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Office’s Sports Unity Games

I am pleased to be nominated as the Main Coordinator in my office's Sports Unity Games that was held on Saturday, 19 November 2011. Preceding the event, there was much work in the coordination between the Main Organizer and the respective Team Captains.
Other than identifying the Team Captains and players, one challenging task is to select the right-themed T-shirts for the contingent and sourcing for sponsored funds in the purchase of unified T-shirts necessary during the march-past for the unique team identification.
 The contingent from my Office; on the left is the Chef de Mission.
A total of 12 office divisions (many departments form a division) were competing in this Sports Unity Games. Every division is being assigned a colour scheme. My office division has been assigned the dark blue. Yeah, we are the true blue kaki - the unwaveringly or staunchly loyal people ... :-)

The weather for the Sports Unity Games was perfect – a bright sunny day though it could be hot when the outdoor games continued at 2:00 p.m.
Used to the publicly staged running events, this is an internal office outing where the participants are colleagues within the same organization.
 Yours truly (KC) and Mahadir, Team Captain of Volleyball

The Petronas Sports Centre at Bangi has the following well-maintained facilities:
1. 4 badminton courts
2. 4 volleyball courts
3. 2 netball courts
4. 1 football field
5. tennis and squash courts.
Immediately after the march-past, respective team players swiftly assembled at their courts. The games in contest were football, volleyball, netball, badminton, telematch and Idol singing events.

Start of the march-past ... walking in unison, waving flags and smiling faces

Since it is not easy to stage the games on different days, all matches were played and completed within a day that stretched from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. A total of 12 divisions (or contingents) were keenly contest for top standings. 
Playing in the indoor court (as in badminton) was much easier with the harmonious lighting environment throughout the day. It takes much more challenge playing football or volleyball, say, at 2:00 p.m. under the hot sun; most players would be 'roasted'. In volleyball, depending on the direction, when a player looked up into the sky for the ball, one would have to overcome the disturbance of another fireball – the blazing sun!

Shake your bodies ... aerobic exercise for the warming up.

The badminton team where yours truly (KC) is participating (Left 2). Left most is Mr. Lee, Chef de Mission of the office contingent. On my left is Rudy, Badminton Team Captain. My partner in Men's Double is LeeMS (R2).

I am still holding my white sabre though I have changed strings a few times ... click here for more

Indoor badminton courts of Permata -- I played 4 matches against four other teams/office divisions. A total of 12 divisions (or contingents) were played. I was glad that we got 2nd Runner-up placing though a few of the star players were not able to play on that morning due to commitment in office work.
At Permata, Petronas Sports Centre, Bangi
The football players are still playing energetically at 3:00 p.m. under the hot sun

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