Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Langtang Trekking (Nepal) 2012 - Invitation

I am forming a team to go trekking in Nepal 2012 next year.
After much discussion with Mr Cheban, the trekking agent in Nepal, I have decided to trek at Langtang (5,000m).
Plan date: 13 to 28 October 2012
Duration: 16 days (with 13 days of trekking to explore the valleys, lakes, magnificent views of the ice-capped Himalayan mountains)
If you are interested, do indicate/contact me at:

Minimum Fitness and Altitude Requirements:
1. You have trekked up to 4,000 meters or higher (eg. Mount Kinabalu)
2. Good fitness level and active (that you like trekking or running)
3. You must be able to attend a minimum of three group trainings (by 31 Dec 2011) for selection process into the team
4. Age limit applies
Ballpark or estimates of trekking fees: less than USD 1,000 (included hotels, lodges, guides, porters, meals, transport). To determine more accurate fees next year.
The other good season to trek in Nepal is in spring (mid-March to mid-April); alternatively, if you could only go in spring, form another group and go in spring of 2012.
Do click here for a glimpse of the captivating scenery of Langtang (by other trekkers):

Note: for the 16-day trekking, you only need to apply 9 working days' leaves (26 Oct 2012 is a holiday) 

Langtang Itinerary
Day 01 :  Arrive Kathmandu (1350m.)  Over-night O/N hotel (D) Arrive Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel, final prepration of the trekking Welcome Dinner.
Day 02 :  Drive – Dunche (1960m.) – Syabrubesi (8 hrs.) (1460m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 03 :  Syabrubensi – Lama Hotel (5 hrs.) (2470m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 04 :  Lama Hotel -Langtang Valley (5.30 hrs.) (3430m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 05 :  Langtang valley to Kyanjing Gompa (4 hrs.) (3870m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 06 :  Explore Langshisa Kharka and O/N Kyanjing Gompa (7 hrs.) (4080m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 07 :  Visit Tserko Ri (4984m.) & Kyanjin Ri (4773m.), O/N Kyanjing Gompa (7 hrs.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 08 :  Kyanjing Gompa trek back to Lama hotel (7 hrs.) (2470m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 09 :  Lama hotel to Sing Gompa (8 hrs.) (3330 m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 10 :  Sing Gompa - Gosainkunda (5 hrs.) (4380 m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 11 :  Gosainkund - Thare Pati (7 hrs.) (3690m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 12 :  Thare Pati - Gul Bhanyjang (6 hrs.) (2130m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 13 :  Gul Bhanjyanj - Chisopani (4.30 hrs.) (2194m.) O/N lodge (B L D)
Day 14 :  Chisapani – Kathmandu (5 hrs.) (1350m.) O/N hotel (B L D)
Day 15 :  Kathmandu free and O/N hotel (B  D) Free day in Kathmandu. Farewell dinner in the evening. 
Day 16 :  Kathmandu-Airport-Transfer

Do view photos and stories of my previous group trekking trip to Mount Everest Base Camp (5,500 m) in 2009 ... click here.

If you would like to contact Cheban to enquire other trekking trips, he can be contacted at: manaslutrek@wlink.com.np

or click at icon leading to his website (at top right of this blogsite).
Note: photos of Langtang shown here are extracted from internet; thanks to the original photographers.

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apek-Saga Hills Trail Running

We did quite a long distance of trail running at Apek-Saga Hill on Saturday, 27 August 2011. That morning, the ground was damp after the previous day's rain, but the air was very fresh in the hill – excellent!
Unlike Gunung Nuang that has a gradual slope for warming up, the terrain here is going steep uphill first follows by flat plateau at the top. As usual, we went up via the Latuk (Dato') Trail. At Station 5, we met Jason Lee and Kelly Hoh' big group of trekkers who were going to Saga Hill Rest Area to celebrate birthday for Elaine. Due to the wet ground, we did not descend to the waterfall area.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

  Back (left): KC Leong, ChongYF, SC Yong, Leong WW, TeeEK, Edwin Goh
Front: Kristy Chew, Elaine, Linda Liu, Foong Yee, Lai Kuan, Patricia Yap.

At Saga Hill, we continued the trail running by proceeding to the metal Pyramid area; then run down Saga Hill. Almost at the base, we went up to Saga Hill Rest Area again. That was tough!

After all the fun of mingling with Kelly Hoh’s trekker friends, eating birthday cake, participating in the hoola hoop demo, etc, we returned to Apek Hill via a different path. At mid-hill, we met Germaine and her group who were trekking up and going to the waterfall area. During the brief exchange of pleasantry, I was worried when I heard, “Eileen was lost ...” It turned out that Eileen lost her direction and could not arrive at the trail head of Apek Hill on time despite much of her effort wanting to trek there ... :-)

The birthday girl – Elaine (in yellow T-shirt) ... the cake was carried all the way from base by Kelly Hoh’s group of trekkers
Back: Foong Yee, Patricia yap, TeeEK; Front: Jayne Aw, Kristy Chew, Elaine, Kelly Hoh, KC ... this photo courtesy of Kelly Hoh.

As you can see, there were quite a hype of activities there on that morning.
The most satisfying moment was when we arrived at Station 6; seeing us running out of the trail, the other lady trekkers there were saying that these people were very Keng Chow.


Poetry in motion – Hoola hoop in a string of heavy, giant beads. Foong Yee in action much to the admiration of the other guys.

We met Germaine (3rd from left) and her group at mid-hill.

 This is the uncle who sings in Apek Hill with a powerful voice that vibrate with resonance ... flank by two pretty fans ... :-)

Still with lots of energy after the trail running session ... Foong Yee, Lai Kuan and Patricia Yap.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Running Tights and Compression Pants

"Not tight enough," the Malay lady shop assistant said, "you need size XS (extra small) for this compression shorts." I was testing a size M (medium) 2XU compression shorts; it was quite a mental and cultural shock for me to be advised to down-size three sizes smaller. All these while, I am wearing the loose running shorts of size L (large).

On Saturday 20 August 2011, I was supposed to take Cheban, the Nepal trekking agent for shopping. He wanted to buy a watch and a camcorder to take home. While passing by Federal Highway, I detour to The Gardens, Mid-valley to buy running tights and compression shorts – the in-thing for runners these days.

I went to Adidas, Nike, Mizuno, New Balance, 2XU, and Salomon shops to look around. What amazes me is the 2XU shop. Their normal tights are selling at RM 200! The compression shorts are selling at RM 300. For the long pants, it is RM 500 or higher – even more expansive than a high-end running shoes! Interesting observation: the shorts are labelled “Made in China”. So before I made a graceful exit, I asked the shop assistant what is the meaning of '2XU'. Since she could not answer, I quipped, "To Compress You" which is exactly the main concept of the compression shorts.

Salomon tights is slightly longer, material is slightly thicker compare to Mizuno that has a distinctive blue strip that enhance the look.
With the XS size, everything is solidly compressed or squeezed including the butts and the 'brudder' ... :-) After years of running, I would have burn away much fat at the bottom; compress some more, nothing is left to see ... :-) Of course, the challenge to the manufacturer/inventor is to compress those that require compression; those not supposed are to be exempted - that would be another technological breakthrough ... :-)

Finally, a logical change from the loose running shorts would be the normal running tights for me. I bought one each from Mizuno and Salomon.

Yours truly (KC)

Comments by Mak:

Welcome to the Compression club. You will love it and some other will love after you wear it ... he he [I am not sure the word 'you' is inadvertently left out after the word 'love' since Mak replied via BlackBerry ... :-) ]. According to unconfirmed sources, he wrote that
the compression effect may not be good for young men as it may impede the ability to produce.

Written by KC Leong


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Puchong Hill Trail Running

(Left): Lai Kuan, Adeline Lee, MakCK, Raymond Ng, Mark BG, KC Leong

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC) and Yong Hong Chye

 Take a break ... have a photo session. (This photo courtesy of Yong Hong Chye).

 At the Puchong Hill pristine waterfall

 Crystal clear water ... Adeline Lee is refreshing herself while Lai Kuan and Mark BG look on

Yours truly, Mak CK, Mark BG and Lai Kuan

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Batu Caves Steps Training

The steps training at Batu Caves on Saturday morning, 13 August 2011 was staged as planned, minus the presence of yours truly (KC) ... :-)

Here are the photos by courtesy of ChooTS. After a downpour the evening before, all outdoor activities on the following morning would be nice and cool, and the air would be fresh. 
Patricia – posing cheerfully for the camera

 The devotees and the sportsmen

 Front: Patricia and Annie Lim
ChooTS, LeongWW, TeeEK, ChongYF, Moey and Lim.

The monkeys here are busy too – looking for food.

Do click here for previous postings at Batu Caves ... scroll down the web pages.

On Friday (12 Aug), my lunch kaki and I went to an Indian restaurant near Putrajaya to eat Indian food for lunch. Three hours after that, I felt cold and shivering in the office, never before I felt that cold. Then the slight fever came at night. I sent out notification informing the rest that I could not go for the steps training. Then I have the diarrhea on Saturday - I think I have mild food-poisoning. If you refer to page 37 in today’s Sunday Star about Typhoid Fever, a few of the symptoms do sound similiar, though on a lesser scale.

On a lighter note, if that lunch did not take place, then there should have another photo here savouring the Indian specialties at the eatery centres within the compound of Batu Caves.
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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Passing of Tan Chee Wee

We have just been informed of the passing of one of the ex-KL Penguin Runners, Brother Tan Chee Wee, who passed away this morning in his house on Tuesday, 9 August 2011.

Let us join in expressing our deepest sympathies and condolences to members of his family on their sad loss.

He left behind his beloved wife and three young children.

The funeral wake will be at his house in the hometown of Sungei Pelek.

Note: Sungai Pelek is located near to Bagan Lalang beach and Golden Coast Sepang, in the district of Sepang in Selangor

By Anonymous: It is with deep regret that I share that Tan Chee Wee has passed away suddenly today, August 9, 2011. He was truly a great guy, simple and humble, with a deep passion for running. May his soul rest in peace.

Tan Chee Wee crossing the finishing line in the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2007. Photo courtesy of Jason Lee.

Do click following links below to have a glimpse of the good old days in running and the race reports written by Tan Chee Wee. His favourite code name is 'Penguin-11'.

The Best Action Shot for KLIM 2007 ... click here

Casual Run at Sepang Gold Coast, CheeWee's Hometown ... click here

Chee Wee can be seen here running in Standard Chartered KL Marathon on 26 June 2011. He is wearing a white vest and a blue running shorts. Photos courtesy of Ben Swee ... click here (Facebook).

P.A.R. (Sunday, 04 June 2006) ... click here

Great Eastern - Pacesetters 30km Run (25 Jan 2006) ... click here

A Hot Putrajaya Marathon (Sunday, 11 Sept 2005) ... click here

Putrajaya Half Marathon (Sunday, 11 Sept 2005) ... click here

KL Marathon (Sunday, 28 June 2009) ... click here

Shape Run (Sunday, 24 August 2008) ... click here

KLIM 2007 - The Journey Continues ... click here

Photo Shoot of Great Eastern - Pacesetters 30km Course ... click here

Pacesetters 30km Training Run (Sunday, 13 November 2005) ... click here

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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Trail Running at Puchong Hill

The group went for a trail running at Puchong Hill led by our star trail runner, Edwin Goh, on Saturday morning, 6 August 2011.
We went beyond the standard loop. The most satisfying discovery at the end of the extended trail was the mini waterfall within the restricted area of UPM (University Pertanian Malaysia).
That was my first time going to the waterfall in Puchong Hill. Though the scale of the waterfall is small, but the water is clear and pristine.
I like running in Puchong Hill. Other than the fresh air, with the numerous uphill and downhill, it is also a test of swift manoeuvring skill among the many bends and avoid hitting the tress along the trail. When running fast, that can be tough.

Back (left):ChooTS, Edwin Goh, Oliver, PK Chan, Lai Kuan, George, Sofia, TeeEK
Front: Elvi Boon, C_Peng, Polaris Chin, Eileen, KC Leong

Do click here to view the photo album with photos taken by yours truly (KC) ... click Slideshow.

Edwin Goh, KC Leong and Yim. We met Yim, a famous runner donning sarong when running, at the extended trail; he was exploring the hill also.
Yim, Lai Kuan, KC Leong, PK Chan, TeeEK

The waterfall in UPM forest reserve, Puchong Hill.

Edwin Goh told us this funny story: Not long ago, a group of Iranian lecturers came to UPM; the UPM lecturers were most delighted to show the Iranian counterparts the pristine waterfall in the compound of UPM. When they arrived here, they were shock to see many trekkers swimming in the pool, having picnic and have a good time there.
Okay, when you come here next time, do keep the place clean. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but your footprints!! 
Warning: if you are lucky to meet the UPM rangers/guards, be prepared to be reprimanded – you will be FINED !! 

 Yim - feeding many of the small fishes in the pool
 Colourful mushroom along the trail ... photo courtesy of Elvi
With Elvi at the mini waterfall ... photo courtesy of Elvi

Eight of us went for a brunch at Puchong Eatery Centre – The Bitter Gourd Restaurant ... with the bitter gourd soup.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Segambut Charity Park Run 2011

 Event: Segambut Charity Park Run 2011
Date: Sunday, 31 July 2011
Venue: Desa Park, Kuala Lumpur

Please click here to view photos by courtesy of SCHOnline ...
click here for Part 1,
click here for Part 2.

Yim Yim Boey
 Vivienne Loo


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