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FTAAA Event Calendar 2011

One of the lady trekkers/runners in the group, after reading the FTAAA Event Calendar 2011 (attached below), ask the following questions:

Where are the runs? Distance in kilometre? What is the registration fee and where to get the registration forms?
So I reply: Other than coaching, training, talent identification conducted by FTAAA, most general public would participate in the road running events organize by them to promote a healthy lifestyle. For all the public runs organise by FTAAA, a participant will have to get the forms from the OCM (Olympic Council Malaysia) Building, 2nd floor, located opposite Stadium Negara. Usually, most public runs organize by FTAAA is about 10km in distance.

Many years ago, I ran in every public runs organizes by FTAAA collecting tons of cotton T-shirts. I wear them around town; wear them as pajamas and I still could not wear all until I decided to give them away. That time, I was still running 10km maximum and I was thinking that this life, I would never be able to run a full marathon (42km) as after completing the 10km run, I was dead tired already... :-)

After running seven full marathons, I knew that anyone can do it with determination and proper training.

A few years ago, the registration fee per run is RM 10; with the inflation, this amount is also inflated. One thing that their still keep to the original flavour is issuing the cotton T-shirt bearing Milo's green logo, so big that it is visible even from a distance.

Generally, a participant can get the forms from OCM and payment can be made at OCM. These days, they do have online forms in Microsoft Words format for downloading. It will be good if they can leverage on the state-of-the-art internet technology and start accepting payment via credit card to facilitate ease in payment.
Nevertheless, those softcopy forms that you receive in emails, most of them are scanned by the warm-hearted runners using their scanning machine and upload into internet.

After organizing these public events for many years, FTAAA is very proficient with the repeatable process. These days, the runs organise by other organizers could be five times more expansive. Other than collecting the dry-fit running vests or T-shirts, it is still value-for-money to run in those events organize by FTAAA. With the excess in running vests and T-shirts (whether dry-fit or cotton type); anyway, we still have to give them away.

One interesting thing about FTAAA is that most of their starting points are from the scenic Dataran Merdeka, and the route is almost the same. This is good so that runners will not run the wrong route.

Happy Running in a brand new year 2011

Part 2 – Cross-country: to be continued...

Written by KC Leong
FTAAA Calendar of Events 2011 (Run, Walk, Athletics)

23-01-2011 POAWP Cross Country

19-02-2011 Putrajaya Hari Wilayah Run (Putrajaya)
20-02-2011 City Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
26-02-2011 MISC Walkathon

06-03-2011 KL Towerthon (Menara KL)
06-03-2011 ARW/ FTAAA Walk Championship (Stadium KLFA, Cheras)
07-03-2011 NTV7 Feel Good Run
13-03-2011 Bareno Half Marathon 2011 (Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil)
14-19 March Maran Walk (Pahang)
20-03-2011 World Kidney Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
26/03/2010 FTAAA Jump Event (MSN Track, Bukit Jalil)

2&3 April Kejohanan SWIP (MSN Track, Bukit Jalil)
03-04-2011 Malay Mail Big Walk (Dataran Merdeka)
09-04-2011 FTAAA Sprint Event (Stadium Bdr Tun Razak)
23-04-2011 MAAU GP 1 (KL)

07-05-2011 FTAAA Throw Event (MSN Track, Bukit Jalil)
08-05-2011 Coca-Cola Run (Dataran Merdeka)
15-05-2011 1st Circuit FTAAA-Milo Talent Identification (Stadium KLFA)
29-05-2011 Ekiden Relay 2011 (Putrajaya)

05-06-2011 ARW/ FTAAA Walk Championship (Stadium KLFA)
18-06-2011 FTAAA Middle & Long Distance Event (Stadium Bandar Tun Razak)
26-06-2011 Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2011 (Dataran Merdeka)

03-07-2011 Media Run (Press Club KL)
03-07-2011 2nd Circuit FTAAA-Milo Talent Identification
10-07-2011 Siemens Run (Dataran Merdeka)
17-07-2011 Olympic Day Run (Dataran Merdeka)
24-07-2011 12 Hour FTAAA Run Circuit (Putrajaya)
30-07-2011 Shape Night Run (Putrajaya)

11-09-2011 3rd Circuit FTAAA-Milo Talent Identification (Stadium KLFA)

23-10-2011 1 Malaysia/ DBK/ Milo/ FTAAA Road Relay (Dataran Merdeka)
29&30-10-2011 Genting TrailBlazer (Genting Awana)

13-11-2011 Powerman

Source: Running with Passion blogsite

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