Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 CNY Chap Goh Mei Trail Run

2013 CNY Chap Goh Mei Trail Run at Gasing Hill on 23Feb2013 covering 5 hills for a distance of 9.3 km in 2 hour 45 minutes. Thanks to Raymond Ng for leading the pack meandering through the many split trails.

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 Gong Xi Gong Xi ... Patricia Yap, Debbie, Michelle, Agnes Yew: passing by bungalow with nice and auspicious CNY decoration ... house address 8 (fattttt ) some more ... :-) 

Gangnam Style running ... Raymond Ng, the Team Lead (left) for this trail running

 At the Suspension Bridge ... Back, left: Alain Wee, Agnes Yew, Swee Kiah, SC Yong, Charles Frew, TeeEK, Michael Wong, Michelle Looi, Raymond Ng ... Front: George Seow, Debbie Tan, Keanhui Ng, Patricia Yap, KC Leong

 Running at Kerinchi Park Area

 Up and down the hills

Kerinchi Park

 A sunny day with blue sky at the hilltop of Indian Temple

 Prevention for further soil erosion

Now you don't see it ... This is amazing, we were here one month ago, there was still a mini hill here ... do click here to view

Filepix ... one month ago on 19 Jan 2013 with Raymond Ng and Jason Loh

 Another group photo at Kerinchi Park

 At the Bungalow Hill Top

Gong Xi Gong Xi ... may everyone in The Year of the Snake in the pink of health with the great outdoors!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

CNY Trekkers Dinner Gathering

An evening of good camaraderie with other trekker friends amid fun, laughter, happy mood, and auspicious loh sang wishes on Sunday, Chor 8 (8th day) of 2013 Chinese New Year. 

While the guys dressed smartly, the ladies dressed to the occasion in tight, fitting and pretty cheongsam.

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While we reminiscing the memorable and challenging trekking trips, the conversation was constantly drown in loud cheers and yum seng. 

The food here at Jaya Palace, Petaling Jaya was excellent with the sumptuous 8 courses dinner.

Thanks to Leng for initiating the idea of a dinner gathering for trekkers; thanks to Joseph Yong for organizing this wonderful event. Yeah, we shall have it the next Chinese New Year.

Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Chinese New Year of the Ssssssnake.

 Part of The Mount Everest Base Camp group (October 2009); (left) Wong FK, SC Yong, Sharon Tan, Jayne Aw, PK Chan, Joseph Yong, KC Leong ... click here for more

 Table 1 - (Stand, left): Vincent, Tai, ChinCH, Henry, WongFK, ChongYF; Seated: Elaine, Agnes, Sim, Vince Khor, Angeline.

 Table 2 - (Stand, left): Tan, Datuk Steven, Tan Sin Su, Joseph Yong, Eldon Chew, Jason Lee; Seated: Beh, Sharon Tan, Jayne Aw, Kelly, DC Tan.

Table 3 - (Stand, left): PK Chan, KC Leong, CK Mak, SC Yong, Kuan; Seated: Cheryl Tham, Jenny Lee, Chermaine, Leng, Christine, TeohSC.

 loh sang ... yeah, loh high high and trek high high mountains ... :-)

 Cheers! and Yum Seng

 Lots of cheers! 

 The birthday boy ... Chong Yin Fook

 DC Tan and CK Mak singing a duet

Group karaoke

Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Chinese New Year!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

FRIM Botani Trekking

An enjoyable outing with friends and qigong members on the 7th day of Chinese New Year for trekking at FRIM Botani on Saturday, 16 February 2013.

After a few loh sang and good food during the auspicious 2013 Chinese New Year, it is good to go have some activities to enjoy the great outdoors and to burn away the excess calories.

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 With Alan Yu laoshi (standing; R3)
(back, left) KC Leong, Tee EK, Thomas Lim, Edwin Haw, Elaine, Alan Yu laoshi, Ms Looi and husband;
Tan LP, Tee YS, Annie, Brenda Lee, Lee Choo, Lew LW, Ms Chan and daughter.

The group successfully went round Salem High Country Hill to “jin wan”. For outdoor enthusiasts, "jin wan" has nothing to do with ritual ceremony but to sweat it out to accomplish the task. A few years ago, I met a few uncles there (who were trekking) and they suggested that it is good to go round Salem High Country Hill signifying “jin wan” (energize one’s luck) during the auspicious Chinese New Year. It is an excellent suggestion when we need to look for reasons to go outdoors. 

We are pleased to have Alan Yu laoshi in joining us in this trekking. He is the Zhineng Qigong Centre Laoshi of USJ 1 and USJ 15 Wawasan. He will assume the role of qigong group leader for the 3D2N Lucky Valley Retreat and Sungei Lembing Tour (LV+LB) on 20-22 April 2013 in experiencing the strong and energized chi at Lucky Valley.

The Ular la pose for The Year of the SSSSS’Snake

Since we are still in Chinese New Year mood, most of the trekkers are donning red T-shirts signifying prosperity and good luck for the Lunar New Year. Other than the usual thumbs-up pose for photos shoot, we also have two new poses: the Ular la pose and the Gong Xi Gong Xi pose.

While descending the hill, we met one dog running into our direction, and the owner behind was shouting repeatedly “Stay There!” The dog was seemingly ignoring his command; with its advancement, we were not too sure of its friendliness. So we were standing still as though we were responding to the command of “Stay There!” – but not the dog. We have a good laugh after that.

The group trekked a distance of 7.5 km in 2 hr 30 minutes with a slow and steady pace amidst time for photos shoot.

 At the foothill of Salem High Country Hill

 Ascending the hill … Alan Yu laoshi in the middle; left is TeeEK

At the peak of Salem High Country Hill

 Traverse in the wood ... Lee Choo at the front

At the Big Rock area for another group photo

 Descending the hill … Wong WY in action

 “Stay There !!!” - fierce looking dog but I think it is friendly ... Brenda moving cautiously

Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Chinese New Year


The next trekking is scheduled on 2 March (Saturday) at Puchong Hill. Do indicate if you are interested to join us.

If you are interested to join us for the LV+LB 3D3N qigong retreat trip (20-22 April 2013), we have only seven (7) vacant seats left. Hurry! Hurry!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 CNY Trail Running

Trail Running at Apek Hill, Cheras, for an early "hoi kung" (start work) on chor 3 (Day-3) of 2013 Chinese New Year (12 Feb 2013).

Instead of greeting other trekkers with the usual Good Morning, a most appropriate greeting for the occasion would be "Gong Hei Fatt Choy" for a short exchange of pleasantry. Nevertheless, if there was time, I would continue with another greeting: wishing good health in Cantonese. After all, being there means we love the outdoor and good health.

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 Gong Xi Gong Xi ... (left): KC Leong, YaHooy, Samantha, EC Chan, ChongYF, Cheryl Tham, Kenneth, and George.

 At the waterfall area

 Cheryl Tham

 Arriving at Saga Station for a little workout

A final group photo at Station 1 just before emerging from the trail

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