Sunday, April 07, 2013

Kiara Hill Trekking

Leading a group of Zhineng chi gong members and friends for trekking at Bukit Kiara on 6 April 2013 in preparation for the 3D2N retreat at Lucky Valley soon.

It always give me a bit of surprise as many a times, leading the chi gong group for trekking mean encountering drizzles in the morning, never mind that it has not been raining for the past many days. It was drizzling at 6:30 a.m., just before the rendezvous time. Anyway, all those who intended to trek were not fazed or “intimidated” by the rain. A few brought umbrellas that double-up as trekking sticks … :-)

Kiara Hill is a good place for trail running as the gradient is not too steep. While they trek, I would take the opportunity to run around the hills on soft ground amid cool and fresh air.

The entire outdoor quest took almost 3 hours traversing a distance of about 9km (note: timer only activated after going for quite a distance – forgot la).

Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC). 

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A customary group photo before the start of a event.
Yours truly (right); Alan Yu laoshi (R3).
(Left, Back): KL Tan, Lee Choo, Mrs Tan, Jezamine, Tioh, Cindy Lim, Mrs Tan, Yang, TanKH, TeeEK, Alan Yu laoshi, Tan, KC Leong
(Front): Shirley, LimBB, Annie, Tee YS, TanLP, LewLY, Sheila, …

 Alan Yu laoshi for Zhineng chi gong USJ 15 Wawasan Centre

 Lee Choo … stepping gracefully forward

 Seeing a modern-time rubber tapper in action

 At the Veiw Point area 

 At the Veiw Point area (background KLCC and KL Tower)

 At the Crossroad/Pondok area

 Traversing through the trails

Bukit Kiara Trail Map charted by my Garmin FR610 watch
Distance: about 9km
Duration: about 3 hours.

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