Monday, November 14, 2011

Skyrunning at Mt Gede

Note by KC: I am pleased to introduce Rashel who is inspired to join the
1-LANG Team to go trekking in Langtang Nepal, October 2012.

Written by Rashel

The trail running at Mount Gede in Bogor, West Java on 5 November 2011 was special. I am glad to have the company of my good pal, Jules Picato who came and experienced it with me. It was an impromptu event; just sheer excitement to run with Jules. Many thanks to our mountain guide/host, Toto who ensure our safety during the overnight trip.

Mt. Gede, with the highest point at 2,958m, is only 10 meters lower than the famous Mount Merapi (2,968m) – the most active volcano in Java and also in Indonesia.

The run from the base to the summit of Mt Gede is about 3 hr 20 min one way. For trekkers, according to our mountain guide/host and porter, they would normally trek it for 5-6 hours.

The camping in this trip was necessary for the porters and the mountain guide/host for they have to carry the heavy load. The initial plan was to traverse Mt. Gede – Pangrango, but the mountain guide/host said that it is not possible within such a short time.

Do click here for selected photos courtesy of Rashel.

Looking Good - Rashel taking part in the recently concluded Mount Kinabalu Climbathon on 22 October 2011 with Low's Peak at the background. Two weeks later, the journey continues with Rashel at Mt Gede ...

 Alun-alun with a field of Edelweiss - Jules and Rashel

 Running towards the clouds ...

 Taking a breather - More of the Edelweiss bushes at Alun-alun ... they are so soft to touch

 Laughter in the rain - then the thunder and the lightning came; the two red riding hoods ran for dear life!

 Jules and Rashel at the summit of Mt. Gede around 6:00 a.m. the next morning

 Rashel skyrunning at the edge of the crater of Mt. Gede

 With a view of Mt. Pangrango

 Careful now...slippery in this part of the hot-spring waterfalls

Nice waterfall (this is better than the one at Apek Hill, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur) ... :-)

On the same day (5 Nov 2011), yours truly (KC) was initiating the first team meet of 1-LANG Team for Langtang Nepal at Apek Hill, Cheras. Do click here for photos and compare the scenery.

Do click here for itinerary (and minimum fitness requirement) of Langtang Trekking in October 2012. Interested to join the Team? Do contact me (KC).
Posted by KC Leong


the running duck said... best when shared with friends. The beautiful sites we see will be something unforgettable. Thank you KC for this. And thanks to your club too. From the Philippine Skyrunning Association, we thank you.


Trail Running Mistress said...

hi kc! thank you for sharing our gunung gede skyrun adventure! rashel and i really had a lot of fun. and great blog, by the way! keep up the good work and hope to run into you and your friends soon. cheers! :)

-jules said... always feels good when shared with friends. Thank you KC...


The Running Duck said...

Thanks KC.... :)

The Runvocate said...

I don't know what to say. I was really amazed ;) You're admirable. I love your passion for adventure. When I was looking at your photos and reading your post, it seemed like what you did was just all fun but I knew that it was also challenging ;) I could almost feel your excitement while doing the run. Iba kayo!!! IDOL!!! ;)

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

thanks for the kind and inspiring words ... :-) KC

Thomas Gamble said...

It appears that you have a great time !