Monday, December 26, 2011

FRIM Trail Running

Lead by Grace Tabitha, this time, we start the trail running from Greenhill Apartment, Selayang/Kepong on Monday, 26 December 2011 (which is a national holiday) at 9:00 a.m.

We went via Dream Trail; connect to Rover Track then enter to Syabas Trail; visit the mini pool and proceed to Pacat Trail and emerge at Mountain Bike Trail. We then went to Taman Botani Kepong; detour for noodle soup; re-enter into FRIM and return via Dream Trail again - a memorable journey that takes 5 hours.

The weather was fine; it was breezy and cooling before 10a.m., and the air was fresh. At Dream Trail (connecting to Rover Track), it was fairly dark with lots of leaves covering the ray of light above.

Special thanks to Grace who is knowledgable about the various trails in FRIM which we are not familiar with. After going to FRIM for so many times, this is the first time that we could explore more territories.
Please click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

 Starting at the Greenhill Apartment, Selayang ... KC Leong, Lady Su, Jeff Ooi and Grace Tabitha.

 Running towards Dream Trail

The trails that we covered:
1. Taman Didara Trail
2. Dream Trail
3. Rover Track
4. Syabas Trail
5. Pacat Trail
6. Mountain Bike Track
7. Sentang Trail
8. Taman Botani Kepong
9. FRIM and return via oppisite end of Dream Trail.

 Lady Su, Grace Tabitha, Jeff Ooi

 The Dream Trail connects to Rover Track

 Take a photo with sign turning into Pacat Trail. The Pacat Trail will connect to Mountain Bike Trail later.

 At the mini reservoir or pool at the far end of Syabas Trail

Water cascading down the stream

 We emerge from Pacat Trail and connect to the Mountain Bike Trail

At the lakeside of Taman Botani Kepong

 Scenic place for relaxation

 Almost 12 noon, adjourn to Taman Ehsan for a bowl of noodle soup (after 3 hours of trail running) ... our creative artists at work

 Re-entering FRIM to return to Greenhill Apartment; stop at a pond (inside FRIM) to see the huge fish

Grace leads us to take a look at the Kapur Trees with its unique feature that is documented in National Geographic. Notice that the leaves of the trees do not touch one aonther's. Do view photo album above for a few other shots.

Extracted from FRIM website: Of particular interest is the "puzzle-like" pattern of the individual tree crowns separated by gaps and outlined against the sky. This phenomenon is called "Crown Shyness". The reason for its name is because the leaf tips of the Dryobalanops Aromatica appear to be shy towards their own kind, hence forming the gap.

This tree is also known as kapur tree and has a nice-smelling exudate known as camphor, one of the main component of making ointment. The ointment is used for stomach massages after child delivery.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Zhineng Qigong (M'sia) Retreat Class

Zhineng Qigong (M'sia) Retreat at Pines Resort of Fraser's Hill from 23 to 25 November 2012 ... click here

Do click here for latest outings of Zhineng Qigong (Malaysia). 


Yours truly (KC) participated in Zhineng Qigong (Malaysia) 1st, 2nd and 3rd Modules Upgrading Course from 16 to 18 December 2011 at Goh Tong Jaya, Genting Highlands.

Please click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

Do click here for photos of 2nd Zhineng Science Workshop 6-7 October 2012 at HELP Institute, Kuala Lumpur. 

 At Mawar Apartments, Goh Tong Jaya, Genting Highlands with the cool, fresh and serene environment most suitable for a country retreat.

 The advanced level Qigong Master from China, Lu Lin Kun, illustrating the finer and correct way of mastering qigong 

 Class in action ... Harness qi (chi) from universe and direct into one self

 Attention to details ... another advanced level Qigong Master from China, Zheng Bai Ling

 The main committee ... the event is graced by the Chairman, Liow Kim Heng (Right 7), Qigong Master Lu Lin Kun (R6) and Qigong Master Zheng Bai Ling (R6)

 Participants for the retreat class

 Parcipants from Subang Jaya, Selangor (one of the centres) ... yours truly (KC) is standing at left most

 Receiving the long-service award by Su teacher (left 2); presented by Liow Kim Heng, the Chairman of Zhineng Qigong (Malaysia); Qigong Master Zheng Bai Ling (R1) and Qigong Master Lu Lin Kun, both are advanced level masters from China.

 The lady achievers from Subang Jaya, Selangor

Yours truly (KC) receiving the certification

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

adiNation Trail Run

 Cahaya SPK, Puncak Alam -- The starting/ending of adiNation Trail Run

This is the fourth and the final series in 2011 for the adiNation of Runners Breakfast Run. For a change in flavour, there is certain amount of trail running incorporated in this run. Based on the previous successful series, the organizer, Adidas, has to restrict the number of participants to 500 only.

The weather this morning (Sunday, 11 Dec 2011) was gloomy and cloudy as compared to yesterday’s sunny blue sky. Nevertheless, the calm weather (before the storm) was most suitable for a run nestled within the new housing estate of Cahaya SPK, Punchak Alam in Shah Alam district -- where the houses here are costing RM 1 million and above each.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

 Extra Challenge - The ground is wet after a heavy downpour yesterday late afternoon

Overall, the run was well organized with two water stations in such a short 7.8km run. There was lot of food for breakfast after the run.
The icing on the cake must be the lucky draws other than the prizes for top runners. Adidas Malaysia is most generous to dish out many draws such as designer sunglasses, running vests, T-shirts, shorts, pants, backpacks, balls, etc. The runners were truly enjoying themselves going through the process of the draw with Mr. Krishnan, Head of Running of Adidas (M), and Julie Wong, one of the volunteers in assisting to organize this memorable event.

 Running around the housing estate devoid of any vehicles

 Approaching the finishing line

 Yours truly (KC) posing at the finishing line

 Nasi lemak and cereal breakfast after the run -- KC, Daniel, Raymond Ng, ChooTS, Lady Su.

 hmmm... the shoes look quite clean even after going through the muddy ground

 In the deep of action ... :-)

 Prize presentation and lucky draws ... on the left is Mr Krishnan, Head of Running of Adidas (M)

 Star power attraction -- Yum Kin Kok receives the awards for participating in all the Adidas King of the Road events in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Manila, Indonesia and Thailand in 2011.

 The runners enjoying themselves with the lucky draws ... the wet patch is yours truly's seat

Julie Wong (in blue) calling the numbers of the lucky winners

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

At FRIM Kepong

The ground at the tracks inside FRIM was soft after a marathon rain the evening before. Besides, the air was cool and fresh, a perfect morning for trekking or trail running to be staged there. It was a small group of trekkers/trail runners participating in this FRIM outdoor trip on Saturday, 3 December 2011 intended for the 1-Lang team formation.

Even ChooTS, who went for the Subang Jaya 10km run on Sunday, 4 Dec morning, commented that it was ‘very quiet’; he did not see the regular running enthusiasts around. I could understand the situation as many would be away as it is year-end holidays; besides, both the Singapore International Marathon and Angkor Wat Marathon are being held the same weekend.

 (Right) KC Leong, Wendy Liu, Li-Ann; (Left) Miss Lee (L2) and parents, SC Yong, Ms Tan. The 1-Lang members are Wendy, Li-Ann and SC Yong.

 Since all can run, we have trail running instead ... Wendy Liu and Le-Ann

 Beyong Mountain Bike area

 SC Yong and I were chatting that it is also fun to buy a mountain bike and cycle around here. He was told that a good one would cost RM 20,000 ... not long after that, we saw a group of mountain bikers and this nice looking bike caught our attention. Brand: Chaoyang from China; price: RM 1,800

Looks good and serve the purpose for new enthusiast into BMX challenge

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bukit Kiara Trail Running

It was a very satisfying trail running at Bukit Kiara (or Kiara Hill at Taman Tun Dr Ismail) as planned on Monday, 28 Nov 2011 which is a national holiday. Led by Kenny Kwan who is dubbed as ‘the Trails Recognition Master of Kiara Hill’ (as he could remember the trails very well), we ran through many trails at the inner part of Kiara Hill.

We ran through the Mountain Bikes route, Horseback Trail, in and out of the tarred road; crossing stream, to View Point, and return to car park via Flintstone trail for a good 2-hour trail runs. It was really challenging indeed. The icing on the cake is that the air was fresh and cool, and the ground was soft with the daily continuous rain in the preceding evenings. Yeah! No leeches here!

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

Happy and Good Feeling ... Group photo at Bukit Kiara Playground.
Back (left): KC Leong, Jeff Ooi, Simon Goh, Choo TS, SC Yong, Kenny Kwan (Team Lead), ChooTS, David Spence, Mak CK, Yim Heng Fatt, Jason Loh;
Front: Wendy Liu, Peck Yah, Eileen, Debbie, Jezamine Lo, Karen Loh, Chooi Wai, Lady Su.
On the far right is Jason Loh, a gifted and young road-racing runner that can run very fast.

Another smaller group who were trekking was led by Kah Kheng who is also familiar with the various trails in Kiara Hill. This group consisted of Eileen, Wendy Liu, Peck Yah and Chooi Wan (who is first time joining us in the trail event).

 Debbie comes with her mountain-trained cute little doggie

Prelude – When CK Mak said he is the sweeper for the slower group, I was worried. The inner part of Kiara Hill is full of split trails. I have been there only once following Karen Loh and Group, and I could only remember vaguely the direction inside the hills. Nevertheless, I joked to CK Mak that since the entire Kiara Hill is surrounded by massive housing development, one would certainly emerged from the jungle after many hours.
Then to compound on to my anxiety, the initiator of this trail running event, ChinWMon, sustained injury at the recent Penang Bridge Marathon clocking 3 hr 15 min for the full marathon. Bravo and Respect!! But he could not come.
So on the morning of 28 Nov 2011, I was getting ready with the red ribbon markers to run into Kiara Hill to test how well I could still remember the trails.

  The ray of light in the morning shining through the woods that bestows good health on the trail runners below, and the doggie also ...

At around 7:15 a.m., more and more trail runners arrived while I constantly on the lookout for those Kiara Hill trail runners that know the way. Then the light of the headlamps at the edge of the hill caught my attention: I saw Jeff Ooi, Yim Heng Fatt, Karen Loh and Jason Loh emerged from the trail. They actually started the run into the jungle at 6:30 a.m. (still in darkness) and returned to lead the way. Later, Kenny Kwan also came. Wow! I was delighted! At least you won’t see news such as ‘trail runners missing in Kiara Hill’ appearing in the newspaper.

  Emitting Steam – Notice the misty effect of this photo. There is nothing wrong with the camera lens, it is the steam emitting from the bodies amidst the cool weather.
SC Yong’s spectacles are covered with vapour. Notice also the cute little doggie that has been running the same distance as the adults, across muddy grounds and streams.
Left is Kenny Kwan – Team Lead for this trail running.

 With the famous runners: Jason Loh (on the left of photo frame) and Jeff Ooi (right)

 Nice artwork - Karen Loh and Yim HF

 At the View Point area ... background is the housing development

 Return via Flintstone Trail ... ChooTS, Mak CK, Lady Su, Edwin Goh, Chong YF. Background is the dirt trail for mountain bikes challenges.

 Debbie attending to her cute little doggie which seems to enjoy the tender care

Delicious nasi lemak courtesy of Aleximon Lee’s mother. Ah... I missed as I have to leave early. Aleximon (3rd from right, in red T-shirt) brought the food all the way from Klang. BRAVO !!
This is how it works: while we were gathering at Bukit Kiara playground at 7:30 a.m., Karen Loh took a photo using her iPhone; posted into Facebook where Aleximon picked up the message (and assess the number of participants) and asked his mother to prepare – excellent camaraderie and good team work !!! (this photo courtesy of Eileen Gan)

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