Saturday, March 21, 2020

Gunung Jerai Hiking

Gunung Jerai (Kedah) hiking from 14-16 March 2020 ... this is a difficult trip to organize as it involved carpooling, and getting a driver that can drive long distance from Kuala Lumpur is not an easy task. 

After months of planning and organizing with changes in the participants, the trip was finally proceeded as planned amid the scare of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. We managed to return to Kuala Lumpur just before the lockdown on 18 March 2020, Wedn.

Special thanks to ChewSC, who led the team in the trails.

Do CLICK HERE to view 208 high-resolution photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.

The main activities were:

(1) Hiking Puteri Mandi Waterfall – that was a challenging trail as the rocky terrain was quite steep, one required both hands to pull one up. 
 The trail head to Puteri Mandi Waterfall
 Giant tree along the trail
 Puteri Mandi Waterfall - a huge area
 Due to the dry season, not much water is flowing
Partial group photo at Puteri Mandi Waterfall

(2) Hiking up Gunung Jerai from Titi Hayun trailhead – the first part of the trail involved almost one thousand concrete steps in ascending the steep slope, followed by jungle trails gradually gaining elevation; and almost reaching the resorts, there was a small waterfall where one can have a dip in the cold water. 
 A group photo at Regency Jerai Hill Resort before we were been transferred to the trail head
 At Titi Hayun trail head
The waterfall just before arriving at peak
Arriving at the peak where Regency Jerai Hill Resort is located ... (left) Ivy Wong, Michelle Wong, Shu-Lin, Emily Kam
Putting up a night at the executive units

(3) Overnight at the posh Regency Jerai Hill Resort – this is my favourite resort, overlooking the horizon for its beautiful sunset and sunrise.
 Not much vibrant colour of the sunset at around 7:00 p.m.
 A group photo just before the dinner
 At around 7:30 p.m. while we were having dinner, a colourful hue of the sunset appeared across the sky
 Sunrise the following morning ... photo shoot from the balcony of the room
 Regency Jerai Hill Resort
 Regency Jerai Hill Resort
Yeah! We love Jerai Hill! We will sure to return!

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Royal Belum

An enjoyable and relaxing 3D2N Royal Belum trip from 7-9 March 2020 with USJ Zhineng chi gong friends. Located in northern Perak, Royal Belum State Park is 4 times the size of Singapore.

Do CLICK HERE to view 216 high resolution photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.
 Royal Belum jetty

The food cook by the Chinese operator was excellent - almost equivalent to 5-star hotel standard ! The houseboat operator, Mr Kenny, will be acquiring a brand new houseboat that can take 40 persons; he can be contacted at 019-488 9338.
This is a simple, practical and nice-looking houseboat that we spent the 3D2N comfortably on Royal Belum lake

The activities:

Day 1: Visit Orang Asli kampung; jungle trekking at Sungai Kooi; water recreational activity;

Day 2: Sightseeing ride at Sungai Papan; Sungai Ruok waterfall; water recreational activity;

Day 3: Sightseeing at Temengor Hydro-Electric station; Norway fish farm; Pulau Tali Kail.
 All ladies pose ... the platform in front of the houseboat is useful
 A group photo at the front of the houseboat
 Whenever the houseboat travels, it will pull along 5 speed boats and 3 bamboo rafts
 Simple and practical set up of the houseboat where one can have 360° view of the lake.There is a good karaoke system on board of the houseboat. And singing in the middle of the lake has a different feel whether it is day time or at night 
 Water recreational activity in the evening 
 Sunset on Day 2 evening
 Everyone was happy with the good food offered during the 3D2N trip
 Day 1: Visit Orang Asli kampung
 Day 1: jungle trekking at Sungai Kooi
 Day 2: Sightseeing ride at Sungai Papan
 Day 2: Sungai Ruok waterfall
 Day 3: Sightseeing at Temengor Hydro-Electric station
 Day 3: Norway fish farm
Day 3: Pulau Tali Kail

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Sunday, March 01, 2020

Gunung Berembun (Jelebu) Hike

I last hiked at Gunung Berembun on 16 Jan 2016, a lapse of 4 years. The previous time, it was after a heavy rain the day before and the ground was wet and slippery. This time, it was completely dry. Together with ChanHN and Kean Joo's Hike for Health group, we hiked this mountain again on Saturday, 29 Feb 2020. Since this is a leap year, we need another 4 years to be able to hike on the same date again.

Do CLICK HERE to view 67 high-resolution photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.
A mega group photo of 45 hikers at the trail head

Registration – register and pay RM5 on-site for each hiker. For bigger group, it is recommended to get ready the name list to speed up the process. Necessary details: name, IC, handphone number; emergency contact: name, handphone number, relationship is optional.
The older and bigger tree trunk was collapsed; highlighted in red is the other half of the older trunk.

Crossing the river – the big trunk spanned across the length of the river has been collapsed. Instead, it was replaced by a newer and smaller tree trunk; it is not easy to walk the entire length.

Gua Kambing – it is much cleaner without all the kitchen utensils.

Crash site – only a few of the members went to the crash site; the return trip back to the peak required two hours.
A genius idea by Michelle Wong and Joanne Lim ... inching slowing with the buttocks in crossing the river

Detailed Timing: 
Start: 8:15 am
Arrive at river crossing: 9:00 am 
Arrive at Gua Kambing: 10:15 am; rest for 15 minutes;
Arrive at peak: 11:20 am; rest until 12:30pm then descent the hill;
Back at Gua Kambing again: 1:25 pm;
Back at river crossing: 2:15 pm;
Back at trail head: 3:30 pm.
A good landmark for taking photo

In summary:
Time require from start to peak: 3 hours;
Rest for 1 hour;
Time require from peak to trail head: 3 hours;

Total = 7 hours.
Taking a breather at Gua Kambing

How to get there:
type following search keys in Google Maps:

(1) Gunung Berembun Trailhead;

(2) Kedai Makan Dan Minum Abdullah (Kodai Dol) - for breakfast; next to it is a Chinse coffeeshop. Opposite is a public toilet.
Boiling water and making hot drinks at the Berembun peak
A group photo before we descent the mountain

Do click here to view the previous trip in 2016.

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