Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Gunung Datuk

Trail running and trekking at Gunung Datuk on Sunday, 25 January 2015 ... Led by ChongYF, we ran towards the second car park and started our trail running from there. After running for some time, we could not find the clear trail to continue the journey. After one hour, we finally saw some familiar sign - the pondok at the start of Gunung Datuk trail. We really have a good laugh. So we continued our journey by the usual trekking trail. 

There were many trekkers today. To climb to the final boulders need to queue for some time. So we decided not to compete with other trekkers for the space of the bolder at the peak. It was breezy and cooling at the boulders area, a sign that Chinese New Year is drawing near.

Do click here to view 27 photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 (left) ChongYF, Elsie, Lana, LeeWY, Karen Wu, KC 

 Point-here-point-there pose

 Lana busy taking Elsie's photo who is able to rest in between two trees

 Since there are many trekkers queuing to climb to the final boulders, we decided to stop here, take a few photos and descend the mountain

 The gracious ladies' pose

We went to Tamping town for a sumptuous and delicious lunch. The price is reasonable, for five dishes and a good Chinese tea, each pax is RM 15.

Posted by KC Leong