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ABC Nepal Trekking - Prelude

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Note: There will be no posting for three weeks.
Olympic 2008 Torch Relay Fun Run in Kuala Lumpur. Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Chris Jong, who ran with his camera.
After more than nine months of planning and preparation, the Team is all set and looking forward to the great trekking trip at Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) in Nepal.

The 12-man team, lead by yours truly (KC), is going for a 12-day adventure trekking trip.

The team members are:

Pacesetters Runners:
KC Leong, Chooi Lin, Lok C Chuen, PK Chan, Weng, Yee Choi (6 members)

Avid Trekkers:
Cynthia Chu, Lim K Hooi, Hamdan, Leong Chiew Hong, Lili Ng WL, Tai K Wone (6 members).

The Trek and Tour Agent in Nepal will be headed by Mr. Cheban and his team of committed mountain guides and porters. This will be the second time that I engage the same trek and tour agent. My first trip was to trek Cho La Pass (5,400m; near to Everest Base Camp) in May 2007.


Message from Mak, a Pacesetter runner:
All the best to you Mountain Sifu’s. Take care and we look forward to viewing all the nice pictures and write up. KC, please drop us a mail if you miss us and if internet access is available somewhere. Of course we miss you people from Malaysia. Cheers!

Note from KC:
Thanks for the well wishes. The people of Nepal – just like Malaysia – vote for change in their recent election. Hopefully, in years to come, they will have internet and WIFI connection at the treks. While we trek, we can then do interactive blogging or uploading to YouTube ... :-)

For more photos of trekking in Nepal, please click the “Nepal Trekking 2008” icon on the left sidebar.

Mr. Cheban’s Details... do take a look at the websites below:
Mt. Manaslu Adventure Treks (P) Ltd.
P.O. Box 15145 Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel.: 00977-1-4424632, 4423542
Mobile: 00977-98510-55876 Fax: 00977-1-4423542
Treks & Tours organizer to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

KL Motor Treasure Hunt

Note by KC: This is a well-written report with good sense of humour describing the anxiety of taking up the new challenge and the action in going through the fun of treasure hunting. BRAVO to Linda Trivino!

Written by Linda Trivino

Tammy texted a short message on my handphone one morning asking whether I would like to join a Treasure Hunt? “Of course not,” I replied because that particular KL Motor Treasure Hunt (KLMTH) organised by The Trailblazers on Saturday 29 March 2008 was scheduled on the eve of the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon (KLIM) 2008. Since I was taking part in the KLIM, obviously I wanted to rest my legs before the big day. One thing I know for sure, this petite lady does not take kindly to any negative response. Tammy loves life and she lives life to the fullest. “Hey people, there ain’t no dull moments with Tammy!”
.Back Row - Shirley, Corinne, Lay Hoon, Linda, Yuk Horng
Front Row - Tammy, Sharon, Yu Min
I could almost hear her screaming when she replied in her sms,“Who’s asking you to hunt with your legs, we’re driving.” Oh....ok what choice have I got? I fear being sacked by Tammy and her group because I really “dig” this group. Since the day I met them, my life has taken a slight tumble, causing some havoc in my home because I had to choose between my dogs or my glorious outings with them. I chose the latter.
A New Challenge

I have never been on a treasure hunt in my entire life, let alone drive like some mad woman looking for some meaningless clues that needed a lot of brain cells to decipher. Alright, so I am a “jakun” (who cares?) but I love my current lifestyle already. I run weekly, I listen to my music, I hang out with my 2 dogs and of course every weekends I get to chill out with my running buddies. I feel great already and I don’t need no treasure hunt to give me that extra boost.

Treasure hunt has always been a favourite topic in our group and many interesting episodes of past events have been shared frequently. Some were so hilarious, I am sure the group would kill me if I write about them. Some scenes were not too charming as there were moments where hunters fought and argued amongst themselves over the correct answers. I was waiting to hear about real life fists fights, it would be interesting to know who actually lost their cool. But these ladies are in control so no distasteful scenes of any sorts.

Under Tammy’s tutelage in events management, things must happen fast, (she is that efficient) and so we got down to business straightaway. The KL Motor Treasure Hunt (29th March 2008) was organised by The Trailblazers and headed by 3 captains namely Capt Jack Swallow, Capt Black Hawk and Capt Tiger Swan. Though the name sounds ferocious, in reality they are but truly gentlemen in every aspect. These young men had been organising several hunts in Kuala Lumpur and I believe they have covered other states as well.
The Preparation
Anyway, while I was secretly struggling in the dark over what role I should be working on as a beginner, the rest of the ladies were already rummaging through their files and drawers for old questionnaires to refer to. I seek solace in the net as usual and did some reading. But nothing that I read could help my poor brain absorb those professional questionnaires. I was also told to read lots of newspaper in case Trailblazers focussed their questions on current events. Gosh, the only news that I am ever interested in, is English football and Manchester United and lately about how the Opposition are riding high in some states!

We have been divided into 2 teams since there are 8 of us. Team 1, “Cool Cats” comprise of Tammy, Yu Min, Sharon and Yuk Horng. Team 2, “Windflowers” comprise of Corinne, Shirley (another beginner), Lay Hoon and me. On the eve of the treasure hunt, I bundled stacks of recent old newspapers (for reference) into my bag pack in case topics of foreign politicians having some wild parties with models appear in the hunt’s questionnaires and we had to name the victims. We do love scandals, don’t we?

Since I was repeatedly told to be prepared for current events, like a typical first timer, I stacked more newspapers the following morning into my bag pack but little did I know those newspapers later became a nuisance. They occupied too much space in the car. I also threw in my heavy Thesaurus, (which I have not opened for years), in case I need to find some difficult words to solve a clue or two. By the time I added in some junk food and mineral water, pens and papers, my bag pack looked like I was more prepared to trek Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal with KC Leong and his gang than going for a treasure hunt!
Start of the Journey

On the day of the hunt, we wore the now famous bright yellow PACM tee-shirt and headed down to Bangsar Baru. We had absolutely no idea that eight females strolling down the street of Jalan Telawi on that bright and cheerful morning could cause such a stir! We drew stares ranging from admiration and amusement to envy and hostility. The hostile ones seemed to be wondering who in the world were these die hard hunters! It was the magical colour of the PACM tee-shirt that made us stand out in the crowd. Well done PACM Exco!

Much to our delight one of the captains approached us to comment favourably on our uniformity. He became even more impressed when he noticed that our cars were pasted with lots of cats and flowers to signify our teams’ names (may I reiterate the names for readers again, it’s Cool Cats & Windflowers). Who else but Tammy would think of such creativity!

On the downside, one experienced male hunter, disturbed by the mere sight of eight ladies in yellow asked the Captain during the morning briefing whether the eight of us would end up comparing our answers and walk away with the prize. Good heavens, did he really think we are professionals or what?

The race started around 8.00am from Jalan Telawi 3 in Bangsar Baru where hunters started to look frantically for clues to match their answer sheets. Subtle hints with references to various signboards were generously distributed by the captains during the briefing. Instantly everyone was on guard looking up at signboards with squinting eyes, it was almost like watching a Hollywood movie with people looking up to the skies to watch space ships descending. Occasionally a soft whisper of sheer ecstasy was heard, this was an indication that someone found some answers. A couple of younger men paraded gleefully around with “high fives.” But at an obscure corner some mummies and aunties were scrutinising their answers, frowning and biting at their nails with their primary school kids bouncing impatiently in Snoop Dogg attire and MP3 blasting in their ears.

30 minutes later, hunters were ready to get into their cars to look for more clues. Our next stop would be Desa Sri Hartamas. By now hunters, feeling the heat of the game started to “rev their turbos” and drove recklessly, weaving in and out of traffic as time is precious. Excitement was pulsating in team Cool Cats as a string of pure shameless Hokkien vocabulary emerged loud and clear as everyone was under tremendous pressure to perform their utter best to win this hunt. Driver Tammy was seen gesturing and cursing at some slow cars in front. I think if given a choice she rather be in Little Havana doing salsa than driving at this snail’s pace.
More Action
Lay Hoon, the driver of Windflowers was rather relaxed until she missed a turn and we turned blue for a few seconds. We were certain she was going to hit the kerb. I thought I heard someone swore under her breath too!

The stops in Desa Sri Hartamas and Bukit Damansara were rather short but pleasant. We had to stop at Bukit Damansara to purchase some “treasures” for the hunt at a mini market. As Sharon was walking to the cashier’s to pay for her purchases, she suddenly spotted other hunters walking in and like a Pink Panther, she cunningly hid her goods behind her back so that no one would know the answers she was carrying. That’s the beauty of a treasure hunt, your answers could also be in the form of food and drinks, frying pans or even cats litter!

Soon we were heading towards Jalan Travers in Brickfields, a colourful and happening little place for a different crowd. We walked along the kerb searching for clues again and it was not easy as the shops seem to have the same theme, this time Bollywood culture flashed across our vision. It appeared like the answers we wanted were everywhere. This caused some confusion to our already exhausted minds.

To sum it up, we found most of the questionnaires interesting and very tricky indeed. There were some thrilling moments when we got carried away and we felt as if we knew all the answers. But hey, life is not that simple! Most of what we deemed to be the correct answers turned out incorrect. We were of course shocked by our intellect.

After nearly three gruelling hours of driving and searching for clues, the hunt ended. There were no fights or arguments, only good comradeships prevail. Corrine said this was a very relaxed hunt as it was only for half a day. Does this mean that we have the brains for the making of future good hunters then? Oh, by the way, both teams didn’t even make it to the top 10 in correct answers. We had no qualms about not winning because we had such a glorious morning of fun and laughter. We are not daunted by small failures and I take comfort in what the late Richard Carlson used to say, “don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.”

Lunch was provided for in a restaurant nearby and later when we adjourned for dessert in McDonald’s the captains graciously came forward to thank us for participating and sought our opinions regarding the recent event. We only had one complaint and that was the poor quality and service of breakfast and lunch served. The three hunt captains are polite, friendly and speak English fluently. They are pretty cool too.

Would I be keen to participate in the next Treasure Hunt? I can’t wait! Tammy is currently in the process of registering for the next one which is organised by a well known group in town. Perhaps she should organise one for fellow PACM members.

Written by Linda Trivino
08 April 2008

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay

Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay from Dataran Merdeka to KLCC on Monday 21 April 2008. Photos by courtesy of Jason Lee, Hon You and WENG.

Click here for photos from Jason Lee - 132 photos

Click here for photos from Hon You - 69 photos

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shoe String Run - Part 2

Shoestring run: please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee.

Part 2 of 2... 163 photos.

Jason Chin, Tony and another runner

One of the youngest runners posing for the camera
The dynamic and helpful volunteers
Pacesetters runner, Daniel Tan
The leng chai runner


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Monday, April 21, 2008

ShoeString Run 2008

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee.

Part 1 of 2 contains 199 photo. Stay tune for Part 2 of 2.

A little warm-up exercise before the run
This is a charity and fun run organized by Touch n'Grow Community Support (TGCS). There were two catogories: 10km and 3km (family run). According to Tony Penguin-3, the event was well-organized. Staged within Kota kemuning of Shah Alam, the route was peaceful and scenic, ideal for a Sunday morning outing with the entire family.

For RM 10, a participant gets a blue T-shirt and after the race, there were lots of food from the sponsors.

TGCS is a not-for-profit community service centre, offers a variety of community service programmes catering to the holistic nurturing and development of individuals in families and in society, from all races and religion.

For more information, contact:
Emily Lee @ 012-331 6923
Chu Ooi Lin @ 012-3122 403



Father and Son Team A cute little runner with rosy face

Jonathan, New Balance Outlet Manager at The Gardens, Mid-Valley City, running with his family members
Brother and Sister in competition?
The confident runner

BRAVO to the paramedic team and the organizer!

Photographer: Jason Lee

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Olympic Torch Relay Fun 2008

Olympic Torch Relay Fun 2008: Sunday 20 April 2008 At Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur.

Please click here to view 184 photos by courtesy of Hon You.

Guest star by WENG

The Olympic Torch Relay Fun and Awareness Run 2008


Yeah, it reminds us that the Olympic is being held in Beijing, China

Honorary Secretary of OCM, Y. Bhg. Dato' Sieh Kok Chi

Photographer: Hon You

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1. ShoeString Charity Run - photos by Jason Lee

2. Actual Olympic Torch Run - photos by Jason Lee

3. Treasure Hunt - by Linda Trivino

4. Thre will be no postings for three weeks - Yours truly is going trekking in Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2008 Olympic Torch Relay Fun Run

There is an Olympic Torch Fun Run (5km) on this Sunday 20th April, 7.30 am at Dataran Merdeka. For RM15 you get a 100% cotton T-shirt limited to 2,000. The actual Torch relay is on Monday 21 April.

Please click here to go to OCM website and download entry form.
2008 Olympic Torch Relay Fun Run T-shirt. Event Date: 20 April and 21 April.
RMAF Half Marathon Run T-shirt... Event Date: Sunday 25 May 2008

Both photos are by courtesy of WENG.

Part 4 - Orange Run 2008

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee / Hon You in Orange Run 2008.

Nikon D70s... Part 1 of 2 (172 photos)... Part 2 of 2 (173 photos)

This is the final posting for Orange Run 2008. Have a good weekend.

This Sunday, there is also another run "The Shoestring Run" at Kota Kemuning. Click here for more details.

5.45 to 6.45 Registration
6.30 Warm-up by fitness First
7.00 Flag off for Open Run
7.10 Flag off for Family Run
8.30 Prize Giving

For inquiry, please contact Ms Ooi Lin @ 012-3122 403.


The venue for Orange Run 2008

The Happy Runners with Lee Yee Hua in the middle
The attractive Christine
GGG - Girl, Gadget, Gear (This term is coined by May Ching... here)
Approaching the finishing line

Rap stunt performance after the run... this time, it is the hand's turn... :-)

Hon You (with camera), Steven, Weng and other cheerful runners

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Battle Continues

Written by MMR

click here for preceding story ...

Whilst running with the Apprentice, we got to talk about a dear friend, Fiona, who unfortunately was a casualty in the injury department after a recent race where she stepped on a stone and fractured a bone in her foot and (her leg and foot) is currently in a cast. Our poor injured friend is starting to “itch” – she feels the itch to run and also the actual itch in the foot cast, and cannot wait to cut it open to scratch the itches!

Fiona also entered to run in the Sundown marathon. Treading between being overly cautious and also to ensure encouragement in this bleak period of injury, I am battling on how best to advise her to “forget” about the Sundown marathon lest sundown becomes a “sunset” for her running career! Better to forgo one war and win the final and long-term battle. I can only hope that the injury heals quickly and the doctor will advise her accordingly.
Plan B

Plan B dictated that I stop at about 12 km as I had many other plans and chores in the morning so I stopped running vowing to return in the evening. A short nap in the afternoon and I was up again getting dressed for my evening run. As I changed I thought "Gee, haven’t I already been through this ‘torture’ this morning?" Laziness set in again and again the brain and body is battling “to run or not to run?” Again, thankfully ‘good’ triumphs over ‘evil’ and the very thought that if I do not suffer now will mean that I will suffer later at the marathon certainly put a spring in my step.

A mid-day shower had cooled down the temperatures and it turned out to be a very good run in the evening. The legs were already "warmed up" from the morning run. Nothing beats running when one feels "in the mode" when running is effortless, breathing is even and leg turnover is fast and efficient - what a feeling! Wow! Total kilometers ran today 27 km, about 1 km short of target.
And so as runners and in our daily lives, we soldier through all our “battles”, be it in running or otherwise. With a fitter body and sound mind, soldiering on wisely and strongly, God willing, will hopefully ensure “victories” in all our battles, be it small or big. This coming weekend’s scheduled run is 32 km – a MAJOR battle. Hope I make it.

8 April 2008

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Orange Run 2008 - Part 3

Orange Run 2008 - Please click here to view photos by courtesy of Jason Lee.

Nikon D80 Part 1 of 3 (181 photos).

Next: Nikon D70s by Jason Lee and Hon You.

Feeling shy?

Cheng Cheng (D076) and friends

Goh CA - The fast runner of Pacesetters

Jason Thiang

Eric P10

Geraldine with the new hairstyle

Staying focus

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