Saturday, January 25, 2014

USJ Annual Dinner (Part 2)

Continuation … Zhineng Qigong USJ Centres Annual Dinner at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant, The Summit USJ on 18 January 2014, Saturday.

Do click here to view Part 2 of photos album (137 photos) courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

Edwin Khor proposing a toast ... Cheers to good health and practising chi gong together :-)

 Certification of appreciation from the President for achieving the long period of practising chi gong. Quite interestingly, all are ladies.

 Samantha in the singing contest

 Another participant in the singing contest

 This table is in favour to vote for contestant Number D

 Doing the Macarena dance steps together

 Why the present of three Bangladeshi guys in this function? ... do view the photos in the photo album for answers

 Lots of lucky draws .. Chen is drawing some of the lucky participants

 The 2014 USJ Annual Dinner Organizing Committee members … (yours truly, KC Leong, the cameraman, standing at the rightmost of the back row).

Happily concluding this fun-filled annual dinner … see you again!

Do click here to view Part 1.

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