Saturday, January 25, 2014

USJ Annual Dinner (Part 2)

Continuation … Zhineng Qigong USJ Centres Annual Dinner at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant, The Summit USJ on 18 January 2014, Saturday.

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Edwin Khor proposing a toast ... Cheers to good health and practising chi gong together :-)

 Certification of appreciation from the President for achieving the long period of practising chi gong. Quite interestingly, all are ladies.

 Samantha in the singing contest

 Another participant in the singing contest

 This table is in favour to vote for contestant Number D

 Doing the Macarena dance steps together

 Why the present of three Bangladeshi guys in this function? ... do view the photos in the photo album for answers

 Lots of lucky draws .. Chen is drawing some of the lucky participants

 The 2014 USJ Annual Dinner Organizing Committee members … (yours truly, KC Leong, the cameraman, standing at the rightmost of the back row).

Happily concluding this fun-filled annual dinner … see you again!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Zhineng Qigong USJ Annual Dinner

A fun-filled evening with performances, songs, dances, games, lucky draws, and not forgetting the good food ... an annual dinner organized by Zhineng Qigong USJ Centres at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant, The Summit USJ on 18 January 2014, Saturday. The theme for the night was Aloha Night where the participants were encouraged to dress in Hawaii style.

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of photos album.

 The macho and fierce-looking Haka Hawaii Warriors

 The dazzling and vibrant Hawaiian dancers

 The Haka Hawaii Warriors dance with a few of the laoshi (sifu) as dancers

 The Aloha dance

Initiating the start sequence for dinner - the Hawaiian style

The event is graced by Hannah Yeoh, current Speaker and a member of the Selangor State Assembly

 and also Gan Meng Foo (2nd from left) from MCA.

 Laoshi and VIP Guests – This event is graced by Ms Hannah Yeoh, current Speaker and a member of the Selangor State Assembly (seated, 2nd from right); Mr Gan Meng Foo (seated, 2nd from left) from MCA; Mr Ken Chia, MPSJ Councillor (seated, right); and Liow Kim Heng laoshi, PSZQM President (back row, 3rd from right).

Aloha Night … Annual dinner by Zhineng Qigong USJ Centres

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bukit Lagong Exploratory Trail Run

The group went for an exploratory trail run at Bukit Lagon, Selayang on 14 January 2014, Tuesday which is a public holiday. Led by Chong YF, we traversed beyond the Orang Asli Settlement, where he stopped there during his previous recce of the location. 

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 A group photo near to the car cark

The first 2km was running on tar road passing by an orchard planted with many durian and mangosteen trees. Beyond that point, we were running on trails. After the previous evening’s rain, the ground was soft; the air was fresh and cool, superb for trail running. 

We ran and ran and ran with full energy and enthusiasm not knowing where we were heading to. We hope to see anywhere near to FRIM since Bukit Lagon is just next to FRIM, Kepong. ChongYF quipped that if we ever reach FRIM, then we may have to take a taxi back to our cars. 

Running along the Orang Asli Settlement Area

Along the way, there were many split trails and we have to set the markers for our returning journey. We also saw the paper trails set by Black Rabbit and Red Rabbit hashers groups which we tried to follow. We have to backtrack twice as we were heading to areas where the trails were faded on sight. With my Garmin GPS-enabled watch, I was paying attention of the distance that we ran. I target to return to base when we hit the 10km mark. With the backtrack, that would be a total distance of 20km. 

One of the split trails

While we were heading deep into the jungle with the disappearing trail at about 8km mark, we immediately consulted the latest technology gadget to determine our location and bearing. With a backtracking, we were able to identify the nearest and an abandon tar road. Having run for about 10 minutes, we were happy to see cars passing by at a road about 200 meters in front. On approaching the tar road, we were surprise to see our cars that were parked at the car park. We actually made a round trip to return to the starting point without having to backtrack another 8km from where we started.

We were surprise to see our cars from a distance

The group ran a distance of 8.8 km in 2 hours inclusive of time spent in looking for the right trails to emerge from the jungle. More exploratory trips are needed to ascertain whether there is a connecting trail between Bukit Lagong and FRIM.

From the map, Bukit Lagong is quite near to FRIM

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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

FRIM Trail Running

The group went for a good and fun trail running at FRIM on Day 001 of a brand new year 2014. We started the run from Dream Trail, traversed the mandering trail and emerged at Rover Track; we went up to Canopy Trail, then connect to Pacat Trail and proceed to Steroid Hill, and ended at Salem High Country. We returned via Mountain Bike Track for a distance of about 15km that took about 3 hours of while waiting for the entire group to run as one team. 

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(Back, left) Fendy, Soh, Michelle, Raymond, ChongYF, KC Leong ... Lorna Wong, Lai Peng, Ridzuan, Saharol

 At Canopy Walk area

 Running towards Steroid Hill area

 The group at Steroid Hill area

 Looking for ripe rambutan

The Clubhouse in FRIM; it is closed on Public Holidays 

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