Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apek-Saga Hills Trail Running

We did quite a long distance of trail running at Apek-Saga Hill on Saturday, 27 August 2011. That morning, the ground was damp after the previous day's rain, but the air was very fresh in the hill – excellent!
Unlike Gunung Nuang that has a gradual slope for warming up, the terrain here is going steep uphill first follows by flat plateau at the top. As usual, we went up via the Latuk (Dato') Trail. At Station 5, we met Jason Lee and Kelly Hoh' big group of trekkers who were going to Saga Hill Rest Area to celebrate birthday for Elaine. Due to the wet ground, we did not descend to the waterfall area.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

  Back (left): KC Leong, ChongYF, SC Yong, Leong WW, TeeEK, Edwin Goh
Front: Kristy Chew, Elaine, Linda Liu, Foong Yee, Lai Kuan, Patricia Yap.

At Saga Hill, we continued the trail running by proceeding to the metal Pyramid area; then run down Saga Hill. Almost at the base, we went up to Saga Hill Rest Area again. That was tough!

After all the fun of mingling with Kelly Hoh’s trekker friends, eating birthday cake, participating in the hoola hoop demo, etc, we returned to Apek Hill via a different path. At mid-hill, we met Germaine and her group who were trekking up and going to the waterfall area. During the brief exchange of pleasantry, I was worried when I heard, “Eileen was lost ...” It turned out that Eileen lost her direction and could not arrive at the trail head of Apek Hill on time despite much of her effort wanting to trek there ... :-)

The birthday girl – Elaine (in yellow T-shirt) ... the cake was carried all the way from base by Kelly Hoh’s group of trekkers
Back: Foong Yee, Patricia yap, TeeEK; Front: Jayne Aw, Kristy Chew, Elaine, Kelly Hoh, KC ... this photo courtesy of Kelly Hoh.

As you can see, there were quite a hype of activities there on that morning.
The most satisfying moment was when we arrived at Station 6; seeing us running out of the trail, the other lady trekkers there were saying that these people were very Keng Chow.


Poetry in motion – Hoola hoop in a string of heavy, giant beads. Foong Yee in action much to the admiration of the other guys.

We met Germaine (3rd from left) and her group at mid-hill.

 This is the uncle who sings in Apek Hill with a powerful voice that vibrate with resonance ... flank by two pretty fans ... :-)

Still with lots of energy after the trail running session ... Foong Yee, Lai Kuan and Patricia Yap.

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Foong Yee Tang said...

Thank you so much KC and friends for your effort in the blog and photographs! I have totally enjoyed the run, the photograph sessions as much as viewing the post and the photos!! Thanks to Pat, Lai Kuan and gang for the posing enthusiasm and encouragement :) Looking forward to have more fun sessions with you guys...