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Lucky Valley (part 2)

Lucky Valley Retreat and Sungai Lembing Tour, 20-22 April 2013 with Zhineng Qigong (M'sia) members. 
Organizer: KC Leong, Cindy Lim, Grace Lim. 
Chi gong laoshi: Alan Yu laoshi from USJ 15 Wawasan Centre. 
Group size: 35 persons.

Do click here to view complete photo album at Lucky Valley (226 photos) courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

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Stay tuned for more photos at Sungai Lembing tour.

 Lucky Valley Resort near to Muadzam Shah, a town located in the district of Rompin, Pahang … Cindy Lim.

 Moon Walk chi gong in The Energy Pyramid … walking very slowly, this is to direct the chi to the feet

 A bee is busy harvesting nectar and pollen on one of the many water lilies 

 Experiencing the resonance of sound at the centre of the dome of this pagoda

Looking for chi bubble at 5:45 a.m. (Day2) … Only one small bubble at the right of photo frame.

One of the members shine a beam of light into the sky from a powerful torchlight. We saw that the air looks dusty and full of tingling and shining particles. It could not have been dusty as there is no exhaust fume or pollution here. Refer photo album for other bubbles photos.

 Day2 at 7:00 a.m. start of trekking; the starting point is just next to the Pyramid

 What a creative way to cross the stream without getting the shoes wet … Shirley … :-)

 Well guarded … putting on socks and shoes under the watchful eyes of the resident dog which is friendly and always leading the pack looking for lurking danger (possibly from wild boar or wild chicken) … :-) 
The dog is so well-versed with the terrain that it can lead those lost trekkers back to the resort. However, if one walks away from the resorts (not the path to return), it won’t follow. 

 Okay, all crossed the stream and ready to continue with the trekking journey … (left) Cindy (with the brand new Salomon XR trail running shoes), S.Heng, Lum, Camelia, Joanne Wong

 Arriving at the Lords of the Ring Gate… background is the outer perimeter. 

 After 2.5 hours of trekking, it is a superb idea for Alan Yu laoshi to conduct the Sleeping Chi Gong (in a pre-determined posture while repeating a mantra silently). 
With such a nice feeling relaxing on the cool flooring, I am not surprise to hear two members who were snoring for a while … :-)

 The no-frill dining area

 All the 35 Zhineng Qigong members came in this specially chartered coach. 

 Yeah, thumbs UP !! Simple but delicious home-cook food - Kampung chicken and steam fish. Look at the size of the chicken feet (in the small bowl).

Trekking distance: about 9km; time: about 2.5 hour; from the trail map charted by Garmin GPS-enable watch, the perimeter (in red line) of Lucky Valley is in a rectangular shape occupying 500 acres of land.

Do click here for my first visit to Lucky Valley (in blue sky) and the official description and GPS location of Lucky Valley.

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