Saturday, May 11, 2013

Apek Saga Hills

Trekking with Bandar Utama Trekkers Team (BUTT) and Mount Semeru Team trekking at Apek - Saga Hills on Saturday, 11 May 2013.

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According to Joseph Yong, team lead for Mount Semeru trekking (Indonesia, 20 July 2013, 10D9N), the team is still looking for one more lady trekker. I am joining this team also.

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 Trekkers in Black - still reeling from the disbelief and shock of hearing the results of 505

 At Apek Hill waftefall

 A young lady helping friends to capture the moment while they enjoy the natural massage from the weight of falling water 

 A group photo at the waterfall

Back (left): KC Leong, SC Yong, Vince, Jason Lee;
Middle: Kathy, LimBB, Elaine, Jenny Lee, Joseph Yong;
Front: WongFK, Alvin, Kelly Hoh, Hee, George

 1M_Team ... Having fun at Saga Hill station

The 'keng chow' lady trekkers

Note: other than reeling for 505, when in the jungle, try to wear bright colour apparel for correct identification of one's presence. While the group traversed from Saga Station to Station 6 (of Apek Hill), I was running in front. After a while, I was alone along the path meandering through the dense tropical vegetation with sunlight partially blocked by the trees above. At one point, when I took a quick glance backward, I could see a dark moving image about 30 meters behind me. I would want to believe that one of the team members was trailing behind. Imagine that it is during a ghost month ... :-)

Do click here for photos courtesy of Joseph Yong.

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