Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chap Goh Mei Run

Weng called me this morning after completing his 30km training run. He heard that Meng (Penguin-2) fell down while running in the 30km Circuit Run organizes by FTAAA at Lake Gardens this morning, Sunday 4 March 2007.

To my surprised, Weng was not running in the Circuit Run. Together with Jason Chin (p12) and a few other runners, they were doing their 30km training run – preparing for the coming KLIM – between Bukit Aman car park and Sri Hartamas.

I also received one SMS from Tey ET (pm22) at around 11 a.m. informing me of the same untoward incident.

Later, I received another SMS from C-Cube. He said that they called the ambulance to send Meng to hospital and continued with their runs. He enquired on Meng’s condition.

A girl runner sent me a SMS yesterday evening enquiring whether I would be running the Chap Goh Meh Circuit Run today. To be exact it is the 30km Circuit Run that falls on Chap Goh Meh day. I said that I can not run – I am now becoming the “no action runner”.

I called up Meng. He said: “This time, it is really “puk kai” (fall flat on the road). I was running and passing through the Children Playground. Without realizing, I kicked a power socket mounted on the ground. I tripped and fell. In a forward momentum, my head landed and hit the concrete kerb. Immediately, my forehead was bleeding profusely and the blood was oozing. Quite a number of the runners saw me. Since my car was parked just near by; without wasting any time, I drove my car to the hospital. My right hand was on the steering wheel while my left hand was pressing again the cut. I received 15 stitches on my forehead and I was given a few days’ medical leave for the recovery. I am quite okay now.”
Two years ago, Pacesetters Club organized a bonding run at FRIM in Kepong for members. I was having a similar fall. The jutted rock was only one inch above the ground and that was good enough to cause a trip. In my case, my two hands and knees landed first. So, there were abrasions on my palms and knees. The difference was that the trip occurred two weeks after running KLIM.

For Meng, he has a schedule to keep to. He has planned to run in the Kuala Lumpur International Marathon on 18 March – two weeks from today. We wish him speedy recovery in time for the full marathon.


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Moira said...

Get well soon and hope you will be able to stick to your schedule for KLIM!
I have tripped over "cat's eyes" on the road and also tree roots and it really really hurts depending how one fell!