Thursday, March 29, 2007

Selected Photos of PACM Dinner

What is your reaction when you see this photo? There is a guard equipped with a walky-talky (though the high-tech communication equipment is out of sync with the theme -- Wild Wild West) securing the door with signs that says:

No Weapons Past This Point!

Beware! Rattle Snakes!

My initial thought was that the organizer really made it look very real to have a guard to bring home the point.
With the "WANTED Dead or Alive" posters all over the wall, the guard could be keeping watch on the most wanted persons.
When I met Rose, she told me that someone was inside. With the camera in hand, it was like a passport to gain access through the guard. To my surprise, Tony (aka Penguin-3) was in there.

Without doubt, the star or the most attention-grabbing guy was Tony who dressed up as the Red Indian. He was the most suitable candidate due to his height and macho looking demeanour. Before I could finish taking photo for the current table, members from other tables already started to book for his appearance.

Base: Peck Yah, Corrine, Connie
Mid-level: Rose, Carol
Pyramid: Tony

The most appropriately dressed gentleman was Uncle Hooi; lady, Joanne. Photo was taken with the Club President, Mr. Munning.


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