Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Best Action Shot for KLIM 2007

After going through a total of almost a thousand photos from Jason Lee's, WENG's and my photo albums, the nomination goes to the photo below with Chee Wee (penguin-11) and HooCC crossing the finishing line in style.

The photo shows Chee Wee was proudly giving the thumbs-up while holding hand with Hoo much like the "bruther-in-arms" (comrades-in-arms) who have endure the gruelling distance of a full marathon. Each looked towards his direction addressing the crowd. Chee Wee's expression was like: Yeah, I finally made it to the finishing line; I really felt good about the achievement! And that expression, was captured by the photographer.

This photo was the best in term of content, expression, camera angle, timing, colour tone and sharpness. It shows the main subject being complimented by the background information as two supporters – not blocked and clearly visible – smiling with approval.

Bravo to the photographer: Jason Lee.



Anonymous said...

It is with deep regret that I share that Tan Chee Wee has passed away suddenly today, August 9, 2011. He was truly a great guy, simple and humble, with a deep passion for running.

May his soul rest in peace.

Jonathan Wong said...

Yes indeed. Chee Wee was a great guy, simple and humble.

May his soul rest in peace,