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Bukit Kiara Trail Running

It was a very satisfying trail running at Bukit Kiara (or Kiara Hill at Taman Tun Dr Ismail) as planned on Monday, 28 Nov 2011 which is a national holiday. Led by Kenny Kwan who is dubbed as ‘the Trails Recognition Master of Kiara Hill’ (as he could remember the trails very well), we ran through many trails at the inner part of Kiara Hill.

We ran through the Mountain Bikes route, Horseback Trail, in and out of the tarred road; crossing stream, to View Point, and return to car park via Flintstone trail for a good 2-hour trail runs. It was really challenging indeed. The icing on the cake is that the air was fresh and cool, and the ground was soft with the daily continuous rain in the preceding evenings. Yeah! No leeches here!

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

Happy and Good Feeling ... Group photo at Bukit Kiara Playground.
Back (left): KC Leong, Jeff Ooi, Simon Goh, Choo TS, SC Yong, Kenny Kwan (Team Lead), ChooTS, David Spence, Mak CK, Yim Heng Fatt, Jason Loh;
Front: Wendy Liu, Peck Yah, Eileen, Debbie, Jezamine Lo, Karen Loh, Chooi Wai, Lady Su.
On the far right is Jason Loh, a gifted and young road-racing runner that can run very fast.

Another smaller group who were trekking was led by Kah Kheng who is also familiar with the various trails in Kiara Hill. This group consisted of Eileen, Wendy Liu, Peck Yah and Chooi Wan (who is first time joining us in the trail event).

 Debbie comes with her mountain-trained cute little doggie

Prelude – When CK Mak said he is the sweeper for the slower group, I was worried. The inner part of Kiara Hill is full of split trails. I have been there only once following Karen Loh and Group, and I could only remember vaguely the direction inside the hills. Nevertheless, I joked to CK Mak that since the entire Kiara Hill is surrounded by massive housing development, one would certainly emerged from the jungle after many hours.
Then to compound on to my anxiety, the initiator of this trail running event, ChinWMon, sustained injury at the recent Penang Bridge Marathon clocking 3 hr 15 min for the full marathon. Bravo and Respect!! But he could not come.
So on the morning of 28 Nov 2011, I was getting ready with the red ribbon markers to run into Kiara Hill to test how well I could still remember the trails.

  The ray of light in the morning shining through the woods that bestows good health on the trail runners below, and the doggie also ...

At around 7:15 a.m., more and more trail runners arrived while I constantly on the lookout for those Kiara Hill trail runners that know the way. Then the light of the headlamps at the edge of the hill caught my attention: I saw Jeff Ooi, Yim Heng Fatt, Karen Loh and Jason Loh emerged from the trail. They actually started the run into the jungle at 6:30 a.m. (still in darkness) and returned to lead the way. Later, Kenny Kwan also came. Wow! I was delighted! At least you won’t see news such as ‘trail runners missing in Kiara Hill’ appearing in the newspaper.

  Emitting Steam – Notice the misty effect of this photo. There is nothing wrong with the camera lens, it is the steam emitting from the bodies amidst the cool weather.
SC Yong’s spectacles are covered with vapour. Notice also the cute little doggie that has been running the same distance as the adults, across muddy grounds and streams.
Left is Kenny Kwan – Team Lead for this trail running.

 With the famous runners: Jason Loh (on the left of photo frame) and Jeff Ooi (right)

 Nice artwork - Karen Loh and Yim HF

 At the View Point area ... background is the housing development

 Return via Flintstone Trail ... ChooTS, Mak CK, Lady Su, Edwin Goh, Chong YF. Background is the dirt trail for mountain bikes challenges.

 Debbie attending to her cute little doggie which seems to enjoy the tender care

Delicious nasi lemak courtesy of Aleximon Lee’s mother. Ah... I missed as I have to leave early. Aleximon (3rd from right, in red T-shirt) brought the food all the way from Klang. BRAVO !!
This is how it works: while we were gathering at Bukit Kiara playground at 7:30 a.m., Karen Loh took a photo using her iPhone; posted into Facebook where Aleximon picked up the message (and assess the number of participants) and asked his mother to prepare – excellent camaraderie and good team work !!! (this photo courtesy of Eileen Gan)

Do click here for previous trail running at Bukit Kiara with Karen Loh and Group.

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