funny thing was that they always asked me whether I have been to the end point of Tok Wan Trail; to which I responded: ini kali pertama (this is my first time in this Tok Wan Trail). 

So both of us ran and ran and ran traversing the winding trails and going through at least 8 hills to arrive at the end point of Tok Wan Trail. Compare with the scenic view of Broga Hill, it is just a clearing with a signage for Tok Wan Trail of 675 meters above sea level. The entire journey is good for trekking or trail running.

Do click here to view 50 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 Broga Hill is crowded with people
 A sea of mist of cloud … we must be lucky to be able to see such a unique and scenic view
 I was surprise that at 7:30 a.m., the sky is very blue
 Beautiful !
 Above the cloud feeling
 The end point of Broga Hill with the huge rocks
 The no-frill end-point of Tok Wan Trail compares to the scenic view of Broga Hill ... KC and Wilson
 Having a big and nice coconut juice while descending the hill before arriving at the car park
Adjourn to the famous grill tilapia fish restaurant. The fishes are reared in the pond just beside the restaurant.

Quite interestingly, my last visit at Broga Hill was on 14 June 2009 (more than 5 years ago) when I assembled a team to trek in Mount Everest Base Camp. Do click here ...

The reason for not visiting Broga Hill for such a long time is because Broga it is not challenging enough. But with the Tok Wan Trail, this should be a good mountain for trekking or trail running. 

Posted by KC Leong