Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gunung Nuang

Trail running and trekking at Gunung Nuang on Saturday, 9 Jan 2016 ... we were surprised that the trails were dry despite the daily evening rain in Kuala Lumpur. It was a sunny morning with the blue and cloudless sky. After Kem Lolo heading towards Kem Pacat, it was windy and dry, a sign that Chinese New Year is around the corner. With the sweat and breeze, it was very cooling; and Dphany and Lana even have to put on the windbreakers at Kem Pacat. The next best thing was that there was not a single leech!

Eric Wong, Khoo Ban Yu and a few aspired to go the peak, while LimHY would target to do Kem Pacat twice (from car park); the rest would just arrived at Kem Pact and spent much time relaxing in the stream at Kem Lolo.

After a few trail running events having been staged at Gunung Nuang, the trails were wide and clear - good for all difficult levels of training. I saw not less than 10 trail runners having their training there in solo.

Do CLICK HERE here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).

 The signature sign post 
 At the last pondok area before the actual ascent
 At the signature tree of Kem Pacat
 Khoo Ban Yu with his teh tarik stall; tea tastes specially good after trekking up the mountains for hours
 Dphany and Lana
Lana with the elegant pose
 A unique and colourful plant, good colour for Chinese New Year
 At Kem Lolo stream
Adjourn for late lunch at Fish Farm Thai Restaurant (somewhere near to Ampang Lookout Point)

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