Sunday, August 14, 2011

Batu Caves Steps Training

The steps training at Batu Caves on Saturday morning, 13 August 2011 was staged as planned, minus the presence of yours truly (KC) ... :-)

Here are the photos by courtesy of ChooTS. After a downpour the evening before, all outdoor activities on the following morning would be nice and cool, and the air would be fresh. 
Patricia – posing cheerfully for the camera

 The devotees and the sportsmen

 Front: Patricia and Annie Lim
ChooTS, LeongWW, TeeEK, ChongYF, Moey and Lim.

The monkeys here are busy too – looking for food.

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On Friday (12 Aug), my lunch kaki and I went to an Indian restaurant near Putrajaya to eat Indian food for lunch. Three hours after that, I felt cold and shivering in the office, never before I felt that cold. Then the slight fever came at night. I sent out notification informing the rest that I could not go for the steps training. Then I have the diarrhea on Saturday - I think I have mild food-poisoning. If you refer to page 37 in today’s Sunday Star about Typhoid Fever, a few of the symptoms do sound similiar, though on a lesser scale.

On a lighter note, if that lunch did not take place, then there should have another photo here savouring the Indian specialties at the eatery centres within the compound of Batu Caves.
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