Sunday, August 07, 2011

Trail Running at Puchong Hill

The group went for a trail running at Puchong Hill led by our star trail runner, Edwin Goh, on Saturday morning, 6 August 2011.
We went beyond the standard loop. The most satisfying discovery at the end of the extended trail was the mini waterfall within the restricted area of UPM (University Pertanian Malaysia).
That was my first time going to the waterfall in Puchong Hill. Though the scale of the waterfall is small, but the water is clear and pristine.
I like running in Puchong Hill. Other than the fresh air, with the numerous uphill and downhill, it is also a test of swift manoeuvring skill among the many bends and avoid hitting the tress along the trail. When running fast, that can be tough.

Back (left):ChooTS, Edwin Goh, Oliver, PK Chan, Lai Kuan, George, Sofia, TeeEK
Front: Elvi Boon, C_Peng, Polaris Chin, Eileen, KC Leong

Do click here to view the photo album with photos taken by yours truly (KC) ... click Slideshow.

Edwin Goh, KC Leong and Yim. We met Yim, a famous runner donning sarong when running, at the extended trail; he was exploring the hill also.
Yim, Lai Kuan, KC Leong, PK Chan, TeeEK

The waterfall in UPM forest reserve, Puchong Hill.

Edwin Goh told us this funny story: Not long ago, a group of Iranian lecturers came to UPM; the UPM lecturers were most delighted to show the Iranian counterparts the pristine waterfall in the compound of UPM. When they arrived here, they were shock to see many trekkers swimming in the pool, having picnic and have a good time there.
Okay, when you come here next time, do keep the place clean. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but your footprints!! 
Warning: if you are lucky to meet the UPM rangers/guards, be prepared to be reprimanded – you will be FINED !! 

 Yim - feeding many of the small fishes in the pool
 Colourful mushroom along the trail ... photo courtesy of Elvi
With Elvi at the mini waterfall ... photo courtesy of Elvi

Eight of us went for a brunch at Puchong Eatery Centre – The Bitter Gourd Restaurant ... with the bitter gourd soup.

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Anonymous said...

If UPM starts monitoring this blog they can start looking out for 'haram' trekkers :P

Looks like a nice trail!

- SCHOnline

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

ha ha ha... yes, it is a nice trail for off road running.

Anonymous said...

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