Sunday, March 06, 2016

Bukit Kutu Hiking

Trekking at Bukit Kutu on a fine Saturday on 5 March 2016 ... it has been a dry season since Chinese New Year on 8 Feb; with the dry spell, it is devoid of leeches this time. This hill is gaining popularity based on the number of trekkers visiting this mountain. The trails are getting wider for a clear trail to the peak. The trail immediately after crossing the river has a new, wider and direct path to the peak. 

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).

 A group photo before the start of the hiking trip ... Arriving at the car park at 8:00 a.m., the parking is already full, so is the side of the road lined until the suspension bridge. With cars parked at both sides of the road, certain parts are just too narrow for the passage of bigger vehicles 
 Clear (but much less) water at the river crossing
 (Immediately after the river crossing) The new and more direct route is heading toward the yellow signboard; turning left (where the trekker with blue T-shirt stands) is the old route. It is like a letter D: taking the left route would have to go through longer and narrow trails. 
 At the huge rock area
 Okie, I want to be in the photo also  (the doggie)
 Look ... it is so dry and barren here 
 Ban Yu with the Mountain Peak Teh Tarik drinks ... tarik kaw kaw!
 At the well ... Lana excitedly fetches a bottle of water from the well
 The chimney - the signature landmark of Bukit Kutu
 Proceeding to the hug rock area at the peak
Wefie by Allan at the ruin bungalow
 We were puzzling that how the building materials were able to be brought up here
Lana posing with the ancient structure as backdrop
 Relaxing in the cold water after descending from the mountain
Kean Joo (in blue T-shirt) and the Subang Jaya group
Another highlight of the trekking event - having a sumptuous dinner at Hulu Yam Baru

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