Monday, January 31, 2011

FRIM Trail Running

Wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year 2011. May the Year of The Golden Rabbit bring you good health and abundant blessings and prosperity. Run or trek as fast as a rabbit and don't look back.

L-R: Chong YF, Wendy Liu, Peter Chan, Carol, Lai Kuan, Monsy, Dr. Sharah
Front: MakCK, KC Leong, PK Chan.
The group went for a CNY sow kung trail running at FRIM Kepong as planned on Sunday morning, 30 January 2011. Led by ChongYF, we started at Pond (near the Club House) and ran via Rover Track; passed by Canopy Walktrail, Pump House and arrived at the junction near Malay Tea House; proceed to Mountain Bike Track signboard; ascend one loop of Steroid Hill, go further up Salem High Country; return via Mountain Bike Trail; return via Malay Tea House road.
At Steroid Hill area ... PK Chan, Peter Chan, ChongYF, Lai Kuan, Monsy, Wendy Liu, KC.
Do click here to view photos by KC (using a Lumix compact camera ... too difficult to carry a SLR)

At the clearing almost at the peak of Steroid Hill

At about 9am, it started to drizzle while the group was at the Salem High Country area. While running downhill, we have to be extra cautious in order not to slip and fall.

Note: sow kung means completion of work; at 9pm on the same evening, it was still drizzling. What a marathon rain and we all knew the day after that many areas down south (Johore) were flooded.
At Salem High Country Hill
Monsy, Lai Kuan and Wendy Liu

At about 9am, it started to drizzle. Though the off-road running shoes are good in traction, they also good to attract the mud.
Seen here are Peter Chan’s and Lai Kuan’s shoes... can you guess who is whose shoes?

The group posing in front of a mountain bike and the Mountain Bike Track signboard

Inside the compound of Malay Tea House
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