Monday, January 31, 2011

FRIM Trail Running

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year 2011. May the Year of The Golden Rabbit bring you good health and abundant blessings and prosperity. Run or trek as fast as a rabbit and don't look back.

L-R: Chong YF, Wendy Liu, Peter Chan, Carol, Lai Kuan, Monsy, Dr. Sharah
Front: MakCK, KC Leong, PK Chan.
The group went for a CNY sow kung trail running at FRIM Kepong as planned on Sunday morning, 30 January 2011. Led by ChongYF, we started at Pond (near the Club House) and ran via Rover Track; passed by Canopy Walktrail, Pump House and arrived at the junction near Malay Tea House; proceed to Mountain Bike Track signboard; ascend one loop of Steroid Hill, go further up Salem High Country; return via Mountain Bike Trail; return via Malay Tea House road.
At Steroid Hill area ... PK Chan, Peter Chan, ChongYF, Lai Kuan, Monsy, Wendy Liu, KC.
Do click here to view photos by KC (using a Lumix compact camera ... too difficult to carry a SLR)

At the clearing almost at the peak of Steroid Hill

At about 9am, it started to drizzle while the group was at the Salem High Country area. While running downhill, we have to be extra cautious in order not to slip and fall.

Note: sow kung means completion of work; at 9pm on the same evening, it was still drizzling. What a marathon rain and we all knew the day after that many areas down south (Johore) were flooded.
At Salem High Country Hill
Monsy, Lai Kuan and Wendy Liu

At about 9am, it started to drizzle. Though the off-road running shoes are good in traction, they also good to attract the mud.
Seen here are Peter Chan’s and Lai Kuan’s shoes... can you guess who is whose shoes?

The group posing in front of a mountain bike and the Mountain Bike Track signboard

Inside the compound of Malay Tea House
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trail Running at Puchong Hill

At the car park, Sunday 23 January ... Edwin (2nd from left) ... and Leng was spotted with a new, short and sassy hairstyle. It is indeed good to see MakCK and a few are wearing red, yellow and orange since CNY is drawing near ... very ong

On the way up Puchong Hill

Lai Kuan and Leng

A group photo before the start of trail running.
Back (L-R): KC, Edwin, Mak CK, Pei Ling, Pei Ling’s friend, Dr. Sarah, Theva and Lohita, Wendy Liu, Looi
Front: Carol, Siew, Lai Kuan, Leng and sister

The Extended Loop.
The initial part of the extended loop was not easy to walk let alone run. The trail was narrow and obstructed by fallen tree branches. Led by Edwin, the other seven of us consisting of Dr. Sarah, Lai Kuan, Siew, Wendy Liu, Looi and yours truly (KC) were following him in single file.

After about 15 minutes of manoeuvring through the obstruction, we hit the 4-wheel drive track. Not long running along this track, we saw a group of students was walking towards us with their lecturer. Edwin then led us to an upward slope on the right side and return.

The returning journey was much challenging with gradual uphill almost all the way connecting to the standard loop.

Thanks to Edwin for taking the trouble to show us the trail..
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Malaysian Badminton Open 2011

The audience cheered with great vigor and enthusiasm. Spectators waved the Malaysian flags in anticipating that something should happen. An eager look at certain direction in the Putra Stadium by one would attract other audience’s curious attention. Even a bald-headed official who appeared from the Players’ Entrance would attract loud cheers.

Finally, the shining star – Lee Chong Wei – emerged amid thunderous cheers, applauses, drum rolls, blowing of noisy vuvuzela, hitting of plastic tubes. The badminton fans were energized: cheering with approval and roaring in ecstasy when seeing their idol. With the up-tempo and motivating music blasting in acknowledging their presence – Lee Chong Wei and Chen Long, that exhilarating moment was worth part of the price of the entry ticket to the semi-finals of Malaysian Badminton Open on Saturday, 22 January 2011.

Lee Chong Wei jumping up for the killer smash while Chen Long engaged in defence mode.
Photo courtesy of Tan CA, one of the badminton kakis.

I was there with my badminton kakis to witness the electrifying atmosphere. Not only that the ticket prices are cheaper, we get to watch 10 matches simultaneously compared to the finals – more value for money.

When I arrived at the ticketing counters at 12:30 p.m., I was approached by a Malay guy holding a stack of Premium category tickets retailing at cost price of RM 35. So I asked why; he said, "Lin Dan pulled out, many are not interested." When I went to the ticketing counters, the Premium seats were all sold out.

China players doing stretching exercises next to a Proton’s new Inspira

Interesting Observations:

TV versus Live
While watching on TV, the pace of the game is much faster; smashes are louder; players jump much higher. But at the live atmosphere, they just play like us only a bit faster and the rally is longer. Other than the continuous cheers, it is quite 'peaceful' at the court between the players, the umpire and the line-men in focusing in the game.

Court 1 and 2
There were only two courts in action. Most spectators would gather near to Court 1 where the lighting is brighter for the TV live telecast. All video cameras would zero-in on that one court.

Upset Fans
Chen Long was bashed and down with 0-6 in the opening game against Lee Chong Wei’s commanding form. The Malaysian Chinese fans near me started to shout “Where is Lin Dan?” The name Lin Dan sounded to me as ‘zero egg’ in Mandarin to ridicule China. Later, more jeer from the fans: “Ch’ng Loong go shoot movie!!” (Jackie Chan’s name in Mandarin sound like Chen Long).

Acrobatic and Demonstrative
Lee Chong Wei’s skill and form were superb. With the fans solidly backing him, that boasted his confidence as high as the roof of the in-door stadium. It is indeed a pleasing to the eyes seeing him flying high in preparation for a killer smash while the opponent engaged in defense mode. Even with net play, there is a demonstrative split second delay in switching placement, much to the admiration of the fans.

When Lee Chong Wei’s match was in progress, the women’s match between the four ladies from China were still playing. But all the cheer and applause were on Lee Chong Wei, and no one ever bother about them. I am sure the four ladies must be envious of Lee Chong Wei that he can command such attention to thrill a capacity crowd at the Putra Stadium.

Unhappy Fans Support
Despite the medical certification, the unhappy fans still think that Lin Dan is a coward or an opportunist for not meeting Lee Chong Wei, thus focusing their support to cheer for other countries like Denmark, Indonesia and Japan when they compete against China. This is understandable as the China team is just too powerful; lending support for other countries is necessary.

Amplifying the applause and action

Wang Shixian
This pretty lady of women's singles really do stretching to the fullest while waiting for her game. Stretch to the left, right, front, back, turning around, etc for quite long time. But when come to their turn, they still have to go behind the wall and wait for their grand appearance accompanied with up-tempo music.

A Firmed Catch
When the Denmark pair won the men's doubles match, they threw their rackets much to the excitement of the crowd. There was one racket that landed with a few spectators firmly grabbing the prized catch. Well, true to the firmly catch, they hold on to it for almost one minute deciding who should own it while the crowd continued to cheer. Eventually, they settled it amicably amid much louder cheers.

Aroma of Food
I was seated next to a guy who went out to buy food in between matches. The aroma of con steam in butter really smelled good that made me wanted to go for food also.

Excellent invention ... these plastic tubes, when fully inflated and hit at the right place, produce loud “p’ng p’ng” sound

Finals on Sunday, 23 January 2011

Yeah, I was gluing to the TV on Sunday since 2pm only to be interrupted by the rain – Astro TV reception tergendala (interruption).

The not-so-nice moments were to watch China against China in the mixed-doubles, women's singles and women's doubles.

This is not very healthy – I mean for other countries – that the all mighty China almost dominate 3 of the 5 matches. It is no fun seeing them competing against their own countrymen as they would have been competing during their training session – only that we don’t get to see them play then.

Here are the facts before the start of the men's final match:

a) that Taufik lost to Lee Chong Wei a week or two ago in the Taipei Badminton Open. Taufik also lost to Lee Chong Wei even in Indonesian Open (in two straight sets; in Taufik's home ground) not too long ago;

b) that both of them are friends

The famous WD 40 lubricant? Well, it is Women’s Double going on for 40 minutes
Throughout the entire match, Taufik kept pace but as the match wore on it was obvious who was the better player on the court.

So at the second game, it was 18 - 8 with Lee Chong Wei leading in easy win. I believe Lee Chong Wei 'fon sui' (give chance) a little so that Taufik could cross the single-digit point score (10 points and above) and he did not look that bad. So Lee Chong Wei hit out here, hit out there and Taufik's points keep accumulating.

Sometimes when we play badminton, we also 'fon sui' to opponent only to realise that we could not tighten the tap and opponent won the game.

When come to 18-17, I was worried. Even the respectable lady commentator also sounded concern. What it is going to happen if Lee Chong Wei lost to Taufik in the second game from a 10 point lead? That was really unthinkable.

Immediately, Lee Chong Wei tightens the tap and really become very serious. The master is just superb, without much effort, he advanced a few points to win the game.

It was indeed a happy ending – Malaysia won in the men's final; that Taufik did not look bad.

Cheers to good friendship in games.

Korea Badminton Open -- In today's Star newspaper (Tuesday 25 January 2011), it is reported that this coming weekend's Korea Badminton Open, the prize money for men's singles champion is USD 90 (RM 275,000) !!!! Wow! That is three times more than Malaysia Badminton Open.

Maybe Lin Dan is a strategist (not opportunist; definitely not a coward); delaying the grand showdown with Lee Chong Wei with the highest prize money in badminton so far.

Do click here for other postings on badminton by yours truly (KC).

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Adventurous Trail Running In FRIM

When returning from the Steroid Hill deep inside FRIM, we ran and ran and ran. After all, the ground was soft, the air was fresh and there was no traffic at all other than occasionally, a mountain biker would pass by behind us giving me the scare as if an animal would appear from no-where.

When we arrived at the junction signifying the end of the Mountain Bike Track; after having waited for a while, we did not see Lucas appearing. What seems to be a 1.5-hour of hill running turned up to be 3.5 hours of run.

FRIM trail map drawn by yours truly (KC) ... do contact me to send the clear version to you
That morning (Sunday, 16 January 2011), those participated in the hill running were ChongYF, Dr Sharah, Lucas, Sidney Saw and yours truly (KC). Lucas is Dr Sharah’s friend who works as a Club Manager in Clark Hatch, Petaling Jaya. Sidney Saw is from USJ Subang who responded to the invitation in the blogsite.

From Rover Track; yellow line points to Mountain Bike Track

The Trail:

Yeah! We found another good terrain for hill running in FRIM Kepong: thanks to ChongYF for leading us the way. So far, we only go to Canopy Walkway Trail for training (for Mount Kinabalu Climbathon 2010). There is an entirely different world of tough terrain inside FRIM.
It is a totally different terrain compared to running at Puchong Hill. In Puchong Hill, the trail is only passable by one trekker. Over here, it is a wide trail passable even by a vehicle. The icing on the cake is that there are no leeches here.

We started at the usual trail next to a small pond and passing by a mosque and a standalone toilet. This is the Rover Track. Passing by Canopy Walkway Trail, we ran beyond the Pump House until we arrived at a multi-directional junction: one leads us to the Malay Tea House and back to the small pond. As planned, ChongYF led us to the Mountain Bike Track to continue with our hill running.

Along Mountain Bike Track

We arrived at a clearing deep inside FRIM. According to ChongYF, one of the paths would lead us to Sungai Buloh Hospital and Nursery. Well, that must be very far away. The other trail, which is going uphill in straight ascent, ChongYF called it the Steroid Hill as most mountain bikers would cycle up the hill in swift ascent as if they were powered by steroids. This is an excellent ground for hill running and hill training for Mount Kinabalu Climbathon October this year.

When running up the hill, I quipped to a mountain biker who was pushing his bike up the hill that running is faster than cycling.

At the plateau, we could see the surrounding areas as far as the new hospital in Sungei Buloh. Further up another hill, I saw a few trekkers were trekking up the hill grown with pine trees. According to ChongYF, here is the place where they shot the famous Salem High Country advertisement shown in our TV many years ago.
The Search

When there was no sight of Lucas, four of us ran back to Mountain Bike Track again looking for him. Along the way, we asked those trekkers who emerged from inside. We met a young Chinese biker who gave us the FRIM Rescue Hot Line: 603-6279 7575 (yeah, I can still remember it). We later meet a runner friend, Lee PH, who was cycling with his wife in full gear and high-tech mountain bikes that come with adjustable shock absorbers. So we asked them for help also. Finally, one Malay guy said he saw Lucas went to another trail leading one to a different car park.

ChongYF - the trail behind him at the background is the Steroid Hill (photo courtesy of ChongYF)

At that moment, we were really motivated running in the jungle looking for Lucas fuelled by renewed interest. Deep in my thought, we have to find him.

We ran and ran and ran. Further into the Mountain Bike Track, we agreed that Lucas would be returning to our car park, no matter what it takes. So it was pointless for us to run deeper inside. We decided to return by running out. As you can see, we were running in and out of Mountain Bike Track – excellent training.

We passed by the Malay Tea House; we just have a quick glimpse of the surrounding. We would sure to come back again to savour the nice tea.

Extended Hill Running

Just before arriving at the small pond, we met Lee PH and wife who told us that they could not see an Indian guy that fit the description. They were cycling around FRIM enthusiastically – the trails leading to the few car parks – looking for him.

Back at the car park near the Club House (or the Administration Office), we saw Lucas who was waiting for us. We were excited to see him again.

Relaxing for a drink at the gerai inside FRIM ... KC, ChongYF, Lucas, Dr. Sharah
This is his experience: when he saw a split junction in “y” shape, he took the right path that appeared to be the dominant trail. That trail led him to another car park. He started to ask those trekkers for direction. With the wrong clue given to him, that led him to Taman Ehsan – a housing estate bordering FRIM which is totally a wrong way. From there, he asked a few more trekkers and finally, he managed to return to the correct car park after running and walking for extra two hours.

We were amused. Much like those Nike runs that start simultaneously in different countries; we were also running around in FRIM separately almost at the same time. It was indeed a good hill training – though the detailed schedule was unplanned and full of surprises.

Written by KC Leong

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The White Sabre

Yeah! I just love this racket – the white Yonex Arc Saber 10 – which I bought in December 2010.

I went for my badminton game on Friday evening, 31 Dec 2010 just before the year-end countdown. That was my first time using it.

There are certain difficult shots which are not possible with the old Carbonex; now is able with this new racket.

The handling is just superb with crisp and accurate placement of shots. I was like holding the white sabre smashing hard here and there.

Even my partner (for the double game) comment that the sound “ting, ting” from hitting the shuttlecock hard is just pleasing to the ears.

The racket bears Peter Gade's name and signature

While they are analysing the racket, one commented that this racket bear Peter Gade’s signature.

In the Taipei Badminton Open recently, Peter Gade was playing against Datuk Lee Chong Wei in the Men’s single final. And Peter Gade is also using his white Yonex Arc Saber 10. So we were connected with the same racket. Anyway, Lee Chong Wei is just too good in the game and Peter Gade lost.

Badminton Malaysia Open, 18 - 23 January 2011 – I did not see Peter Gade’s name is the players’ listing. Possibly, he is not competing in this tournament.

I still like this comment by one runner: “Almost RM1k for a racket is simply unthinkable!”
Do click here for a better glimpse of Yonex Arc Saber 10.
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Monday, January 17, 2011

Cross-country Race (Part 2)

A major cross-country race in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was to cover a seven-mile (11km) course. Two hours after the race began, there were no runners in sight, and the officials became concerned that something had happened. They set out in their automobiles to find the runners and discovered that all were six or more miles away, running in the wrong direction. Some had actually covered more than ten miles. A.J. Rogers, a race official, said the mix-up apparently occurred when the runner leading the pack took a wrong turn at the fifth checkpoint and the rest followed him.

Now, read the entire passage extracted from the book:

Something To Smile About -- Encouragement And Inspiration For Life's Ups And Downs
by Zig Ziglar

Follow the Leader – If

I will be the first to admit that sheep are not the most intelligent creatures on earth, but from time to time I wonder about some of us people. When sheepherders wish to move their flock from one pasture to another, if there is a slight obstacle in the path, they let a goat lead the way, and it will be the first to jump over the obstacle. The sheep follow dutifully. Interestingly enough, you could remove the obstacle, and the sheep would continue to jump over an obstacle that no longer exists.

To a degree, people are the same way. A major cross-country race in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was to cover a seven-mile (11km) course. Two hours after the race began, there were no runners in sight, and the officials became concerned that something had happened. They set out in their automobiles to find the runners and discovered that all were six or more miles away, running in the wrong direction. Some had actually covered more than ten miles. A.J. Rogers, a race official, said the mix-up apparently occurred when the runner leading the pack took a wrong turn at the fifth checkpoint and the rest followed him.

John Maxwell from San Diego, California, says that in a lifetime, the average person directly or indirectly influences ten thousand other people. Those who are in leadership positions influence many, many more. That is the reason leadership carries such an incredible responsibility – namely, that of making certain you are heading the right direction, that the decisions you make are character-based and the route you choose is a good one. When you make a decision, that decision is going to directly or indirectly influence countless other people. Right decisions by the right people can influence people positively, so make good decisions.


Experience is a hard teacher. It gives the test first, the lesson afterward.

You will never get ahead of others as long as you are trying to get even with them.

Extracted from the book by Zig Ziglar: Something to Smile About.

Note by KC:
When I first read this passage, which was arranged as the first story in his book, I was amused and at the same time appreciated the author for “advertising” Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He could have mentioned other running events, say, in Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Taiwan, Japan, etc., but he chose to mention Kuala Lumpur.

It was indeed a privilege to be mentioned though there was minor mishap during the race. That story would put Kuala Lumpur in the world map when readers read this popular book – whether a good or bad perception. It was something like your company’s CEO chooses to call your name from thousands of other employees.
January 23-01-2011 POAWP Cross Country

Do click here for previous part.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

FTAAA Event Calendar 2011

One of the lady trekkers/runners in the group, after reading the FTAAA Event Calendar 2011 (attached below), ask the following questions:

Where are the runs? Distance in kilometre? What is the registration fee and where to get the registration forms?
So I reply: Other than coaching, training, talent identification conducted by FTAAA, most general public would participate in the road running events organize by them to promote a healthy lifestyle. For all the public runs organise by FTAAA, a participant will have to get the forms from the OCM (Olympic Council Malaysia) Building, 2nd floor, located opposite Stadium Negara. Usually, most public runs organize by FTAAA is about 10km in distance.

Many years ago, I ran in every public runs organizes by FTAAA collecting tons of cotton T-shirts. I wear them around town; wear them as pajamas and I still could not wear all until I decided to give them away. That time, I was still running 10km maximum and I was thinking that this life, I would never be able to run a full marathon (42km) as after completing the 10km run, I was dead tired already... :-)

After running seven full marathons, I knew that anyone can do it with determination and proper training.

A few years ago, the registration fee per run is RM 10; with the inflation, this amount is also inflated. One thing that their still keep to the original flavour is issuing the cotton T-shirt bearing Milo's green logo, so big that it is visible even from a distance.

Generally, a participant can get the forms from OCM and payment can be made at OCM. These days, they do have online forms in Microsoft Words format for downloading. It will be good if they can leverage on the state-of-the-art internet technology and start accepting payment via credit card to facilitate ease in payment.
Nevertheless, those softcopy forms that you receive in emails, most of them are scanned by the warm-hearted runners using their scanning machine and upload into internet.

After organizing these public events for many years, FTAAA is very proficient with the repeatable process. These days, the runs organise by other organizers could be five times more expansive. Other than collecting the dry-fit running vests or T-shirts, it is still value-for-money to run in those events organize by FTAAA. With the excess in running vests and T-shirts (whether dry-fit or cotton type); anyway, we still have to give them away.

One interesting thing about FTAAA is that most of their starting points are from the scenic Dataran Merdeka, and the route is almost the same. This is good so that runners will not run the wrong route.

Happy Running in a brand new year 2011

Part 2 – Cross-country: to be continued...

Written by KC Leong
FTAAA Calendar of Events 2011 (Run, Walk, Athletics)

23-01-2011 POAWP Cross Country

19-02-2011 Putrajaya Hari Wilayah Run (Putrajaya)
20-02-2011 City Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
26-02-2011 MISC Walkathon

06-03-2011 KL Towerthon (Menara KL)
06-03-2011 ARW/ FTAAA Walk Championship (Stadium KLFA, Cheras)
07-03-2011 NTV7 Feel Good Run
13-03-2011 Bareno Half Marathon 2011 (Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil)
14-19 March Maran Walk (Pahang)
20-03-2011 World Kidney Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
26/03/2010 FTAAA Jump Event (MSN Track, Bukit Jalil)

2&3 April Kejohanan SWIP (MSN Track, Bukit Jalil)
03-04-2011 Malay Mail Big Walk (Dataran Merdeka)
09-04-2011 FTAAA Sprint Event (Stadium Bdr Tun Razak)
23-04-2011 MAAU GP 1 (KL)

07-05-2011 FTAAA Throw Event (MSN Track, Bukit Jalil)
08-05-2011 Coca-Cola Run (Dataran Merdeka)
15-05-2011 1st Circuit FTAAA-Milo Talent Identification (Stadium KLFA)
29-05-2011 Ekiden Relay 2011 (Putrajaya)

05-06-2011 ARW/ FTAAA Walk Championship (Stadium KLFA)
18-06-2011 FTAAA Middle & Long Distance Event (Stadium Bandar Tun Razak)
26-06-2011 Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 (Dataran Merdeka)

03-07-2011 Media Run (Press Club KL)
03-07-2011 2nd Circuit FTAAA-Milo Talent Identification
10-07-2011 Siemens Run (Dataran Merdeka)
17-07-2011 Olympic Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
24-07-2011 12 Hour FTAAA Run Circuit (Putrajaya)
30-07-2011 Shape Night Run (Putrajaya)

11-09-2011 3rd Circuit FTAAA-Milo Talent Identification (Stadium KLFA)

23-10-2011 1 Malaysia/ DBK/ Milo/ FTAAA Road Relay (Dataran Merdeka)
29&30-10-2011 Genting TrailBlazer (Genting Awana)

13-11-2011 Powerman

Source: Running with Passion blogsite

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Propose Hill Running at FRIM

I am pleased to inform that this Sunday morning’s hill running will be led by Chong YF; it will be held in FRIM Kepong.
The trail is about 10km in distance and will take about 1.5 hours to complete. ChongYF will lead us to the Rover and cycling trail also.
Deep inside the trail, there is a tea-house ... click here (photo by ChongYF); maybe we can detour for some teh tarik. Do bring a few Rinngit cash with you when running.

If you are interested, do let me know at

Date: Sunday, 16 January 2011
Time: 7:00 a.m.
Venue: FRIM
Meeting point: Inside FRIM; meet at the Administration Building (or Club House Building), near the small pond (at the cross-road).

Rover Trail in FRIM.
Do click here for some photos of FRIM Kepong
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Klang 2011 Run - Part 3

Klang 2011 Run - do click here to view photos (Album 3 of 3) by courtesy of JASON LEE.

Wah! this is really a grand prize for lucky draw !

CICM Care Run 2010 at Bukit Jalil - do click here for Album 5 courtesy of Jason Lee ... This is the final album that has been omitted.

Lucky draw winner ... excellent prize !!
Click here for all other photos on CICM run.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Klang 2011 Run - Part 2

The journey for Klang 2011 Run continues ...
Please click here to view photos (Album 2) by courtesy of JASON LEE.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

CNY 2011 Karaoke

With CNY drawing near, the discussion goes to the dinner and karaoke session. So we are talking of our favourite songs before the event is going to take place.

Usually, the oldies are easier to sing and they are very meaningful about love, nature, etc. While many of the songs are about love, there is this old rock band called CCR (Credence Clearwater Reviver... what a mouthful). Their famous song (still play over the airwave) is Have You Ever Seen the Rain ... well, it is about raining. ... :-)

Many of the new songs are just too complex and difficult to sing and the meaning is also quite funny. The other song that I like to hear is "(You Want to) Make a Memory" by Bon Jovi. After listening to countless times, I still cannot sing the whole song properly... :-) click here Then the song by Mariah Carey: Touch my Body is really a challenge being able to sing it.

There are certain songs that are nice to hear but too difficult to sing. Recently, I was trying to sing those beautiful songs of Beyond, a Chinese band from Hong Kong; then I realised that the vocal pitch of the lead singer is too high for me to continue.

For trekkers and skyrunners, the song Top of the World by Carpenters would be a good one especially when reaching the peak to have the top of the world feeling.

My favourite song is Sunshine by John Denver. The feeling is just great when trekking at the Himalayas, when we step out of the lodges in the cold morning to continue with our journey:

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry
Sunshine on the water looks so lovely
Sunshine almost always makes me high ...

Even when I run in the morning, at 7:30 a.m. when the sun shines on me, this song is just motivating to push on.

One tall, yow yeng runner/trekker guy said I sing when I see the sun shines. He also sings about sunshine but with leng lui trekking or jogging besides him:

You are my Sunshine
My only Sunshine
You make my days happy when I not blue ...

The other songs that I like go to KC and the Sunshine Band. It is this name that I transform to become KC and the Sunshine Runners. This is how I got the idea: In India, they realised that boxes of firecrackers bearing Aishwarya Rai, Bollywood’s icon and superstar, churn up high volume of sales. So to endorse and to associate something already famous does help.

Let me share with you a joke on Lobo: While performing at Genting's Arena of Stars recently, the fans spotted him walking around the Theme Park. So they were excited and started screaming. When the excitement calmed down, then he heard, "but this Lobo looks very much older." So Lobo quipped, "Yeah, I am his father."

This funny story happened to me: in one of the karaoke sessions in celebrating the post-Mount Everest Base Camp (EBC) trip, Rocky and I were attempting to sing Hotel California since it is wonderfully melodic and tuneful. Then I realised that the pitch is too high for me to continue; while struggling, luckily, PK Chan cancelled the song. Otherwise, I would be running out of breath (not even in EBC). One lady runner quipped: On the other hand, if PK pressed the wrong button reverting to the original, they may think that I sound like The Eagles.

While browsing through my collection of CDs, I saw this album by Queen.

Maybe we can sing this song in group during the karaoke time.

Do click here ... turn on the speakers (this video has been viewed 19 million times !!):

I Want to Break Free - by Queen

(I want to break free)
(I want to break free)
I want to break free from your lies
You're so self satisfied I don't need you
I've want to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free

Okay, in case you are not aware, there is no ladies in the group “QUEEN” – all are guys. The singer of this song, Freddie Mercury, has died many years ago.

To all the trekkers and skyrunners: thanks to Germaine Tan for highlighting a very appropriate song:

The Climb by Miley Cyrus ...
click here

There's always gonna be another mountain
I'm always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be a uphill battle
Sometimes I'm gonna have to lose

Ain't about how fast I get there
Ain't about what's waiting on the other side
It's the climb

Keep on moving, keep climbing
Keep the faith, baby
It's all about, it's all about the climb
Keep the faith, keep your faith, whoa

Ain't about how fast I get there ... Yeah! Good phrase !! I better learn up this song just in case I don't make it within the 3.5 hours of qualifying time to the peak of Mt Kinabalu Climbathon this year ... :-) Then I shall sing it out loud (maybe at the rocky areas, about 4,000m level) to gain sympathy or to impress the rest of the pack ... :-)

Written by KC Leong

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Klang 2011 Run

Let us start with the head first ...
Event: Klang 2011 Run
Date: Saturday 1 January 2011
Venue: Taman Chi Liung,Klang
Please click here to view photos (Album 1) by courtesy of JASON LEE.
Do try later if the photo album is not properly linked.
Almost paint the Klang town RED

Goh of Subang Jaya leading the pack

ahh... a uniqe pair of running shoes

Looking good

Photos by Jason Lee

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