Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gunung Nuang

Trekking/trail running at Gunung Nuang with trekker friends and a few bank colleagues on Friday, 24 May 2013. Total distance from car park to Kem Pacat is 19km; time taken is 7 hours while waiting for a few of the slow trekkers who are first-timer to G.Nuang.

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 A group photo with trekking friends and bank colleagues at the Main Gate of Gunung Nuang. (left): Chen, Terry Yap, LimCS, HoWG, Roxzana, Fauzi, Ya Hooy, Eric Lee, KhooBY, George.

One commendable effort by a trekker is YaHooy, a young and determined trekker, who is motivated to go to the peak – never mind that if she is alone! She started same time with our group and moving swiftly to the destination. I met her 7 hours later at the car park again. She managed to arrive at the peak in 3.5 hours. At the peak, Kwan Weng, ChooTS and group offered her lots of food to eat that she never have to feel hungry at all ... :-) 

Mountain Dogs – Another observation that I must mention here is the commendable effort by two white dogs, a male and a female. They have chosen to follow us – for unknown reason – from the car park all the way to Kem Pacat crossing 4 streams with us just to earn some food to eat!

 By the river side 

So next time, if you happened to go to Gunung Nuang, please bring more food to spare. Oily and chilly stuff would be bad for dogs. Chicken rice with the aromatic fragrant would be appetizing for them, never mind that you are feeling hungry and giving away your "kai fan"... :-) 

Visitors – At the base pondok after descending the mountain at 3pm, I have the chance to chat with a ranger who was on duty. I commented that there is a noticeable increase of trekkers coming to Gunung Nuang. According to him, there are 300 to 500 trekkers or visitors (per day) during the weekends!

Ya Hooy ... a determined trekker going to the peak 

Emergency evacuation – At that moment, another group of young Chinese trekkers were asking for help as they received a distress call that one of their friends was unable to descend the mountain (between Kem Pacat and Kem Lolo). So the ranger dispatched a rider who then rode an old cub-chai motorbike for the rescue. The look of the run-down cub-chai did look comical to me; never mind, they know what they are doing and that must be the tried-and-tested rescue vehicle! When I chatted with Ya Hooy who later descended the mountain, she said she saw a young and big-sized Chinese guy assisted by his two friends. Sitting on the ground, the exhausted young man was too weak to walk. 

At the signature tree of Kem Pacat; yours truly (KC) at right.

Gunung Nuang – With the 3-tier terrain stretching as far as 25km to the peak (round trip), Gunung Nuang at Ulu Langat is by far the most challenging and easily accessible mountains in Kuala Lumpur. The trekkers, trail runners or even tourists are here either for recreation at waterfalls or for training purpose preceding a tough mountain scaling event.

Next Saturday, 1 June 2013, I shall come to Gunung Nuang again with 60 bank staff that will undergo a final selection process for qualifying to be selected to go up Mount Kinabalu in October 2013 (fully sponsored), in commemorating the Bank's 100 Years Celebration.

 Many people at Kem Pacat

 hmmm... the bread must be tasty to eat; please, please give me a little ... I am hungry ...the dog must be thinking. Model for this photo: Miss Chen.

 Hold on to this stick! A good challenge for not wetting the shoes or not falling into the stream due to slippery stones for landing

Roxzana ... having a good scrub by the stream, even the Nike shoes some more ... :-)

Round trip (from car park to Kem Pacat) is 19km in 7 hours in waiting for the slower trekkers.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bukit Gasing Trail Running

Trail running with a small group of runners at Bukit Gasing on Sunday, 19 May 2013. The mission: ChongYF and I recce and try to get a better understanding of the various trails of Gasing Hill. Total distance: 6.6km in 2 hr 30 minutes. 

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 (left) Chong YF, Ya Hooy, Eric, Phoebe, TanHC, KC Leong

 At Kerinchi Park area ... look at the amount of rubbish left behind after the picnic by the public

 Look at the sweat

 At the side of Indian Temple

Ya Hooy refreshing at a stream

The route: From Bukit Gasing cross over to Kerinchi Park; returned to Gasing Hill passing by the 3-Bench route, then 2-Bench route to Suspension Bridge; return to Watch Tower via the Fencing Area. Cross over Indian Temple Hill; continue to Sewage Plant, passing by Reservoir and return to the Gasing Hill Main Entrance.

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Apek Saga Hills

Trekking with Bandar Utama Trekkers Team (BUTT) and Mount Semeru Team trekking at Apek - Saga Hills on Saturday, 11 May 2013.

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According to Joseph Yong, team lead for Mount Semeru trekking (Indonesia, 20 July 2013, 10D9N), the team is still looking for one more lady trekker. I am joining this team also.

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 Trekkers in Black - still reeling from the disbelief and shock of hearing the results of 505

 At Apek Hill waftefall

 A young lady helping friends to capture the moment while they enjoy the natural massage from the weight of falling water 

 A group photo at the waterfall

Back (left): KC Leong, SC Yong, Vince, Jason Lee;
Middle: Kathy, LimBB, Elaine, Jenny Lee, Joseph Yong;
Front: WongFK, Alvin, Kelly Hoh, Hee, George

 1M_Team ... Having fun at Saga Hill station

The 'keng chow' lady trekkers

Note: other than reeling for 505, when in the jungle, try to wear bright colour apparel for correct identification of one's presence. While the group traversed from Saga Station to Station 6 (of Apek Hill), I was running in front. After a while, I was alone along the path meandering through the dense tropical vegetation with sunlight partially blocked by the trees above. At one point, when I took a quick glance backward, I could see a dark moving image about 30 meters behind me. I would want to believe that one of the team members was trailing behind. Imagine that it is during a ghost month ... :-)

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