Thursday, January 20, 2011

The White Sabre

Yeah! I just love this racket – the white Yonex Arc Saber 10 – which I bought in December 2010.

I went for my badminton game on Friday evening, 31 Dec 2010 just before the year-end countdown. That was my first time using it.

There are certain difficult shots which are not possible with the old Carbonex; now is able with this new racket.

The handling is just superb with crisp and accurate placement of shots. I was like holding the white sabre smashing hard here and there.

Even my partner (for the double game) comment that the sound “ting, ting” from hitting the shuttlecock hard is just pleasing to the ears.

The racket bears Peter Gade's name and signature

While they are analysing the racket, one commented that this racket bear Peter Gade’s signature.

In the Taipei Badminton Open recently, Peter Gade was playing against Datuk Lee Chong Wei in the Men’s single final. And Peter Gade is also using his white Yonex Arc Saber 10. So we were connected with the same racket. Anyway, Lee Chong Wei is just too good in the game and Peter Gade lost.

Badminton Malaysia Open, 18 - 23 January 2011 – I did not see Peter Gade’s name is the players’ listing. Possibly, he is not competing in this tournament.

I still like this comment by one runner: “Almost RM1k for a racket is simply unthinkable!”
Do click here for a better glimpse of Yonex Arc Saber 10.
Written by KC Leong

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