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FRIM hoi kung Trail Running

Gong Xi Fa Cai ... As planned, the trail runner groups went for a "hoi kung" (start work in Lunar New Year) trail running at FRIM Kepong and "jin wan" (energizing one's luck) at Salem High Country Hill on 2 February 2014, chor 3 (3rd day) of Chinese New Year. 

Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC Leong).

 A group photo at the FRIM Clubhouse before the start of the run

Led by yours truly and Chong YF, we ran and ran and ran starting from Rover Track. We have two contrasting groups: the fast runners such as Robert Holmes, Rothman Fong and WaiChing Soh; and the barefoot trail runners from Tan Wah Seng's group that is slightly slower. So WaiChing led the fast runners and run extra loops while waiting for the slower runners to reach the checkpoints. 

 Part of the team at the Canopy Walkway

At certain stretches that were filled with stones, the barefoot trail runners could not run fast as they have to avoid stepping on those stones with sharp edges. I was very impressed with the barefoot trail runners that they completed the 15km distance without wearing any footwear. 

I was wearing the new Salomon XR Crossmax 2 trail running shoes. One of the Malay girls (that I met at Canopy Walkway trail) commented that my shoes were very colourful; so I quipped that it is good for Chinese New Year - very ONG. 

 A unique hands and legs Gong Xi pose by Jing Lee and Kah Wai

It has been almost more than one week without rain; so the ground was very dry, devoid of any leeches. I still prefer the rainy days where the air was cool and fresh, and the ground was soft; never mind the leeches as one would be motivated to run faster to avoid letting the leeches to cling to the feet.

When arriving at Salem High Country Hill, we continue to run one round at the foothill and then spiral up to the peak. Going one round in Cantonese mean "jin" and "jin wan" is an auspicious activity during the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year.  

 Wishing all good luck in the 2014 Lunar New Year ... May the Year of the Horse bring you good luck, good health, happiness, and prosperity. 

(back, left) KC Leong, Rothman, Robert Holmes, Chong YF, Ya Hooy, Cheah YF, Siaw Hua, Jing Lee, Angeline Thean; (front) WaiChing, Leong Siew Shen, Kah Wai, Tan Wah Sing Jason Thai, Leong CH

 Angeline Thean giving an ang pow to one of the children of orang asli

 Nice pose

 At the peak of Salem High Country Hill after successfully run one round at the foothill

Gong Xi Gong Xi

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