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Langtang 2012 - Team Formation

This trekking trip at Apek Hill on Saturday, 5 November 2011 has a new purpose. It is the first foray into training and selection in the formation of a new team for the Langtang (Nepal) trekking next year - The 1-LANG Team.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

 A good start of a long journey – SC Yong, Gean, Pei Ling, Doris, Lai Peng, Audrey, Jasmine, KC Leong at the start of Apek Hill, Cheras (Kuala Lumpur) on 5 November 2011.

The last minute change in trekking venue proved to be a wise choice due to the continuous rains the days before. On the morning of trekking, there was still slight drizzles. It would be really tough if we were to stick to the original plan of trekking at Gunung Nuang. Despite the not-so-perfect weather, we still managed to pull through the necessary distance of visiting the waterfall and Saga Hill top and return via Station 6 – almost 4.5 hours round trip.

 Gean and group while descending to the waterfall

Other than SC Yong, Rothman and yours truly (KC), all the participants in this Apek Hill trekking are new faces. There are a few more participants but could not make it for this trekking trip. I still need to organize more trekking sessions to get to know the other team members.

Used to trail running in the year-long attempt for the past Mt KK Climbathon 2011, it was such a nice feeling running at this Apek Hill and then waiting for the rest to emerge from the trail.

Our keng chow Rothman Fong is flanked by the ladies at the main waterfall of Apek Hill
According to Lai Peng (right), they can talk for hours about the trekking and camping experiences in the various local mountains.
I quipped that when they go for the trekking in Langtang, they would have 16 days of marathon conversation on bigger and higher mountains.

A refreshing pose by the new team ... partly fuel by the good ions from behind?

 The 1-LANG Team at the brand new parcourse outdoor fitness equipment

Muddy ground with big footprint left by Kampung Adidas which is excellent for good traction

Do click here for the itinerary of Langtang 2012 16-day trekking.

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