Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gunung Berembun Jelebu Trekking

Gunung Berembun Jelebu (Negeri Sembilan) trekking on Saturday, 16 Jan 2016 ... One way to the peak is about 4 hours; another hour is required to arrive at the World War II plane crashed site. The trails are pleasant, clean and straight, and bright with abundance of sunlight. At many parts of the trails, there are patches of sand on the ground. There are many streams to cross but one can still maintain the shoes dry by landing on the rocks. On fitness level, one has to be fit in order to reach the plane crashed site. For first-timer trekker, it is recommended to stop at the peak (as to-and-fro is another 2 hours going through uphill and downhill). For those who find that Gunung Angsi or Gunung Datuk are too short, this is definitely a good mountain to trek.

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 A group photo at trail head ... (left) LimHY and friend, Kelvin Lee, Bruno, Yoke Leng, Dphany, Voon Lee, Shu-Lin, Yana, Ivy Wong, KhooBY, KC Leong

Trail Head:
a. GPS Coordinates: 2.801721, 102.022523 ... 2° 48' 06.2"N 102° 01' 21.1"E
b. The trail is just next to an electric power transformer sub-station
c. Park cars by the road side; no one is guarding
d. Just next to the car park is a river where you can freshen up 
 Crossing the river - this is an important turning

The Trails:
a. After 30 meters from the trail head, turn right and go up the hill
b. One must cross the river using the fallen tree (a big log; photo above)
c. After crossing the river, the trail is on your left (about 10 o'clock direction)
d. Overall, the trails are clear and in one continuous path
e. Trail head to Gua Kambing is gradually going uphill
f. After Gua Kambing, steep uphill climb assisted by rope (wear glove)
 At Gua Kambing - complete with post box and WiFi signage. The trails are fairly easy until this point; steep uphill climb after this point.


Starting at 207 meter, the highest point is 1047 meters. The difficulty level is something similar to going up Kem Pacat of Gunung Nuang. The trail leading to Gua Kambing is run-able for trail running. Round-trip distance to plane crashed site is 18.5km
 At the peak of Berembun mountain

Getting There From Kuala Lumpur:
Start at The Mines Shopping Complex along Lebuhraya SILK, exit at 1804A (Semenyih/Seremban) and connect to LEKAS highway. Exit at Ampangan 2106 of LEKAS highway. Turn left and follow Jalan Jelebu to arrive at Kampung Baru Pantai.
 Everyone is busy doing something here at Berembun

The Town: 
It is called Kampung Baru Pantai; a mosque (Masjid Kariah Pantai) is located on the left of the road. There is a coffee shop just before the mosque; opposite is a newly built but small public toilet. It is a Y-fork in front (100 meters), take the right fork to trail head. 
 A very popular signage with the trekkers after having trekked thus far ... Ivy Wong, Yana and Shu-Lin
Flank by the ladies, our mountain teh tarik sifu showing the superb tarik skill
 I wish I could also do the same  :-)
 Posing with Hiking and Camping Around M'sia group
 A group photo at Berembun peak
 A unique trekking gear that attracts attention
 At the World War II plane crashed site
 The site showing the engine ... it was raining at 1:00 p.m. for more than one hour
 Another area showing the fuselage
 Back at Gua Kambing - meeting another group of campers 
Sumptuous dinner at Seremban town recommended by Kelvin Lee (not in photo); the price is very reasonable here.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gunung Nuang

Trail running and trekking at Gunung Nuang on Saturday, 9 Jan 2016 ... we were surprised that the trails were dry despite the daily evening rain in Kuala Lumpur. It was a sunny morning with the blue and cloudless sky. After Kem Lolo heading towards Kem Pacat, it was windy and dry, a sign that Chinese New Year is around the corner. With the sweat and breeze, it was very cooling; and Dphany and Lana even have to put on the windbreakers at Kem Pacat. The next best thing was that there was not a single leech!

Eric Wong, Khoo Ban Yu and a few aspired to go the peak, while LimHY would target to do Kem Pacat twice (from car park); the rest would just arrived at Kem Pact and spent much time relaxing in the stream at Kem Lolo.

After a few trail running events having been staged at Gunung Nuang, the trails were wide and clear - good for all difficult levels of training. I saw not less than 10 trail runners having their training there in solo.

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 The signature sign post 
 At the last pondok area before the actual ascent
 At the signature tree of Kem Pacat
 Khoo Ban Yu with his teh tarik stall; tea tastes specially good after trekking up the mountains for hours
 Dphany and Lana
Lana with the elegant pose
 A unique and colourful plant, good colour for Chinese New Year
 At Kem Lolo stream
Adjourn for late lunch at Fish Farm Thai Restaurant (somewhere near to Ampang Lookout Point)

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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Apik Hill

Apik Hill leisure trail running /trekking on Saturday, 2 January 2016 ... total distance covered was 10km in 4 hours while enjoying the outdoor facilities and water activities at the waterfall.

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Group photo at the barren ground of Apik Hill for construction of pylons
Shu-Lin with the striking red T-shirt 
The clearing enables views seen from afar
At Station 6 - behind the bench is the den where wild boars come here for food 
Ivy having an ice-cold isotonic drinks chilled by Lana
At the waterfall of Apik Hill ... quite crowded that morning
I presume Jane use these woody vines to swing from trees to trees  :-)

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KLCC Fireworks

Taking photos of fireworks at KLCC on the new year's eve ... Wishing you a blissful, healthy, energetic and a Happy New Year 2016. 

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Puchong Hill Trail run

Trail running at Puchong hill on Saturday, 26 Dec 2015 with ChowKF and Peter Low as team leads.

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 Stars War at Puchong Hill with ChowKF and William Chin
 (left) Peter Low, ChowKF, William Chin, Eric Wong, Felicia Low, Stanley Ho, Yoke Leng, Bruno, KC
 Having a refreshing dip in the pool
 Post-Christmas cheers! 
 At the orang asli hut area
The Blue Lagoon 

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